Are covered litter boxes good for cats?

Are covered litter boxes good for cats?

When it comes to choosing the right litter box for your feline companion, you may think of buying a covered one since it can offer him privacy and he can hide all those things that you do not want to smell or see, however, there are still some things you should consider before you come up with a decision.

Much of the failure or success of a particular cat litter box has something to do with the size, how clean it is kept, where it is placed, the type of box, and the number of litter boxes per cat.

Are covered litter boxes good or bad for cats?

From the perspective of a cat parent, a covered litter box is good. From the perspective of the cat, a covered litter box is a bad choice. One reason it is both good a bad is that it traps the odor. Good for the human. Bad for the cat trapped in the smell.

Instead of a covered litter box, it might be time to invest in some odor exterminator.

Why a cat owner migth think covered litter boxes are great

From a cat parent’s perspective, a covered litter box seems ideal since it can offer:

  • Litter scatter control
  • Privacy
  • A confined way in terms of keeping bad odor inside the box
  • The ability to keep the poop and pee of your cat from being on display

The moment we look at it from a cat owner’s point of view, covered litter boxes for cats seem to be the best option. It keeps everything tidy and neat inside the litter box and no one can see it. However, unfortunately, there’re also many behavior problems that can take place since humans look at the environment of cats from a different view and oversight to see the most essential points from the perspective of cats.

Read this if you have more than one cat, and want to know how many litter boxes you should have.

The perspective of cats in using covered litter boxes

If you try to think like a cat, then you will probably start to look at covered litter boxes for cats in a different way:

  • Covered boxes do not allow too much air circulation which means it will take a while for the litter to dry
  • Poop and urine odor is contained in a close box, thus, it can be even more offensive to your cat who is doing his business inside the box
  • A covered cat litter box limits the escape potential of your cat and can also result in ambush opportunities
  • A covered litter box can make a large cat feel cramped while doing his business inside
  • A covered litter box can limit the visual field of your cat to see if another animal is approaching
  • A covered litter box might not get scooped often enough

What makes up the best cat litter box?

 Cat litter boxes must be specifically designed for the users – your cats. Cats prefer their boxes to be large, clean, and uncovered. Ideally, the litter box should be big enough for your cat to comfortably fit as well as turn around. Choosing uncovered litter boxes can really help your cat feel safe while he goes to the bathroom. Your cat can easily see possible threats and quickly exit the box.

Sometimes, perfect cat litter boxes also do not tax the wallet, sometimes, you can find them supermarkets doing double duty as translucent, large storage containers. Adult kitties do best with 10 to 12 inches high litter boxes, which are ideal for keeping litter. The high sides can also benefit cats who dig in the litter and those cats who like to stand while pooping or peeing. 


Common questions about the best litter boxes for cats

Are covered litter boxes bad for cats?

Covered litter boxes are bad in the sense that they do not allow enough circulation, which means it takes much longer for the litter to dry. Aside from that, the fecal odor is contained inside your cat’s box and it can be very offensive for him when he’s doing his business inside.

A covered litter box also limits the visual field of your cat to see if another cat is approaching.

Do cats prefer covered or open litter boxes?

Enclosed or covered cat litter boxes may be best for people, but not for cats. Cats prefer to be safe in uncovered litter boxes so that they can be able to see any potential threats approaching and be able to easily escape them. The job of covered litter boxes is to contain odor and unpleasant sight.

Even though this works for cat owners who do not scoop often enough, the truth is that it does not work well for cats.

Do cats like it when you clean their litter box?

Cats love using a well-maintained and freshly cleaned box. When your cat steps on a dirty and filthy litter box, he can possibly contract fungal infections like ringworms and hookworms. Dirty cat litter boxes harbor a lot of fungi that often spread to humans through direct contact with infected cats. This is why cleaning your cat’s litter box regularly is necessary.

How do I get my cat to use a covered litter box?

When you want your cat to use a covered litter box, start by placing the new the same spot the old was. Take the top of until your cat is using it. And the last thing is to transfer some of the litter from his old box over to the new one, to make it smell familiar.


Cats love a highly accessible, comfortable to use, and clean litter box filled with fresh clump litter. As long as you are meeting these criteria, then your cat should be able to like whatever litter box style you choose. Lastly, whatever type of litter box you are using, make sure that it’s appropriately placed in the house. You should avoid putting litter boxes near anything warm or loud. It’s even better if you keep litter boxes in a social, well-lit space.

Are covered litter boxes good for cats?

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