Are male cats more affectionate to female owners?

Are male cats more affectionate female owners

While all cats are perfect and deserving of love, they can have very distinct traits, temperaments and personalities that differentiate them from each other.  This matters when choosing which cat is a more fitting addition to your lifestyle, needs and wants.  Some cats are indeed more affectionate than others. 

However, is there a perk when it comes to being a female in terms of scoring more affection points from cats?  Studies say yes… probably.

Do male cats prefer female owners?

According to some studies, cats in general prefer female owners. However, this is highly dependent on the particular cat. They can have different preferences, just like humans. In general, cats like the person who feeds them and cuddle and play with them.

When cats get attached to humans, they see us as social partners – not just a food dispensing machine. Cats human relationships often parallel that of human-human relationships.  In a loving and nurturing household, the house cat becomes the furry baby.

What is the most important might be relationship building

As with the nature of relationships in general, the members of the relationship can strongly influence each other.  This is true even in cat-human relationships as well.  When both the cat and the owner are perfectly in sync, for example, an extroverted woman and her energetic cat, they’ll only need subtle cues to understand each other.  This could suggest that the gender of the owner doesn’t matter.  What’s more important is relationship building.

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While there are a lot of men who love, and have great relationships with cats, it has been revealed that women just tend to have more interactions with their cats than their male counterparts.  In return, their cats, may they be male or female, return the favor.

Neutered male cats are often more affectionate

Neutered male cats are often seen to be more affectionate, even-tempered and predictable than their female counterparts.  Although, you must know that un-neutered male cats are most likely going to spray all over your house once they reach sexual maturity.  This is their way of marking their territory, so it is best to neuter them early to begin with.  In-tact males can also be aggressive when their territory is being threatened, and become more interested in exploring outside the home.

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Female cats are also very affectionate

Female cats can also be very affectionate and sociable.  After their female cats, have been spayed, some owners claim that their cats become even more loving – almost maternal towards them.  Take heed that if female cats are left un-spayed they can be very noisy, territorial, and prone to escaping the house when they are in heat.  Female cats usually become sexually mature around their 6th month and will go in heat regularly.

More than the sex of the owner or cat, what is most important in making sure that you and your cat are living your best lives together is making sure that the relationship between you two are as strong and tight as it could be.  Before taking your cat home, get to know them first – try to see if their personalities mesh with yours and your lifestyle.  A cat’s tendency of being more sociable and affectionate can be apparent early in their life stage.  Also, take spaying and neutering into consideration as going through this procedure will influence their behaviors greatly.

Should I get a male or female cat?

The best way to know is to see whether a cat’s personality is exactly what you are looking for.  One of the best way you can go about this is by visiting your local shelter.  If you adopt from a shelter, you’re essentially saving your adopted cat’s life.  Take your time getting to know your future cat while you’re at the shelter.  Ask questions and get some tips from the good people working there to get a bigger and better picture of what your life could be with this cat.

Alternatively, if you’re looking into purchasing from a cat breeder (make sure they are reputable), tell them what is exactly you are looking for from your future feline companion.  They’ll be able to help you choose based on the temperament of the kittens they’ve observed since birth.

How can I make my cat more affectionate?

First, and foremost, make sure that all of your cat’s needs are met.  This includes a clean environment (which includes their litter box), clean, fresh and high quality food and water, toys that challenge them mentally and physically, and lots of regular interactive exercise, scratching posts to ease their tension, and cozy sleeping areas.  Pro tip, rub your cat’s bedding on you so they can smell you when they’re resting on their cat bed.  Keeping your cats stress free is vital into getting them to be more affectionate.  But the best tip of all is to build on your relationship.  Discover what your cats like and don’t like and from there, earn their favor.

Are male cats more affectionate than female cats?

Cats behaviors (especially the ones linked to their sexual drive, which includes being affectionate) are heavily influenced if they’re neutered or not.  When veterinary practitioners are asked, more often and not, they’d say that male cats are more friendly than female cats because most of the time, female cats take a bit more time to build trust with their owners.  However, most of this data is anecdotal.  It is best to take it in a cat by cat basis.

It doesn’t matter much whatever sex the owner or the cat is – as long as their personalities match, they can have a great, life-long relationship, filled with love and cuddles.  When looking for a new cat to welcome to your come, always take into consideration their individual personality/tendencies. 

Are male cats more affectionate female owners


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