Are Norwegian Forest cats good pets?

Are Norwegian Forest cats good pets?

Norwegian Forest cats have gentle, calm, and friendly character traits. These cats are generally intelligent and adaptable to their environment. With their patient and laid-back personalities, Norwegian Forest cats can get along quickly with other animals and children, making them ideal family pets. 

Norwegian Forest cats are good pets

If you want a friendly, gentle and calm, and in general a cat with a great personality, then Norwegian Forest cats are the pet for you. It is a really good pet that is both intelligent and friendly and by many described to be very dog-like.

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History and Background

The Norwegian Forest cat breed originated in Norway, as its name suggests. They’re called “The Norse Skogkatt,” by Norwegian locals, which translates to “The Norwegian Forest cat.” Some people also refer to them as NFCs and Wegies.

Experts believe that these cats came from the vast forests of Scandinavia thousands of years ago. This was supported by the longhaired and large cats featured in the Norse mythology. There are also written records saying that these cats traveled together with the Vikings and served as great mousers.

Norwegian Forest cats have developed dense, long, waterproof coats, as well as quick wits, robust bodies, and well-honed survival instincts to endure and survive Norway’s harsh climate, where the winter nights are long and freezing cold.

In 1930, the first attempt to get the Norwegian Forest cat breed recognized was made. And in 1934, the first Norwegian Forest cat club was organized and established. The Norwegian Forest cat’s appearance in an exhibit was at a show in Oslo, Norway.

Since then, the breed has gained popularity among cat breeders and the general public. However, World War II’s aftermath nearly brought the Norwegian Forest cat breed to the brink of extinction. Crossbreeding with shorthaired stray cats threatened to dilute the Skogkatts’ bloodline.

Thanks to Norway’s cat fanciers’ efforts, who began a breeding program right after the war, and because of this new sense of resiliency, King Olaf declared the Norwegian Forest cat as Norway’s national cat.

The Norwegian Forest cat was first introduced to the United States in 1980. This was done with the efforts of the newly organized Norwegian Cat Fanciers’ Association, an organization that was striving to get the Norwegian Forest cat breed officially recognized.

In 1984, the Norwegian Forest cat breed was first and officially recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA). They then accepted the Skogkatt for Championship competition in 1984. And later, in 1993, the breed received championship status from the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). In 1995, the Norwegian Forest cat breed also attained championship status for the American Cat Association (ACA).

General characteristics of Norwegian Forest cats

Norwegian Forest cats, also called “Wegies,” are known for their large bodies and double-layered coats. Their long and dense fur provides them excellent protection against the extremely cold weather of Norway during winter. Also, it makes them a soft cuddling feline partner.

NFC physical appearance

Wegies have a well-balanced body structure. They have a muscular build, broad chest and longer hind legs, which display their strength and power.  Their heads are triangle-shaped head they have bright green almond-shaped eyes.

Another interesting feature of the Skoggkatt is their ability to adapt to weather and change coats. Their coats are thick and heavy during winter, and in spring, they molt their heavy winter coats to lighter ones in preparation for summer.

NFC personality

They have a mysterious aura because of their gentle and quiet temperament. These cats are friendly and affectionate, but they don’t demand attention. They are a quiet and independent cat breed, so don’t expect them to be sitting on your lap that much.  They’re not great lap cats.

Wegies still have their love for water and natural hunting instincts. They will be happy to hunt for food if given a chance, so keep an eye on your pet fish if you have a pond or a fish tank.

While they once lived only outdoors, Wegies are happy to roam indoors, perching on high places in your house such as the top of your shelves and refrigerators. These cats are alert and intelligent and love to play, and can learn tricks easily.

Living with a Wegie

Norwegian Forest cats require a decent amount of time for you to hang out and pet them. Their long and silky coats need regular brushing at least twice a week to avoid hair tangles and their coat matting.

The Skogkatts love climbing up high places. So, it’s a good idea to provide them spaces or a cat-tree for jumping up high and perching over shelves and other high furniture in your home.

These cats tend to do what they want. So, it’s better to keep them busy and entertained by giving them many activity options such as toys and cat-trees to keep their attention.

Frequently asked questions about Norwegian Forest cats

Can you own a Norwegian Forest cat?

Yes, you can own a Norwegian Forest cat. However, it depends on the availability of breed in the region you’re in. You can ask owners of Wegies where they got their cats or look for a reputable breeder in your area. It’s best to learn the cat’s features and personality before acquiring one, so you can be prepared for their surprising characteristics.

Are Norwegian Forest cats big?

The Norwegian Fores cat is one of the biggest domestic cat breeds. They have a strong and robust body. Male Norwegian Forest cats weigh around 4.5 to 9 kg, while females usually weigh 3.6 to 8kg. They have long, sturdy bodies and bushy tails.

How do you brush a Norwegian Forest cat?

Despite the Norwegian Forest cats’ long and double-layered coat, they don’t require that much brushing and grooming, unlike other longhaired cat breeds. Once or twice a week of brushing will do it for these large cats. You can use a brush or with wire bristles or a comb to brush your Wegie from their back, sides, chest, tummy, and tail.

The Bottom line

The Norwegian Forest cats can make not only good, but excellent pets. An NFCs calm, gentle, and patient personality is perfect for children and other household pets. And even though they’re not great lap cats, Wegies are affectionate and loving to their family members. They may not be showy and don’t demand a lot of attention, but they’ll surely give back all the love you’re giving them in their own ways.

Are Norwegian Forest cats good pets?

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