Are Ragdoll cats cuddly?

Do ragdoll cats like to cuddle?

If you want to have an affectionate and cuddly cat, a Ragdoll is a perfect choice for you. Ragdolls are known to be one of the cuddliest cats. They are incredibly loving and friendly cats that can quickly get along well with families, children, and even other pets.

Ragdolls have gentle behavior, and a high tolerance for being picked up. As a matter of fact, the name ragdoll refers to their behavior in which they manage to go limp and relax when picked up, just like the ragdoll toy.

Ragdolls being rag dolls

Ragdolls are known for having a characteristic of happily flopping in people’s arms while being held, just like a rag doll. They are one of the cat breeds that are very friendly and pleasant. Ragdolls like to just be with you, so they will follow you around and will meow at you to get your attention and ask for you company.

Ragdolls are also perfect at being lap-cats; they will relax and sit with you contentedly. Having a Ragdoll cats can help you feel calm and less stressed because of their cuteness and affection.

Where did Ragdoll cats come from?

Ann Baker, a Californian breeder, decided to breed her own cat with a female white longhaired stray cat. She observed and found that the kittens had distinctive, endearing characteristics. Ann Baker then explored the new breed; she selectively bred the kittens until a cuddly and affectionate Ragdoll breed appeared.

The purpose of developing this breed is them being companion cats, so they are passive and not explicitly engaged in hunting prey and showing aggressiveness. 

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Different types of the Ragdoll cuddles

Ragdolls like to be gently held or embraced by your arms. They also enjoy being up high so they can clearly see things around below them. They will also enjoy it when you walk around, holding them in your arms. There are many ways to cuddle with your Ragdoll.

Lap cuddle

Your Ragdoll will contentedly flop or sit on your lap. They can be there all evening while you watch your favorite dramas on TV. And when you really want to get something to drink or go to a bathroom, you’ll probably feel guilty when you move. 

Over-the-shoulder cuddle

Some Ragdolls like to put their paws on your shoulders to hug you. From that position, they can climb up to your neck and might even gently head-butt your head with theirs.

Holding-a-baby cuddle

The best-relaxed cuddle position of a Ragdoll is holding their belly up in your arms like holding a baby. They will go entirely limp, and they will enjoy the time with you and the feeling of your affection.  

Are Ragdolls ever too cuddly?

Ragdolls are very cuddly, but they generally won’t get too clingy with you. Though Ragdolls are super cuddly, they do not exhibit overly clingy behavior. Of course, everyone may have a different idea about what being clingy is. 

Ragdolls love being near you; they may follow you around your house. They are very responsive to attention and enjoy it. You might lose a little amount of privacy because they will go with you to any place in your house. They may also join you when you shower, because they somewhat like water.

Some may find it clingy, but their sweet behavior is just their way of showing their affection.

Ragdolls are best indoors

Ragdolls don’t mind being indoor cats because they can do many things, like observe, investigate, or just play around.

They may not be the best outdoor, street-wise cats because they have slow reactions. They are a bit naive when they are out and they may not know how to respond to traffic and end up getting into danger. They often end up defenseless and don’t fight back when attacked.

Ragdolls are considered to be safer being indoor cats. They will thrive in homes where someone is usually present, as they are not naturally happy to be alone. They will surely follow you around to immerse their curious noses in whatever you’re up to, hence their adorable nickname: “Puppy Cat.”

Ragdolls as “puppy cats”

Ragdolls are perfect as family pets because they are docile. They are open and friendly with children and other pets like dogs. They can be mischievous, smile-spreading, and lovable.

Their reputation for being the cat who thinks it’s a dog is attributed to their curious natures and love of companionship. They have an affectionate temperament, and have even been known to roll over for tummy rubs, learn tricks and learn to walk with a leash!

How smart are Ragdolls cats?

Common questions about Ragdoll cats

Are male Ragdolls more cuddly than females?

Many people claim male cats are more cuddly than female cats, but this is nearly impossible to determine. All Ragdoll cats are unique, and this includes how their personalities develop.

As long as kittens of either gender are socialized properly, they should grow into confident adult cats. Then, as long as you nurture a kitten’s trust in you it should develop into a sociable and loving cat, no matter if it’s male or female.

On this note, it’s fair to say both male and female Ragdolls have the potential to be equally cuddly and affectionate cats.

Do Ragdolls become more cuddly with age?

Ragdolls become cuddlier as they age. Ragdoll kittens are live-wires, and you won’t see them sitting still for a long time because of their endless energy. However, as Ragdoll cats mature and reach adulthood, they become less energetic. They will enjoy sleeping on your lap or cuddling with you for hours

Are Ragdoll kittens as cuddly as adult cats?

All kittens have endless energy, including adorable Ragdoll cats. They love to play and run around all day and all night. However, when they get tired, they’ll sleep anywhere, including in your lap. On the other hand, adult Ragdoll cats are more cuddly throughout the whole day. They’ll enjoy sitting beside you, cuddling, or sleeping on your lap all day long.

Wrapping up

Ragdoll cats are definitely cuddle-cats. Their soft and warm coat makes them perfect cuddle partners. These cats are also affectionate and loving to their family members.  They get along very well with children and other animals, making them a perfect choice as a cat companion. Ragdoll cats are a truly remarkable cat breed, from their gorgeous physical appearance to their “puppy cat” personality traits.

Do ragdoll cats like to cuddle?

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