Best Dry Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

best dry cat food for sensitive stomach

If you have any concerns about the eating habits of your cat, you should always consider a visit to your trusted veterinarian. They are the only ones who can probably guide you towards the main cause of your cat’s sensitivity.

What is the best food for cats with sensitive stomachs?

The best food for cats with sensitive stomachs contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and does not contain any ingredient that could irritate your cat’s stomach, as well as easy to digest. Cats with sensitive stomachs need to be feed high-quality ingredients based on whole meats or novel proteins.

If you already know the main cause why your cat has a sensitive stomach, then you already know what you should look for in cat food.

How to Find the Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

Once you have dealt with any other issues of your cat’s health, you can then work with your veterinarian to figure out the most ideal food for the sensitive stomach of your cat. Your veterinarian can be able to properly guide you towards the right foods that fit the nutritional needs of your cat, while you can be able to narrow it down through your cat’s own food preferences in order to find the perfect food. 

Causes of Sensitive Stomachs in Cats

Vomiting and diarrhea are not normal if your cat is healthy, which is why you have to find out what’s causing your cat to have sensitive stomach issues. If your cat has diarrhea or is vomiting for more than several days already, you should consider these following reasons:

Intolerances or Allergies

Vomiting might occur to intolerances or allergies to certain ingredients or foods. The same way some people react to food ingredients like dairy or gluten, cats do too.

Low-Quality Food Ingredients

GI issues can also be a result of your cat food containing low-quality ingredients. This is why you should always check the ingredients of the food you are giving to your cat for preservatives, fillers, as well as artificial additives of any kind. And it’s also important that you know well where the contents and the food itself are sourced.

Sudden Changes in Diet or Food

Something as simple as some minor changes in your kitty’s diet can actually have a possible effect on his stomach. So, instead of swapping formulas, it’s a great idea to gradually introduce a new one.

The Right Kind of Proteins

Sometimes, we lose sight of the truth that cats are naturally carnivores, which is why they need to consume animal meat and proteins. As a result, the digestive system of cats can’t be able to break down plant proteins properly, and their overall health, most especially their stomach, suffer as a result.

Unbalanced Diet

Too much of something is not good, even when talking about nutrients. Thus, make sure your feline friend is eating a well-balanced diet that has the correct amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Rotten Food

A common, yet usually overlooked reason, why your cat suffers from diarrhea or vomiting, is his food that’s gone off. Make sure to always check the food that you are feeding your cat as it may have expired already or gone bad.


Whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms are just some of the common parasites in cats that can result in GI problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting. It is a good idea to have your cat dewormed once or twice every year.

Common Questions About the Best Food for Cats with Sensitive Stomach

What is the Best Dry Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs?

If your feline friend is suffering a sensitive stomach on dry cat food, it’s reasonable that you try a canned cat food diet with higher protein and lower carb content such as Purina Pro Plan Vet Diets EN Gastroenteric Formula or Royal Canin Vet Diet Gastrointestinal Moderate calorie cat food.

What Do You Feed a Cat with Digestive Problems?

If there are no any changes in your cat’s condition after you tried the cat foods we have suggested above, then you should change your cat’s diet to a bland one such as boiled chicken, fresh meat, and if possible, some rice or even therapeutic cat foods that are specially formulated for GI problems for about 3 to 5 days. Most therapeutic diets can be obtained at pet supply stores or your vet’s office.

What Can I Give My Cat to Settle Her Stomach?

It can be really wise to feed your cat a combination of dry and canned food in order to provide more moisture to his meals. However, for more serious GI problems, your veterinarian might give your cat a highly digestible therapeutic food that can help soothe as well as heal the gut. 


If you still cannot find the best food for your kitty who’s suffering from a sensitive stomach, then consider giving him homemade cat food. Making his food at home actually allows you to try new novel proteins as well as create a rotational diet for your cat. It is the best way to take control of what goes into the body of your cat. It’s also easier for you to track the relationship between the symptom changes and dietary changes. Both raw and cooked homemade diets are known to be great for feline species with sensitive stomachs.

best dry cat food for sensitive stomach

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