Best food for cat’s teeth

Best food for cat’s teeth

Commonly, oral problems among cats start to show when they are three years old. Several factors contribute to developing the most common oral issues, such as periodontal disease and gum disease. Still, the most common factors are their food and eating behavior. Many have suggested that the best cat-food that we should feed our cats to help strengthen their teeth is cat food, specifically formulated to provide dental benefits.

The difference between dry food and canned food for cats

Many people have claimed that dry food is bad for cats’ teeth because cats don’t chew and that they would be hard to digest and that canned foods don’t actually cater to the nutrients that the cat’s body needs. However, cats are adaptable creatures according to a veterinarian, Dr. Eric Barchas, in his column written regarding whether he recommends wet food or dry food for cats. They can definitely thrive on both dry and canned foods. While everyone keeps in mind that canned food is much better than dry ones, it cannot be said to be a hundred-percent true.

The advantages of feeding dry foods to you, your cats, and their teeth


While everyone tries to juggle with their busy lives, dry foods for cats offer a massive deal of convenience for the owners. When feeding your cat a portion of dry food, all you have to do is scoop perhaps one cup of cat food and put it in their bowl. The process quickly ends without having to deal with so much effort in feeding your cat.

Less mess

What could be spilled out if the food is dry? Feeding dry foods to your cat would leave you a sense of security that your cat won’t go so many marks on where it had feasted its dinner. It helps us spend a little effort in cleaning their mess.

Dental care

It has been such a famous claim that chewing on kibbles will help to scrape plaque off the cat’s teeth, thus enabling the overall health of the cat’s teeth as well as gums. However, it has not yet been proven that kibbles make the cat’s teeth healthier, but larger kibbles are designed to make the cats chew more.

The advantages of feeding canned or wet cat foods


Most cats keep on complaining right after being fed because the amount of food might not be enough for them. Canned foods typically contain 70 percent of water, thus fewer calories. The cats will feel full with a small amount that they have eaten despite the small number of calories they consume.

Increased water intake

There might be cases in which cats are not fond of drinking water outside their meals. Since canned foods contain 70 percent water, it’ll help the felines who don’t drink much intake a more considerable amount of water every day, thus increasing health benefits such as avoiding constipation and kidney problems.

More palatable

Canned foods seem to be a little tastier for cats since they usually have a more pungent smell and flavor. This can be a great way to encourage a picky eater to eat and the sick ones.

Best food for cat’s teeth

There will be no single diet that will fit every cat in the feline world. Commonly, cats thrive on moisture-rich grain-free diets such as high-quality canned, raw, and freeze diets. There is a lot of food in the market that is actually dental-friendly foods that are good for the cat’s teeth and overall health. 

It is also a great idea to feed them treats; specifically, chicken neck, since it has been proven to help keep the cat’s teeth clean by rubbing its gums while eating. Take note to not cook the chicken neck since cooked bones might be brittle and may cause serious injury in the cat’s intestine. Aside from raw foods and dental treats, some supplements may help keep our cat’s teeth healthy such as those that include probiotic natural enzymes, omega 3 fatty acids, and natural food-based antioxidants.

What you don’t know about cat’s teeth

Perhaps everyone worries about how to take care of their pet cat’s teeth. Still, not everyone spends enough time to be familiar with their cat’s teeth specifically. It is common knowledge that cats don’t chew their food but only tear them apart until it is small enough to be swallowed. The teeth of the cat have different parts as well as functions.


The canines of the cat are basically used for biting and shredding. They sit at the front of the cat’s mouth as the most visible teeth.


The incisors are the small teeth in front of the mouth, sitting right beside the canines. They are used for tearing, and most commonly, when they hunt for their own food, they hold the prey.


The molars are used for chewing and cutting through the meat and bone. They are beside the premolars.


Premolars are mainly used for chewing and are sitting in the middle of the canines and the molars. There are 4 premolars while there are 2 molars only.

Common questions regarding cat foods and their teeth

Does kibble really help in making the teeth of our cats healthier and cleaner?

There are common claims that kibbles help make the cat’s teeth healthier and cleaner since they are being chewed, thus will rub against the cat’s teeth and gums. However, it has not yet been scientifically proven. Because cats don’t actually chew their food the same way as people do, it only makes things more complicated. However, there are still dental treats that we can try with our cats to help with their dental health; the most common is the chicken neck, which is usually served raw.

How can I improve my cat’s dental health?

Food is not the only factor that affects the dental health of a feline. Although it plays a significant role in the overall status of the cat’s dental health, there are still ways to improve the cat’s dental health by simply changing your habits as an owner. You might want to start brushing their teeth regularly, feeding them healthy foods, and acknowledging that they actually have a problem by consulting a professional.

How can I clean my cat’s teeth naturally?

There are many ways to clean your cat’s teeth at home naturally. You can use dental care tools for cats, such as water additives, gels, toys, and dental chews. Changing their diet from soft food to dry cat foods such as kibbles helps clean and strengthen their teeth the natural way.


   Our feline’s dental health is definitely one of the most daunting topics about our paw-renthood, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. With the help of people who are actually experts in this field, we can learn- little by little- how to take care of our cat’s dental health without being worrisome. Always choose a cat food that’s suitable for your cat’s health and condition. You can always seek help from your cat’s vet if you’re having a hard time deciding which cat food is best for your feline friend.

Best food for cat’s teeth


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