How do I find my perfect cat name?

Here’s how you find the most suitable name for your cat:

  • Get inspiret from lists on the internet
  • What apperance is your cat? Maybe he’s a Blackie, Yellow, or Garfield?
  • Make sure the name is easy to call out, preferably two syllbles
  • Get insparation from TV or music

You have finally decided to bring home a new cat or kitten – congratulations! This is a very important decision to make, but the decision-process doesn’t just end there. Bringing home a cat or kitten simply means you have to decide how your new furry companion should be called. It’s not too difficult to find the best name for your cat but it sometimes needs some help from the inspiration department.

Tips on giving your cat the perfect name

Giving your feline companion a good name is a serious business of yours, as a cat parent. Every single cat is an individual and you want to come up with a name that equally describes your cat. Below, we have listed some tips on how to find the perfect name for your cat.

If you are short on kitty name ideas, then you came to the right place. Here are some factors to consider when deciding for your cat’s name:

Get inspired by your kitty’s look

In the past, parents used to name their kids basing on their appearance and while most people nowadays don’t do that anymore since they already have formulated baby names even before they’re born, it’s still considered a very popular way to come up with the best pet names. As a matter of fact, many adorable cat names have been used by cat parents that are inspired by their cat’s appearance.


Gray cats – Smokey

Fluffy cats with long hair – Puff or Fuzz

White cats with long hair – snowball

Get to know the unique personality of your cat

Most cat owners feel pressured to give name to their new feline companion right away without knowing that the best can name usually reflect the unique behavior of a cat. This means it may sometimes take time to discover your cat’s unique personality. If you are struggling to choose the right name for your cat, then we suggest you take some time, like 3 to 4 days, to observe the personality of your cat and see if there will be any name that will pop your mind.


A cat who grabs kitchen scraps he finds on the floor – Hoover (a vacuum cleaner)

Furry cats who act like an emperor – Caesar

Cats who love adventure – Ranger

Simply give your new feline friend some time and you will surely be inspired to give him a cute cat name basing on his unique behavior.

Take your cat’s breed into account

The history of your cat’s breed can actually help you decide what name you should give your new feline pal. For male cats, you can try to find a popular Scottish name online that suits your taste and fits an independent and strong Scottish Fold. For Siamese or Persian breeds that are known to have a pampered reputation, you can try royal names like Duchess, princess, or prince.

Use an online cat name generator

If all the tips we listed above are not enough, then try using a free name generator on the web. There are many first-time cat owners who have asked the internet for help when naming their cats. Most online name generators can recommend unique and cute cat names based on your cat’s gender, color, and breed.

Common questions about how to choose the perfect cat name

What are the top 15 names for cats?

Many cat names have been topping the “most popular cat names” list online and here are our top 15 personal picks:

1. Oliver

2. Luna

3. Smudge

4. Felix

5. Milo

6. Lily

7. Shadow

8. Max

9. Sophie

10. Oscar

11. Nala

12. Smudge

13. Simba

14. Charlie

15. Tigger

At what age do cats know their name?

Teaching your cat to respond to his name depends on how frequent you train him. Socializing your furry feline is an essential step to make him more attentive whenever you’re calling him. As to the right age to train your cat to respond to his name, the most ideal is to train him while he’s just a kitten like a few weeks old.

Do cats respond to their names?

Experts say that indoor cats are more attentive and responsive when you call them using their own names. They will learn about their names even more when you call them and give them rewards when they walk towards you for play or food. If your cats hear his name often, he will likely get more familiar to it.


Once you have given your kitten or cat the perfect name, you’ll then be free to show him your “purr-fect” love. Remember that felines respond to people’s tone more than words. Therefore, try to keep a calm and consistent tone when you’re calling his name. Greet him by his name when you arrive home and whisper praises and sweet words to him. This way, he will be able to recognize his name easily since it’s associated with positive things.

What should this cat be named?

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