How do I keep my indoor cat entertained?

How do I keep my indoor cat entertained

In a perfect world, we would take our cats everywhere we go. Unluckily, be it work, doing the groceries, or taking the children to school, there are times when you have to leave your cat home alone. However, just because your cat doesn’t have anyone to play with, does not mean they are always bored. But to make sure your indoor cat is always entertained at home, here are some of the most ideal ways to do while you are out of the house.

How to entertain your indoor cat

  • If your kitty needs to spend extended periods of time home alone every day, play relaxing music or keep a radio playing for him. 
  • Get your cat new toys, most especially those that he can play with even if he’s alone, avoiding toys with string or elastic that could possibly get himself tied up. You can also hide some of his toys around your house for him to hunt.
  • A ping-pong ball is a fun toy for your cat to chase around.
  • Try rotating your cat’s toys. Removing old toys and giving it back to your kitty a few days later makes sure that the toy has value and he’s going to play with it more likely.
  • Cats love cardboard boxes so much, most especially if you make new peep holes or entrance holes. You can provide a scrunched-up paper ball for him to play inside, or pop some treats inside and he will enjoy finding it.
  • Bring in new items for your cat such as paper carrier bags for him to play in (just make sure the handles are cut off), fallen feathers he can sniff, and so on.
  • As much as possible, you need to minimize confinement – freedom to roam around is very basic and important for cats. If you do not have one yet, get a climbing tower or tree for him to go to elevated places. Bear in mind that vertical space is as essential to felines as horizontal space and they feel comfortable to be high up.
  • Try allocating some parts of the regular dry diet of your cat to hide around your home. He will definitely enjoy the search and reward game.
  • As a loving cat parent, make sure to set some time aside every day in order to give your feline companion one on one attention. It can be combined with an interactive toy game or a grooming session.
  • Vary your activity routine with your cat. For example, one day you focus on torch light or laser on the wall for your cat to chase, and the next day try a fishing rod-style cat toy.
  • Provide refuges in elevated positions like safe access to tops of shelves and furniture and multi-tiered activity centers throughout your homes. Aside from that, make sure your cats have adequate toilet facilities following one litter box per kitty and one spare, scratch posts, and several beds.

Remember that personal space is very important to the psychological wellbeing of cats. Forcing too many felines to share a small spot will only result in physical and behavioral problems since each one will compete for their own territory. This is why every cat must have their own space where they can easily escape.

Your indoor cat also needs the best cat food.

Common questions about keeping your indoor cat happy

Do indoor cats get bored?

If left alone with no environmental enrichment or physical and mental stimulation, indoor cats are more likely to get lonely and become bored. While experts recommend that your cats should be kept indoors, they stress out that when you do, you have to be responsible enough to make sure that the indoor environment you provide your cat has the enrichment he needs to keep him mentally and physically healthy and active.

Do cats need to be entertained?

Playing with your cat regularly and providing him entertaining toys could easily satisfy his stalking instinct, keep him mentally and physically stimulated, and provide the regularly exercise he needs to stay happy and healthy. Aside from that, providing your cat stimulating toys and spaces also keeps the local wildlife safe.

Are indoor cats happy?

Overall, indoor felines live in a more stress-free surrounding than those who spend more time outside. However, some might argue that cats also need more stimulation to live a long and happy life. In fact, if your feline friend doesn’t get the right amount of exercise his body needs, he might become obese or overweight. 


Entertainment is great for you and your furry pal. Nobody knows what your kitty likes to do and while it may take some time to experiment and find the right balance for you and your cat, the tips we have listed above should help you take the right path to success when it comes to keeping your cats entertained while you are away from home.

How do I keep my indoor cat entertained

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