How do you know if your cat is a Siamese?

How do you know if your cat is a Siamese?

 To know if your cat is a Siamese, you need to learn their physical and behavioral attributes. Siamese cats are one of those popular domesticated cat breeds that were easy to recognize because they are among the most famous cats due to their unique appearance that features bright blue eyes and pale coat color with dark colored points.

Identifying your Siamese cat

Siamese cats are not hard to identify from other breeds. They are relatively easy to identify through their physical features and behavior. Below are physical attributes listed that will guide you to determine if your cat is a Siamese.

Siamese cat’s Physical attributes

Bright blue eyes

Siamese cats are known for having blue eyes. Their eyes are narrow, giving them an almond-shaped look. And the eye color stays blue their entire life.

Long feature

 Siamese cats have a long body, long neck, and long legs and tail. Male Siamese cats can weigh from 11 to 15 pounds, while female Siamese can weigh from 8 to 12 pounds

Short and glossy coat with colored points

They have a short and glossy coat that lies close to the body. Siamese cats have a pale primary body color with darker colored points. These colored points are only on the face, ears, legs, and tails’ mask area. One interesting characteristic of their coat is that it changes its color. The cooler part of their body has the darker color, while the warmer part is lighter.

Triangular shape head

They have a triangular head that forms a perfect triangle from the nose’s tip to their ears.

Different type of Siamese colored points

  • Seal point Siamese– This kind of Siamese may have a pale fawn to cream-colored body with dark brown color points on their face that are spread out from nose, ears, paws, and tail.
  • Blue Point Siamese– they have a bluish-white body to deep-blue points. And their nose and paw pads are slate-colored.
  • Chocolate point Siamese– their nose and paw pads are cinnamon-pink. They have ivory bodies with light brown color points on their nose, ears, paws, and tail.
  • Lilac Point Siamese– They have a white body with pinkish-gray points. Their nose and paw pads are cinnamon-pink.

Siamese cat’s Personality/Behavior

Knowing their personality and behavior will also help you identify a Siamese cat. Below are the distinct personalities of a Siamese cat.


If you want a cat that is really into you, Siamese is the right choice because they are highly affectionate. They are loving, loyal, cuddly that loves being with the companion of their human friends. They also have been described as “dog-like” because they like following their owners from room to room.


Siamese cats are one of the most vocal cats. They love having conversations with their human friend. If you want a quiet cat, Siamese is not for you because they are loud. They meow a lot as if they were talking to you.


Siamese cats are friendly.  They do well with their human friends, children, other cats, and other animals. Siamese cats do not like being alone for a long time, so if you’re going out, better leave toys or compatible pets with your Siamese cats.


 They are curious cats who love to explore in their surrounding s. They learn things quickly by just observing. Training them is not a waste of time because they can learn many tricks and behaviors.


Siamese cats have protective instincts. If your Siamese cat senses a hint of danger, you will find that they’ll make a move to protect you. They may hiss, scratch, or even launch a full-fledged attack on the perceived threat.

Here are some facts about Siamese cats:

  •  There is a record in 2003 a cat named Katy from Russia that grew to 50 pounds. She gains so much weight because her owner gave her hormones to stop her mating, causing her appetite to increase.
  • In Thailand, Siamese cats are called the whichien-matt, which means “moon diamond.”
  • Siamese cats are often listed as one of the more intelligent cat breeds. As a result of them being easy to train compared to other cats. Siamese cats are often the breed of choice for television and film when a cat is needed.

Common questions about Siamese cat

What health problems do Siamese cats have?

Siamese has a shorter lifespan compared to other cat breeds. They only live around 12 to 15 years on average. Siamese cats are prone to various health problems. They may experience progressive retinal atrophy, which is the most common health problem of the Siamese cats. Gastrointestinal and neoplastic issues, urinary tract disease, and gum diseases are also common health issues for these felines.

What are the Siamese cat’s behavior problems?

Yes, Siamese cats are friendly nature, but they also have behavioral problems. They are attention seekers. If you fail to provide them enough attention, they may turn out to be destructive. Another thing is being territorial. They may go fight for their place in a household. Siamese cats may be compulsive. And they are vulnerable to separation anxiety; it talks about the fear your cat feels when you leave it alone, they hate being alone.

Are Siamese cats aggressive?

Siamese cats are friendly, they can get well with others, but sometimes they can become quite territorial. They may become aggressive with other pets or people especially when they feel threatened. But they won’t attack without a good reason. Jealousy may be another reason why they become aggressive.

Final thoughts

Siamese cats are not that difficult to identify because they are popular, and their appearance is unique from any other cat breeds. You can quickly tell if your cat is a Siamese by looking at their pale coat with dark-colored points.  They have a very affectionate and outgoing personality with their owners and other pet animals. If your feline friend has these traits, then he/she is undoubtedly a Siamese cat.


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