How do you stop territorial aggression in cats?

Cats can naturally be found in the house, so over time, it develops a sense of being protective over it, considering it as their territory. They would do anything to protect this from intruders. Thus, territorial aggression in cats exists. It is seen to be the unhealthy behavior of cats against those which they consider an outsider of their territories.

Territorial aggression starts after cats start to mature, which takes place after 3-20 weeks of your cats. Signs of territorial aggression include urine spraying (marking, hissing, stalking, or attacking another cat). This problem is dangerous and more severe in cats because they think newcomers are bad for their territories.

Territorial aggression should be stopped by helping your cats out.

Seeking professional help

This is an essential way to help your cats to stop this territorial aggression from worsening. Usually, cats with this behavioral problem suffer from psychological risks since they can grow and become uncontrollable. This is the reason why a fur parent should seek professional help from the nearest veterinarian in town. You cannot just leave the issue untreated, for it may worsen for a longer time.

Home remedies for territorial aggression

Be there when your cat experiences territorial aggression because you are the only one allowed in its territory. More than just being physically present, you can also guide your cat to be less aggressive in its territory. Don’t worry about it that much, for there are many home remedies that you can apply to your cat to help it.

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First, do not let it fight with other cats. This helps a lot because, just like humans do cats also choose which cat can be trusted. If your cat frequently fights with other cats, then it would think that all cats cannot be believed. You are applying this to your cat so they will not mature into a picky cat as soon as possible. Let them learn to befriend all the cats, whether it is a pet of your neighbor or a stray cat wandering in your yard.

Second, tour your cat around. This is an excellent remedy that you can do for your cat to get along with places that are crowded with humans and animals. With this, it will develop into a friendly cat. If this happens, your cat won’t have any trouble welcoming new cats into its territory.

Lastly, let them feel that they are not alone in their territory. The reason your cat becomes aggressive in its territory is that it feels so lonely for a long time that the idea of another cat seems to be threatening. Play with your cat as much as possible. You will surely love some company even if you are human. However, if you think that it’s not working anymore, then add another cat to the household so it won’t be sad this time. But be mindful that adding a new cat to the home can be a bit risky for your cat if it has territorial aggression. So, what you can do is practice it to get used to the idea that another cat will be added to the household.

Common Asked Questions

How do you calm an aggressive cat?

Give your cat space. It’s not only humans who need space when they are upset or angry because cats also do. If your cat experiences aggression, leave it alone. Please do not go near your cat, for it might bite you, for it might redirect its aggression towards you. So, be it. Trust me; it will heal after giving it some space and time to think.

After some time, slowly approach your cat by giving it treats to enjoy like stuffed toys and snacks your cat loves. This must be done slowly since your cat won’t love too much rush. Throw it to your cat one by one, and it will be relaxed just as you wish it to behave.

Can cats be territorial over humans?

Usually, cats are territorial over other cats and dogs, but this is not an exclusive behavior. Yes, cats can be territorial over humans. Cats mark their territories through patrolling and urine spraying. This means that if a place is a cat territory, it would know if other cats and dogs invade its territory. In the case of territorial aggression over humans, it exists when a cat is closer to some family members but not to others. This is called territorial aggression over humans.

Territorial aggression over humans by cats is real. For you to avoid it, you should develop a closer relationship with your cat. Play with it. Give them food. Make them feel that you like them, and you are not like someone who will invade their territories.

How do you stop the redirected aggression of your cat?

A redirected aggression of your cat happens when your cat channels its anger towards you or to another cat after its assault on humans and cats. During this phase, your cat becomes aggressive to almost anything, making it very hard to tame. For you to stop it, you have to confine it into a room or cell to give her space to breathe. This gives your cat time to relax itself since it experiences a behavioral change because of its territorial aggression. Cats do love space during this time, so do not deprive your cat of this space to relax.


Cats are naturally protective, so being territorial is natural to them, but one does not let them dwell on this feeling over time. You can help them correct this behavior so that they will consider everyone as friends rather than threats to their territories. In this way, they will learn to protect you and your family healthily, which means that they keep guard with their territory against any threat without considering everyone as a threat.

How do you stop territorial aggression in cats?