How many litter boxes should you have for 3 cats?

How many litter boxes should you have for 3 cats

When gradually and properly introduced, most cats live lovingly and harmoniously. However, being able to share things and contented with each other does not completely translate to being fine with sharing just one box. If your cats are forced to use one litter box, they might feel uncomfortable since it does not provide enough clean spots to poop or pee. This is especially true when you are outside to work the whole day and nobody is there to clean the box and replace the litter.

How many litter boxes do I need?

If you have many cats (more than one), you also need many litter boxes. The rule of thumb is that you need one litter box per cat + one extra. So if you have 3 cats, 4 litter boxes will be the perfect amount. Be sure not to place the litter boxes too close to each other.

Why do multiple felines need multiple boxes?

People can share one bathroom, right? Yes, it’s true. However, you should also remember that felines use their litter boxes for more than just pooping and peeing. In fact, the litter box is a place where your feline companion may go to get some private space. Who does not need some quiet and peaceful space, most especially with other cats and pets around? Your cat may also view it territorially, which means making sure that every cat in your household has their own spot can help keep conflicts and fights at bay.

Reasons why you need to consider multiple litter boxes for multiple cats

The biggest reason why you should consider providing multiple boxes for your house, multiple cats or not, is cleanliness. Even if you have the best of intentions, sometimes it can be challenging to keep the litter box of your cat spotless. If his box is unappealing, smelly, and dirty, he is more likely to find a corner in your room or a rug to do his business. While it’s true that you can provide just one box for your only cat at home, it’s still highly recommended to add an extra one in case you’re too busy to clean things up regularly. That way, your cat will still have some place to poop or pee if the other box is unacceptable.

If you only have one feline companion at home and if you have a big house with multiple floors, then having one extra box is a great idea. Just like you would not want to take several trips to the stairs just to use the toilet, neither does your cat.

Read this if you’re wondering if you should choose a covered litter box.

The best place to put the litter boxes of your cats

You need to take extra care when separating your cats’ litter boxes. For instance, lining all the boxes side by side will only make them look like one giant box rather than separate boxes. Ideally, you should locate the litter boxes to the most convenient location for your cats. So, think about where your cats spend the most time and then find a place nearby where you can ideally put the litter boxes.

Do not forget that cats may prefer one cat litter over another. So, you can try out different smells, different materials, and different grains to know what litter your cat or cats prefer, and accept that not all cats like the same litter. This means that the more litter choices you offer your feline companions, the less likely they’re going to have litter accidents or get into territorial spats.


Common questions about how many litter boxes you should have for multiple cats

Can 3 cats share a litter box?

When your cats are doing something private like pooping and urinating, sharing the same box can be very stressful for some. A household with multiple cats should ideally have the same number of boxes as the number of felines. Experts also suggest that cat parents provide one extra box so for two cats, these must be 3 boxes.

Can I put 2 litter boxes next to each other?

If you have many cats, you should never place their boxes next to each other since they will only see it as one giant litter box. And since some cats prefer to poop or urinate in separate litter boxes, experts suggest that if possible, cat parents should maintain 2 litter boxes for every cat in the household.

Where should a litter box be placed for 2 cats?

Since cats are commonly known as territorial animals, it is highly beneficial for them to have separate boxes reserved for their own use. Also, if possible, it is best to put enough space between every litter box like placing them in multiple rooms or on different floors. If the space is small, you can try putting the litter boxes on the opposite ends of the area.


Some cats just do not like sharing their litter boxes so the ratio we shared above lets every cat claim his own. And even if they do not mind sharing boxes with other cats, keeping extra boxes around is still advisable for some instances. For example, one of your kitties is using the litter box and if the sound of the washing machine next to the box scares one your cats, then there will still be a place for your other kitty to relieve himself.

How many litter boxes should you have for 3 cats

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