How much cat insurance do I need?

How much cat insurance do I need?

There is nothing worse than thinking your kitten or cat might get ill or have an accident. Not only do we not want them to be in pain, but we also don’t want to have to pay the veterinary bills that can go up into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is for this reason that pet owners often get cat insurance for their feline friends.

But how much cat insurance should you get for your cat? This might be a question that an owner will ask themselves if their cat is mainly indoors and not at risk to the outside world. However, an illness can strike at any time and it’s best to always be prepared.

Does my cat need pet insurance?

Pet owners will often get cat insurance to give them peace of mind. It allows them to feel financially in case something happens to their pet. When you make a claim with insurance, you only have to pay the co-pay fee, which can be significantly lower than the cost of treatment for your cat.

Owners with cats who enjoy going outside need cat insurance for a lot of reasons. The outdoors holds a number of risks for a cat. They could get into a fight with another cat and injure their eyes or get cuts that could become infected.

If you live beside a busy road, they could run out at the wrong time and be hit by a car, causing them to break a leg. There is also the chance that they could catch an illness from another animal. All these things cost a lot of money to fix, which not everyone can afford.

There's a 33% risk your cat will need unexpected vet care this year. It is a good idea to get a quote from one or more insurance providers.

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Average monthly cost for cat insurance average between $20 for kittens and $100 per month for older cats. Remember to always get quotes from more than one provider!

Even indoor cats can get sick every once in a while, whether from old age or just by chance. Getting pet insurance for your cat means that they will be looked after when they need it the most.

What types of cat insurance are there?

There are different types of cat insurance that you can get, and the price varies depending on the coverage. You can insure you’re cat for as little as $100 a year, but this might be for the most basic insurance that won’t cover everything. The cost of insurance also depends on the following:

  • The area you live in
  • The age of your cat
  • Your cat’s breed
  • Whether your cat is male or female

Older cats cost more because they have a higher risk of developing health problems. As for the breed of a cat, a pedigree is more expensive to insure than a non-pedigree cat. This is because some pedigree breeds are more prone to certain health conditions.

Once you have decided you want to get cat insurance, you need to look at the options. There are four main types to choose from and each have limits on what the policy will cover in a single year. They are as follows:

  • Accident Only – The cheapest option, it will cover vet bills if your cat has an accident such as falling and breaking a leg. This policy doesn’t cover any illness or medical conditions in the future.
  • Time Limited – This policy will cover illnesses and accidents for a limited time, typically 12 months. You will only be allowed to claim once for a particular condition. If the condition returns after the 12 months or you use up the amount per condition, it won’t be covered again.
  • Maximum Benefit – This is a popular option as it will cover illness and accidents up to a certain amount per condition. There is no time limit and it is a good option if the cat has chronic or persistent conditions.
  • Lifetime – This is the most expensive policy option. It will cover accidents, illness and conditions throughout the lifetime of the policy and is renewed each year. This is a good option if a cat develops an ongoing condition and will need treatment for years to come.

As you can see, there are options to suit everyone and their budgets.

Is there an alternative to cat insurance?

If you decide not to get cat insurance, there are a couple of alternatives available. You can decide to go down the self-insurance route. This is where you save money yourself to pay for any potential vet bills that occur from emergencies.

There is always a risk with this option as the vet bill could end up being more than you have saved. For example, if a cat needed their hips replaced or a serious surgery, it could cost thousands of dollars.

The other option you might have is going to a charity. These charities often help with the cost of paying for vet bills if you come from a low-income home or are retired. While they can’t cover the whole bill, they could help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Insurance

When should I get cat insurance?

If you are buying or adopting a kitten, it is best to get insurance for them as soon as you can. It is unlikely that anything will happen to them in the first two weeks after the policy is activated and then they are protected. If the cat is older, we still suggest getting insurance as soon as you can to give you peace of mind.

Where do I find the best deal on pet insurance?

There are many comparison sites that can help you compare pet insurance policies from different providers. You usually have to give the age and name of your cat, as well as their breed, gender, and if they’ve had any issues so far in their life.

It’s also a good idea to mention if your cat has a microchip, as this can lower the cost too. Once those details are put in, you can compare the insurance prices.

Can my older cat be insured?

It is possible to find insurance for an older cat, but it will likely be more expensive as older cats need more medical care. You might notice that there are also more conditions and restrictions with the policy as pre-existing conditions won’t be covered.

Choose the insurance that’s right for you and your cat

When it comes to choosing cat insurance, you need one that you can afford and is best suited to your cat. If you want to make sure they are secure for life, then a lifetime insurance in the best option. On the other hand, if you aren’t worried about them being ill a lot, then a limited time policy could work well.

Whichever one you choose, you will feel happier knowing your cat has insurance and will be taken care of without you going broke.

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