How to get cheap pet insurance

how to get cheap pet insurance

Having a cat comes with plenty of responsibilities. After all, you’re committing to taking care of them throughout their lifetime. But with veterinary costs getting higher every year, getting pet insurance for your cat is crucial. It ensures when your feline companion becomes ill or gets injured, they’re covered, saving you money and your cat’s health. 

But as with any insurance out there, there are choices you need to make between different policies to get the best possible coverage for your cat. 

Determine what coverage your cat needs 

Pet coverage comes in three different types, depending on the amount of coverage you’d like. They typically have complicated names and vary per insurance company, but these are the general pet insurance coverage levels. 

Basic time-limited policy

The first policy is the ‘basic’ one and typically has a time limit for treatment per condition your cat may have during a year and a maximum payout. When reaching either, you’ll no longer be able to claim for the same illness if your cat is affected by it in the future. 

Mid-level policy

The mid-level policy can cover treatments up to a maximum amount per health condition they may develop during the policy term. It doesn’t have any time limit and limitations on how long your cat can receive treatment. This policy is ideal if your cat is prone to catching diseases as they age, depending on their breed. 

There's a 33% risk your cat will need unexpected vet care this year. It is a good idea to get a quote from one or more insurance providers.

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Average monthly cost for cat insurance average between $20 for kittens and $100 per month for older cats. Remember to always get quotes from more than one provider!

Lifetime coverage

The last policy is the most comprehensive one can typically offer the highest payout limit. This insurance policy is also sometimes called ‘lifetime coverage,’ and though payout limits apply annually and per condition, these are typically reinstated every year at renewal. It’s the ideal policy if your cat has a chronic disease. 

Find the best cat health insurance.

Shop around for policies 

When you have a clear understanding of what your feline companion needs, you need to look at your options to find the best insurance policies for them. Different insurance companies tend to focus on various health factors, pets, breeds, geographical locations, and ages.

Veterinarians often charge less rural areas than they charge in urban areas, due to the cost of living, so your policy may take you farther, depending on where you live.   

You can check different insurers on price comparison websites to help you pinpoint reasonably priced pet insurance. When you find a policy you like, check with the insurer to see if they have even better offers. 

Look for special deals

If you’re having difficulty finding better deals on insurance fees with lifetime policies, don’t hesitate to consult with your current insurer to see if they may offer a comparable rate. Depending on your pet, your insurance company may be more interested in providing a better deal for you than losing you as a client. 

It’s best to search for multi-pet deals, too, because when you have several policies from one insurance firm, you may be able to combine these policies, saving you more money and giving more protection for your pet. 

Getting the best deal possible 

Before you commit to anything, you need to see if your existing insurer matches with an insurance policy you like, especially if your pet had treatment or has a pre-existing condition that wouldn’t be covered when switching policies. 

Once you’ve confirmed they do match the policy you’d like, see if you’re not missing out on any cashback deals by checking if the insurer is on any reputable cashback websites. But remember that there’s no guarantee that the insurance policy rate will be the same going through a cashback site as it is on a comparison website, so check the rates cautiously. 

Buy pet insurance even when your cat is healthy

The best time to buy pet insurance for your cat is when they’re in good health. That’s because pre-existing conditions typically aren’t included in new pet insurance policies. So, if you purchase a policy before your pet gets ill, you’re maximizing the number of coverage for your cat. 

Is it worth getting insurance for an indoor cat?

Common questions about pet insurance

What is pet insurance?

Like with our own health insurance policies, pet insurance is a policy that covers the costs of vet bills. These typically don’t cover expenses for regular check-ups, vaccines, and heartworm testing, but some insurance firms also allow you to add coverage for routine vet care.

Most policies include a waiting period before making a claim, meaning you’ll need to wait for several days before you can use the policy benefits. Plus, they rarely cover a pet’s pre-existing conditions. 

What does pet insurance for cats cover?

There are several insurance policies made for cats, each covering different treatments, diseases, and procedures. Here are the different types of pet insurance policies you can choose from: 

  • Accident-only – This policy covers health concerns and injuries caused by accidents, such as a cat consuming something poisonous or getting hit by a car. 
  • Accident and illness – This insurance plan offers similar coverage with the accident-only policies but includes coverage for common diseases and illnesses cats may develop or catch. 
  • Endorsements – This is an add-on coverage for your existing pet insurance and varies per carrier. Some include cancer coverage or routine care. 
  • Insurance with embedded wellness – This insurance policy typically provides coverage for accidents, diseases, and routine vet care. Routine care includes vaccines and dental care. It also covers the costs for burial or cremation. 

Who needs pet insurance for cats?

Cat owners who have purebred cats are the ones who may need pet insurance the most. That’s because purebreds are known to be prone to several health conditions, such as heart issues. It can save you money over time when your feline companion develops a severe medical condition or contracts a disease.

Those with mixed breed cats should also consider getting pet insurance since cats, in general, are likely to experience more health issues than dogs or other pets. 

Wrapping up

Looking for cheap pet insurance is a good thing to do, especially when you’re on a tight budget. However, always remember that it’s for your cat’s healthcare. So, it’s best to assess first what your cat needs the most that an insurance company can cover.

Don’t hesitate to ask around for pet insurance recommendations. You can also use the internet to look for the best deals on pet insurance and read other customers’ reviews. By using the tips listed above, there’s no doubt that you can find the most affordable but quality pet insurance for your cat.

how to get cheap pet insurance

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