Is pet insurance worth it for an indoor cat?

Is pet insurance worth it for an indoor cat?

What is pet insurance?  

Do you want to cut down on your vet bill? Well, pet insurance is the way to go. It helps cover various health issues that your pet is likely to have, like getting sick or injured, which can cost you thousands of dollars if your pet is not covered.

Is cat insurance worth it?

Do I really need to pay a monthly bill, which I don’t see any value for? Numerous questions might be going through your mind. And it’s very normal. When your cat is healthy, you are likely to let the insurance idea slide. 

It is often worth getting cat insurance. If your cat is young, rarely gets sick and has no medical conditions, it may not seem worth it. Just like insurance for humans, not having pet insurance could end up hurting you one day and costing you a lot of money.

You may think you’re saving money by not getting pet insurance, but you are likely to end up spending more when something goes wrong with your cat’s health. 

Why do you need cat health insurance?

It’s best to get insurance when your cat is healthy since the policies for healthy cats are much cheaper than if you cat is already sick.

There's a 33% risk your cat will need unexpected vet care this year. It is a good idea to get a quote from one or more insurance providers.

Our top3 cat insurance providers
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Average monthly cost for cat insurance average between $20 for kittens and $100 per month for older cats. Remember to always get quotes from more than one provider!

Getting health insurance for your cat will make you a happy pet owner since you will have peace of mind and feel relaxed when it comes to your cat’s health, to better enjoy your long-term cat ownership journey.

Getting pet insurance can prevent you from putting your pet down unnecessarily due to medical issues by up to 90 percent. If your uninsured pet ends up needing surgery or another costly medical procedure, most pet owners can’t foot the bill, so the only solution it to put the pet down.

If your cat has insurance to help pay for any necessary procedures, it can go on to live a longer life and you can enjoy many more happy years together.

Details on pet insurance

Before you make a decision about which type of pet insurance to purchase for your cat, it’s important for you to understand in detail what insurance policies cover and what they don’t.

Research is necessary to prevent disappointment at the moment of need.

Let’s take a more in depth look into what’s covered by standard health insurers and who the best insurers are. This will help you make an informed decision when choosing what your cat’s best health insurance option is.

What conditions are excluded from pet insurance?

Pre-existing conditions often aren’t covered

One very important thing to note is that conditions your pet has before the insurance coverage starts is never fully covered. Even the top insurers will only offer to pay part of the bill. And even then, they’ll only help pay for curable conditions, not the incurable ones. 

Other things that are generally not covered by insurance: 

  • Groomer bills
  • Behavior training sessions
  • Dental conditions
  • Routine (regular) check-ups.
  • Genetic disorders
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Parasites
  • Preventive procedures

Although it may seem like your cat’s insurance policy doesn’t cover many things, there are a lot of beneficial things that are covered.

Benefits you’ll get from your cat’s insurance

  • Paying a manageable health bill each month to prevent coughing out a fortune when your cat falls sick or gets injured.
  • It offers a high chance of not losing your cat due to a medical bill since the treatment can be fully or partially paid for by the insurer.
  • Your pet is likely to get the best treatment, which is often impossible when paying out of pocket. 

How much does it cost to insure a cat?

The best answer to the question is, it depends on various factors. Let’s go through the top 4 factors


If your cat is purebred, it may be prone to specific health conditions. Certain breeds of cats end up with a higher rate of certain genetic diseases and problems due to high levels of inbreeding. This can make health insurance prices increase.


Did you know that the immune system of young cats is stronger compared to older cats? When your cat is young, health insurance is cheaper since your cat is less likely to contract infections and various illnesses.


Your cat’s health insurance cover price varies per location. It’s impacted according to the living standard of the area. For example, if you live in an area with a high cost of living, then the veterinary prices and insurance costs go up as well.

The type of insurance coverage

This majorly depends on your pocket. If you can afford it, it’s best to go for the best health insurer.It helps in covering the cost of most, if not all, of your pet’s health needs. For the cheaper insurers, they have more limitations and restrictions on what they cover in most cases. 

Eventually they may make you pay more when your cat develops a health issue. However, you can also find good insurers offering a wide range of coverage for your cat if you take your time and conduct proper research on your locally available pet insurers.

Find the best insurance company

To make cat insurance worth more, it is a really good idea to use a little time to find the best insurance company for the money. When you give less money for pet insurance, it will naturally also a lot fast be worth it.

Nomatter if you need it, it’s really great to have insured your cat.

When the worst happens

Have you ever heard of the myth “a cat has nine lives?” Well, unfortunately it’s not true and your cat won’t heal naturally on its own. Ignoring your cat’s medical issues means your cat will suffer unnecessarily, or even die.

Did you know that some pet insurers will even cover for a lost cat? If the unthinkable happens and your cat dies, you could be entitled to a payout.

Be prepared for anything

If keeping your cat healthy and getting compensation if you happen to lose your cat is important to you, it’s a good idea to buy insurance for your cat. Getting pet insurance will give you peace of mind, help you avoid unexpected expenses and, most importantly, keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

We wish you all the best in your cat ownership journey.

Is pet insurance worth it for an indoor cat?

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