Do cats get sad when you give away their kittens?

Do cats get sad when you give away their kittens

So your pregnant furry baby has given birth to babies of her own.  All the little kittens are so cute and fuzzy just like mama cat – but there’s one thought at the back of your mind.  As much as you want to, you can’t take in all of these kittens yourself so you start to consider giving them away.  The question now is how are you going to do that without hurting mama cat?  Will she be sad when you take her babies away?

Are male cats more affectionate to female owners?

Are male cats more affectionate female owners

While all cats are perfect and deserving of love, they can have very distinct traits, temperaments and personalities that differentiate them from each other.  This matters when choosing which cat is a more fitting addition to your lifestyle, needs and wants.  Some cats are indeed more affectionate than others.  However, is there a perk when it comes to being a female in terms of scoring more affection points from cats?  Studies say yes… probably.

Can you train a cat to like being held?

Can you train a cat to like being held

Sometimes, you get lucky and you get a clingy cat who welcomes being carried around.  Other times, not so much.  There are a few reasons why your cat may not like being held – all of which we will explore in this article.  There are also ways for you to be able to successfully train your cat to enjoy being held, so read on.

Why do cats scratch around their water bowl?

Why do cats scratch around water bowl

When it’s time to give them their bath, your cat will do everything it can to run away and hide.  However, you can often find them scratching around their water bowl – as if they’re playing.  Could that possibly be the reason why they scratch around their water bowl?

Why do cats not drink water next to their food bowl?

Why do cats not drink water next to their food

When it comes to anything to do with water, cats are very particular. This is especially true about the water that they drink. There’s such a reason why there are so many different kinds of water bowls for cats on the market – and the reason is their innate survival instincts.

What does it mean when a cat licks you?

What does it mean when a cat licks you

Let’s be honest. Cats are pretty freaking weird. Sometimes they do things that can leave even the best of us scratching our heads. One of our lovely furry friend’s weird quirks is the licking. Why do they do it? Turns out, there’s a bunch of possible reasons.

What does it mean when your cat turns away from you?

What does it mean when your cat turns away from you

If a human were to suddenly turn their back at you mid-conversation, it would be a bit rude, wouldn’t it? But cats do it all the time. It’s no wonder they often get described as being aloof. One minute you’re having a good-old cuddle session, next thing you know, they get up without prompt, and walk away with their backs turned towards your sad, confused face – even more, they’ll even raise their tails, as if to present you with their behind. Should you be insulted, or worried that your cat does not like you after all? Absolutely not.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers and bananas?

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers and bananas

We all remember those viral videos from a few years ago about cats being spooked by cucumbers and bananas.  If you haven’t seen those videos in a while, as a refresher, these were the videos where the cats were preoccupied, and then someone sneakily puts cucumber behind them.  When the cats notice, they shoot up the air in fear.  Why in the world do cats have such a huge reaction over cucumbers and bananas?  That’s because cats are afraid of thing sneaking up on them.

Why do cats attack when you rub their bellies?

Why do cats attack when you rub their bellies

You know that feeling when you’re chilling and cuddling with your cat one afternoon.  You two are having a wonderful time, then suddenly, they roll over and presents their belly to you as if asking for a belly rub?  You know what the legends say – a cat’s belly feels like heaven, and you know it does.  So, you reach over to try and pet it.  You’ve fallen into their trap.  Your hands are now scratched and bitten.  It’s honestly very confusing and painful – physically and emotionally.

Why do cats like being scratched under the chin?

Why do cats like being scratched under the chin

Cats love being scratched under their chin, but it makes you wonder why? What is with this specific spot that makes it so satisfying to be touched or scratched? There are many reasons as to why, including the fact that their chin area is a hard to reach place when they groom themselves and they can’t reach it themselves. To know more about it, read on below!

Why do cats stick their bum in the air when you pet them?

Why do cats stick their bum in the air when you pet them

Most cats raise their bum in the air when you scratch them, this kind of reaction from your feline friend is completely normal. They do this to invite you to scratch and pet them even more. They’re telling you that this makes them happy and whatever you’re doing, don’t stop. 

Why does my cat sound like it’s vibrating?

Why does my cat sound like it_s vibrating

We all have shared a blissful moment with our feline friend, where they nap on our lap and we’re pampering them on the couch. Then we suddenly feel and hear them vibrate, a sweet harmonious hum, music to our ears. It makes you wonder why your cat is making that sound? You’d be surprised to know that there are tons of reasons as to why a cat vibrates, read on below to know more about it.

Why do cats sound like a motor?

Why do cats sound like a motor

Meows, hisses, or purrs! Since they can’t sing the ABCs or say “mama” they’ve found their way of expressing how they feel toward us. Cat’s make the effort to communicate with us through sound and body language. If your cat sounds like a motor this could either mean they’re happy, frightened, threatened, or stressed. To know the difference, it’s important to look at what the circumstances are or what the situation your kitty is in. For more information, continue to read on as we explore the different meanings behind a purr.

Should I feed my cat after he throws up?

Should I feed my cat after he throws up

As a pet owner, it’s always concerning when you see your beloved furry companion vomit or even show symptoms of pain and gagging. There are plenty of reasons for this and the next best course of action would be to avoid feeding them while waiting for a couple of hours to give time for the irritation to subside.

What tinned fish can cats eat?

What tinned fish can cats eat

It is advisable as owners of a pet cat to look on the ingredients of the canned goods we feed them, i.e. if the fish came from fresh spring water or if majority of the ingredients are food artificial. While these foods can be enjoyed as a sweet treat for them, your top priority must be life sustaining for you beloved cat pets. Fishes that comes from fresh water bodies ensures our cat’s capacity to grow energetic and more alert. Unhealthy foods causes sickness for your pets and some of these sicknesses comes from the food you feed them. This is why preventive measures are done from the food intake of any kind of animal.

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom?

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom

“Everyone is wondering the same thing. Is it just them being curious or being clingy? Turns out there are several reasons why they act as a human tail and follow us even when we are doing our own private stuff. Learn about this feline behavior that some pet owners find annoying while some find as cute.”

Which is better for cats chicken or turkey?

Which is better for cats chicken or turkey

When shopping for cat food, cat parents come across various options when it comes to poultry and meat and feeding cats’ real food is better than giving them chicken by-products in a can which is the case for most cat food. The best options of meat to feed cats include Beef, Duck, Chicken, and Turkey. But out of the types of meat, which do cats prefer? Chicken or turkey? In this article, we’ll discuss the difference chicken and turkey may make in a cat’s health.

What are the 20 worst cat foods?

What are the 20 worst cat foods

The pain of losing a beloved pet is traumatizing and gut-wrenching. Especially those pets that died or got sick and passed away because of reasons that can be prevented, such as picking the wrong type of food to feed their cats, this may seem harmless but owners would be surprised how vital choosing the right cat food is to feed their furry friends. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 20 worst cat foods that can potentially harm kittens and adult cats alike.

How much should a cat eat daily?

How much should a cat eat daily

Feeding your cat the right amount of food is essential to keep your furry companion happy and healthy. There are a variety of factors that go into how much is the right amount including, age, size, feeding time, metabolism, exercise, and even the environment around you. To learn more about it, here are the answers to some of the most common questions related to feeding your cat.

Why do cats like tuna fish so much?

Why do cats like tuna fish so much

Cats are opportunistic feeders, they eat whatever their paws can grab, but cats seem to be more in favor of our fish friends, especially the tuna. But why do cats love tuna so much? The reason many cats respond favorably to the fish is unknown. Though fish is a good source of protein for cats, tuna and many fish can be bad for kitties. One reason for that is because of the cat’s genetics. Fish produces a ton of by-products in the cat’s blood, which must be filtered by their kidney and liver which stresses these two vital organs. So, what can owners do to satisfy their kitty’s cravings?