Should I put a blanket over my cat carrier?

Only put a blanket over the cat carrier, if your cat seems nervous and scared. But always makesure that your cat gets plenty of air in the box and it does not get overheated.

Cats are considered as territorial animals and because of that, they will find traveling an uncomfortable thing. Most of the time, moving them can be very stressful and will not result in a successful trip. Usually, it is the cat carrier itself that can cause the most concern. If you do not buy a high-quality cat carrier, it can be very difficult to get your cat inside and it is also challenging on how you should keep him calm while riding a car when your cat is distressed or anxious. In this article, learn more tips on how to keep your cat comfortable during your trip.

Reasons to put a blanket on your cat’s carrier during your trip

As cat parents, we all want what’s best for our cats. Of course, we always want them to be safe and comfortable even if we need to pack them when traveling. So, the question is, what can you do to make your cat even more comfortable for your trip? Experts recommend that you keep a blanket over your carrier. 

It’s because cats often like to hide when they are anxious and a blanket over their carrier can help them feel more safe and secure since they’re hidden. There is nowhere for your cat to hide and run if he’s in a carrier so it can possibly stress him out. If you do not have a blanket with you, then cover the carrier with a sweatshirt or towel. Covering your cat’s carrier can also help a lot in reducing motion sickness. The truth is that when traveling, cats can easily become queasy because of the movement. 

How to calm down your cat in the car

If your cat is showing uncomfortable behavior or anxiety when traveling, make sure to cover the carrier with a soft fabric. You need to make sure that it’s still easy to breathe inside the cat carrier after you cover it with a blanket or a towel. Aside from that, when you need to cover your cat carrier, you only have to use a clean blanket or towel. If the towel or blanket is not clean, the stinky scent coming from it can only lead to another problem. 

However, if your cat seems to be enjoying the ride and is very calm during the trip, then you can observe first as you may not need to cover the carrier with a cloth. But most of the time, cat owners might still end up covering the cat carrier since it can reduce the wind and noise especially if the windows of the car are open, or if you are in an unfamiliar environment.

Moreover, the distance of your trip must increase gradually. Having said that, your furry feline will improve its sensation slowly while he’s insider his carrier. All you need to do is to give him some time to adjust to the motion and don’t forget to give him treats (like a small cookie) as it can also serve as an encouragement gift. 

Common questions about putting a blanket over your cat’s carrier 

How do you calm a cat in a carrier?

If your furry friend panics when he sees a cat carrier, keep calm. You should keep the basket close but make sure it’s out of sight. To make your cat get inside the carrier, wrap him in a thick blanket or towel that’s clean or smells familiar to him and put him into the carrier quickly but in a gentle manner. You should also cover the carrier with a blanket if he feels afraid during the trip. 

Do cats like being under blankets?

Cats like the feeling of being safe and protected. Most of the time, cats like to be in a higher place and your bed is higher compared to the floor. Aside from that, being under the sheets or blankets make them feel even more protected. Thus, it makes sense that your kitty really enjoys blankets because it represents a confined and warm space. When traveling, most cat owners bring a blanket with them so they can put it inside the carrier and make their cat feel safer and more secured during the entire trip.

Why are cats afraid of car rides?

Cats are not known as trip lovers. In fact, most of the time, cats hate car rides. This is because cats are not as domesticated as our dogs. They are very territorial and don’t like to leave their territory for some new place. They do not like new places that have unfamiliar movements and smells, not to mention loud noises. This is why experts suggest that if you really need to travel with your cat, bring something that’s familiar to him like a blanket or sheet of cloth that you can place inside or cover his carrier during the trip. This will make him less anxious.


When you’re traveling with your cat, there’s a possibility that you’ll face lots of problems. The best solution is to use a high-quality cat carrier. While the usage of a cat carrier itself is a challenge, there are things you can do in order to make sure that your trip will become successful and one approach is to cover it to make your cat feel much safer.

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