Top 10 most interactive cat breeds

When it comes to interactive cat breeds, you might think of breeds that act in the same ways as dogs. There is a growing market for “puppy cats,” which are specific breeds of domestic cats with behavioral characteristics that strikingly resemble dogs.

Although unusual, these interactive, dog-like tendencies include the following:

  • Following their owners around the house from one room to the other
  • Enjoying baths or swimming
  • Longing for continuous acknowledgment and physical affection
  • Lack of aggression or anger towards unacquainted cats
  • No reluctance when walking with a collar and leash

These characteristics can appear regardless of the breed, but some are more likely to display these behaviors. Let’s go over the list of the top 10 most interactive cat breeds that act like dogs.


Abyssinians are a devoted, charming breed that loves to play with water and fetch. These cats are highly sociable and need more attention than most domestic cat breeds out there.

If left alone too long, they can end up depressed. With this in mind, you must consider the length of time you can spend with your feline companion. Abyssinians do well when it comes to leash training and love to follow their owners around. A unique behavior seen among Abyssinians is that they often climb and perch on their owner’s shoulders as a lookout.

  • Devoted and charming
  • Loves to play with water and fetch
  • Highly sociable and needs more attention than most cat breeds
  • Can become depressed if left alone too long
  • Does well with leash training
  • Loves to follow owners around
  • Enjoys keeping “lookout” on owner’s shoulders


The Ragdoll is another common cat breed that acts like a dog. The breed merited the name Ragdoll due to their inclination to go floppy and rest in a doll-like, bent position when being picked up. Ragdolls have a peaceful, mellow-temperament and often seek physical affection from owners.

The breed can adjust well to their home environment and readily get along with children and other pets in the house. They are a great indoor breed since they love lap-time and are eager to greet owners at the door.

  • Goes floppy like a ragdoll when picked up
  • Peaceful, mellow temperament
  • Seeks physical affection from owners
  • Gets along well with children and other pets
  • Loves lap time
  • Eagerly greets owners at the door


The Manx is a unique cat breed with its dog-like tendency to come to their owners when they are whistled at or called by their name. This rare breed is tailless and genuinely love people.

The breed has an endless supply of affection for humans. The Manx are known to climb obstacles, jumping around and even collecting and burying toys. Due to their highly responsive and interactive nature, they can be trained to learn commands.

  • Comes to owners when whistled at or called by name
  • Genuinely loves people
  • Loves to climb high obstacles and jump
  • Collects and buries toys
  • Highly responsive and interactive
  • Can be trained to learn commands

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is social, clever and highly devoted to its owners. The breed is devoted to their families and makes it a priority to involve themselves in any activity you are doing.

A distinct trait of this breed is their love of swimming. Turkish Angoras can be mischievous, playful, and determined, making them ideal for a house with lots of activity. Just like most dog breeds, this breed loves both children and adults, making them the great family companion.

  • Social and clever
  • Highly devoted to owners
  • Gets involved in family activities
  • Loves swimming
  • Mischievous, playful and determined
  • Great for a house with lots of activity
  • Wonderful family companion


The Bombay is another highly interactive cat breed. They have been seen on parks and sidewalks walking on a leash. The breed is known to find new ways to entertain themselves. This means that they can get along with dogs.

The breed loves showing and receiving attention, making them a great choice for those who love an interactive and playful companion.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the biggest domestic cat breeds around. Aside from their large size, they also boast a larger-than-life personality.

This breed is loving, playful and loyal to their owners. Due to their loyalty to their owners, they remain vigilant towards strangers. Just like a long-haired dog, the breed needs regular brushing to maintain their dense coats and free from mats.

  • Large personality matches its large size
  • Loving and loyal
  • Playful
  • Vigilant towards strangers


The Birman is an entertaining companion that loves to be lively when you want quiet time and meddlesome if you are busy. Although the breed can be described as having a younger sibling, the Birman has a gentle nature and lovable disposition.

The breed works well with children and loves to receive and give affection. They are easy to care for and even pay attention to commands and can be trained to behave.

  • Entertaining and lively companion
  • Can act like a meddlesome younger sibling
  • Gentle nature and lovable disposition
  • Loves to give and receive affection
  • Gets along well with children
  • Follows commands and can be trained

American Curl

The American Curl is defined by its distinct, curled-back ears along with its warm nature and responsiveness to children. They are a playful and energetic breed that loves to explore. They also have a dog-like attentiveness and you can usually find one perched up high, observing their owners every move.

  • Warm nature
  • Responsive to children
  • Playful and energetic
  • Loves to explore
  • Has a dog-like attentiveness
  • Likes to observe owners every move


The Burmese are also an interactive, dog-like breed. They are known to display dog-like loyalty as well as highly intelligent and tend to follow their owners around. This makes the breed suitable for leash training.

The breed is known to be more vocal than other breeds. They are often heard vocalizing with their owner. The Burmese are highly active and will demand playtime. Additionally, they can develop a dependency on their owners. With this in mind, provide a cat-loving sitter if you are away.

  • Has dog-like interactive behavior
  • Loyal
  • Highly intelligent
  • Likes to follow owners around
  • Good at leash training
  • Likes to be vocal and “talk” to owners
  • Highly active and demands playtime
  • Dependent on owners and can become lonely


The Sphynx is one of the most unique-looking breeds around. It is a loyal, rambunctious and loving breed. They are known to follow around their owners or snuggle under a soft blanket for hours.

The breed has an extroverted personality which makes it a good choice among families. Although the Sphynx appears hairless, most of its skin is covered with a fine layer of peach-fuzz that gives it a soft texture. Due to its lack of hair, the breed is prone to skin irritation and temperature changes.

  • Loyal and loving
  • Rambunctious and extroverted
  • Follows owners around
  • Loves to snuggle
  • Good choice for families

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