What do cats not like to walk on?

What do cats not like to walk on?

Cats are very curious creatures. Everywhere they could get their crafty little selves in, they will be there.  However, there are some places they really shouldn’t be in. How can you, the cat guardian, prevent or at the very least discourage your cat from going where they shouldn’t?

By making those places hell for your cat to navigate to, of course!  Today let’s have a look at the textures and terrains your cats hate walking on.

Sticky things.

Cats absolutely HATE sticky things.  You’ve probably seen one of those famous videos where people put sticky tape on their cat and their cat freaking out.  While that’s arguably not the best thing you should do to your cat, it paints a perfect picture of how much cats don’t like sticky things.

By the way, if you should be so tempted to see how your cats react to things getting stuck to them, please use sticky tapes that are NOT very sticky.  If you use strong adhesives such as adhesives, it could rip out your cat’s fur or even hurt their paws.

If there are surfaces in your house that are definitely off-limits for your cat, such as your new couch or the kitchen counter, you may stick a bit of tape on them sticky side up.  That way, every time your cat ventures in the restricted area, they’re met with the sticky feel and they’ll eventually learn that that area is no fun.

Aluminum Foils.

Cats hate noise.  Walking on Aluminum foil not only makes a lot of noise; which makes it really unappealing for some cats.  The smooth, shiny, cold texture of aluminum foil will also feel weird to your cats.

Most cats, when they see tin foil laid out on the floor, they’ll be curious about it, yes, but they would also be on the lookout for other pathways towards their destination that does not involve any shiny metallic sheets.

This isn’t true for all cats though.  Some cats will eventually get over their hesitation and will actually walk through Aluminum Foil. There are even some owners that claim their cats actually really love playing with Aluminum Foil.

If texture doesn’t work, try scents.

Cats have very powerful sense of smell – they’re actually more sensitive to scents than some dogs.  If your cats are not deterred by the sticky things or aluminum foils you’ve been putting in all of their no-no spaces, try discouraging them with some smells that cats hate.

Spritz a bit of citrus scented sprays on things or areas you don’t want your cat to be in – for example your Christmas Tree once that time of the year comes.  Just be wary that while citrus fruits are safe and even considered edible for cats, the skins of citrus fruits may cause vomiting, diarrhea, or dermatitis.  A non-toxic alternative would be Cinnamon.

If you have a garden plant some lavenders and eucalyptus so your cat is much less interested in smooshing all of your other flowers and plants.  This could work really well in deterring other cats in the neighborhood that your cat feels threatened by.  Just note that these plants are considered toxic to cats.

Common questions about things cats hate

Why do cats hate water?

There are many different reasons as to why most cats are not so fond of water – but it all starts with their history with water which is not much.  Cat’s ancestors lived in places that don’t have a lot of water.  Evolutionarily, cats just don’t have any incentive to be in water much.

Another reason as to why your modern kitty are not big fans of bath time is that it’s uncomfortable for them to get their fur all wet.  Just imagine wearing a fur coat and then going for a dip in the pool – not so fun.

Do cats hate cucumbers?

You’ve probably seen one of those popular videos about cats being so spooked by cucumbers.  The truth about cat’s extremely negative reactions to these tubular vegetables is that cats do not react well to surprises in general.

It’s not about the cucumber – it’s about how they did not expect a cucumber to be waiting for them when they turn around.  In fact, you can test it out with your own cat.  Instead of scaring your cat by sneakily placing a cucumber behind them while they eat, place it in front of them and expect nothing.  They’ll probably sniff it at most.

Why are cats scared of vacuums?

In general, cats are not big fans of anything loud: barking dogs, fireworks, and of course, our good ol’ vacuums.  Unfortunately, once your cat has had a bad experience of being scared of the vacuum noise, they’ll remember it and will continue to be scared for the rest of their lives.


Especially if it’s your first time to have a cat in your household, it can be very difficult, nay, impossible to keep these little curious fur balls contained.  However, if there are some areas in your home that are definitely no cat zones, consider laying down some mildly sticky tapes or even aluminum foil on those areas temporarily to deter cats.

What do cats not like to walk on?

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