What dogs are not good with cats?

What dogs are not good with cats?

Cats and dogs don’t generally get along. They fight a lot, dogs are usually more aggressive towards cats and cats fight back. Cats are very laid back while dogs are usually the hyperactive ones. There are cases wherein cats and dogs would live in harmony, sleeping side by side, and eating together.

However, the harmonious relationship of cats and dogs may also be attributed to the dog’s breed.

Dog breeds

Humans domesticate dogs for different reasons. Some dogs are bred for: hunting purposes, protecting herds/flock, protecting homes, catering to people with special and specific needs, detecting and tracking for police and military purposes and some just want love from doggos. Whatever they are domesticated and bred for, they are all good doggos. However, no matter how you train them, some just dislike cats. According to an article published by a website called Pet Central, here are some of the breeds that are believed to be a mismatch to your cat:

1.   Saluki

These dogs are sleek and graceful, epitome of beauty and grace. Salukis, however, were used as hunters. They have high prey drive, it does not tolerate rodents or cats. Salukis are sighthounds, meaning they hunt if they see their prey. Salukis’ sleek bodies are the reason why they are perfect as hunting dogs, they are agile and can run very fast.They can be trained but it does not guarantee that your cat is safe, they sometimes go by instinct and a slight trigger may turn on their high prey drive.

2.   Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds certainly don’t tolerate cats. They are known to like chasing cats around. They were also bred to hunt, and had a knack for run and chase activities. According to Pet Central, Afghan Hounds are bred to hunt hare, wolves and snow leopards.

3.   Standard Schnauzer

This breed was domesticated to use as guard dogs for houses and farms. They also have a high prey instinct, it is best for them not to live with other small animals including cats.

4.   Akita Inu

Akita’s are lowkey aggressive. They have a high prey drive, they can even hurt the feline friend that they grew up with in a slight trigger of it’s predatory tendencies. It is best to separate your cats and your Akita Inu. Akita Inus are perfect human companions, but the same cannot be said to small animals including your cat.

5.   Alaskan Malamute

This big furball of pure happiness is adorable. They are powerful, independent and have a strong prey drive. They are practically descendants of wolves, they hunt by pack way before. They descended from Arctic wolves, the breed that is known to be used for pulling sleds in the Arctic.

6.   Samoyed

This is a Siberian working dog that has a high prey drive. You will see them walking like a ball of fluff and a ball of nightmare the next. They like to chase small animals including rodents, squirrels and cats.

7.   Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies have very strong predatory instincts because they were trained to hunt. They are very strong and can perceive your cat as a prey.

Dogs, no matter what the breed, can be trained. Dogs who were bred to hunt need professional trainers for them to minimize their high prey drive. If you’re planning to buy or adopt a dog with high predatory tendencies, then make sure to have it trained properly. If you have a lovely feline friend at home already and you’re planning to adopt or shop for a dog, you should introduce the cat to your dog while your dog is still very young. Older dogs have a much harder time adjusting to your cat because they see your cat as a prey unless the dog is trained properly.

Common Questions

What dogs are okay to live with cats?

American Kennel Club identified these dogs as cat-friendly:
– Beagles
– Bulldogs
– Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
– Collie
– Golden Retriever
– Labrador Retriever
– Papillon
– Pug

Can cats and dogs live together?

Dogs can certainly live with cats. However, for dogs with high prey drive the cat must be introduced at a very young age and they should be trained properly. It does not mean that these dogs are aggressive, it is innate for them to go by their instincts.
Dogs and cats certainly can coexist with each other, however, it is important to also introduce them to each other gradually and give them separate spaces where they can lurk and observe what the other is doing. It is also important to keep them separated for the time being.

Can pitbulls tolerate and be friendly with my cat?

It may come off as a surprise but pitbulls are quite good with cats. However, pitbulls are temperamental and strong so owners should also be responsible in introducing felines to pitbulls. When trained and supervised properly, pitbulls can definitely forge a happy and harmonious coexistence with cats.

What dogs are not good with cats?

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