What is holistic cat food?

What is holistic cat food?

Some pet food manufacturers use the word “holistic” to promote their cat food brand, even if their cat food contains many ingredients that aren’t even close to being “holistic.”

In general, holistic cat food is a cat food that uses only whole, natural ingredients and is free of chemical, processed, or artificial ingredients. Holistic cat food aims to support the cat’s optimum health.

Holistic cat food is healthier for cats 

Cats that eat cat food with too many carbohydrates, hormones, and chemicals have a higher risk of obesity, leading to fatal diseases like liver failure and kidney failure as they age.

Cats that eat a protein-rich diet, healthy fats, organic and whole grains, and get regular exercise will be healthier, happier and live longer.

Considering the effects of a proper diet on a cat’s health, many cat parents are becoming more health-conscious for their cats and starting choose holistic cat food. By checking the cat’s food packaging and label, cat parents can make sure that it comes with nutritious and healthy ingredients that are necessary for their fur-babies. 

Holistic cat food is more cost-effective over time

Feeding your cats with cheaper cat food and treats will save you a few bucks now. However, remember that most cheap cat foods are full of carbohydrates, additives, and other questionable chemicals that are not good for your cat’s health.

If your cat begins to suffer from obesity or gets sick and starts to need medication, you could end up spending thousands of dollars for their treatment.

Holistic cat foods only cost a couple dollars more than generic cat foods, but that money could make a huge difference to your cat’s health. Feeding your cat with holistic cat food, along with regular vet checkups, will help ensure that your cat is healthy and happy.

What’s in holistic cat food?

Holistic cat food should be composed of high-quality ingredients like meat, vegetables, fruits, and healthy grains. It should also be free of by-product ingredients, dyes, hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics.

Holistic cat food is made to benefit your cat’s health, so it should be enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other health supplements to support your cat’s overall health. It should be low in carbohydrates, have quality animal proteins, and contain organic fatty acids.

Before cats were domesticated, they lived in the wild, consuming meat that was full of protein. And today, although more cats don’t spend a lot of time hunting, they still need the meat-based proteins in their food to survive.

 Just like humans, our feline friends require a balanced diet; not only proteins but also healthy fats and a small number of carbohydrates are essential for their health. They only need a small fraction of carbohydrates because cats find it hard to digest them.

An average cat food product might contain around 30% to 50% carbohydrates, which is not good for your cat’s digestion and health.  But the best holistic cat food contains 10% or fewer carbohydrates. 

Holistic cat food should contain good quality protein from organic sources. Animal-based protein such as fish, meats, and poultry are well-tolerated and are beneficial for your cat’s well-being.

Fatty acids should also be present in holistic cat food. This is essential for your cat’s healthy skin, shiny coat, and healthy joints. The most popular source of fatty acids is fish like krill, sardines, and salmon.

Cats can’t create holistic cat food on their own, so it’s our responsibility to provide the food that’s best for their health.  

How to introduce your cat to a new cat food

Cats can be picky when it comes to what they eat. If you decide to switch from regular cat food to holistic cat food, you might find introducing a new cat food to your cat a little tricky. However, there are ways to make your cats used to their new cat food’s scent and taste. 

You can start the transition by mixing 75% of their regular cat food with 25% of their new food. Do this for a few days and then mix 50% of their regular food with 50% of their new food for a few more days.

Continue increasing the amount of their new food in the mixture every day, and when they get used to the smell and scent of the new food, you can now start giving them the new food only.

More cat food questions

Do indoor cats need indoor cat food?

Generally, outdoor and indoor cats can eat the same food, but indoor cats are less active than outdoor cats and might gain more weight with the regular cat food. That’s why many cat parents choose to feed their feline friends indoor cat food, which is particularly designed for indoor cats.

You don’t have to feed your indoor cat food that is labeled as “indoor cat food,” just make sure not to overfeed your feline friend.

Why shouldn’t cat food contain animal by-products?

Animal by-products are animal parts that a cat wouldn’t even sniff in the wild. You don’t want your cat to be eating food full of hormones, antibiotics, and meats from unhealthily raised animals. That’s why you should avoid cat foods with this content.

Can you make homemade cat food?

Yes, you can make homemade cat food. In fact, making homemade cat food isn’t that complicated, as long as you keep in mind what’s healthiest for your cat.

Final thoughts

Since using the word holistic in cat food brands is rampant, cat parents should first check the ingredients of any cat food brand they’re planning to purchase. As a fur-parent, you want the best food for your cat, and that would be holistic cat food. The key here is to be wise in picking the right cat food for your feline friend. Real holistic cat food is more than a trend or a label on the packaging.

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