What is the best cat litter box on the market?

What is the best cat litter box on the market

You probably do not enjoy scooping cat poop – no one does, but at least your cat keeps his poop contained in a tidy litter box. Even though felines have a natural instinct that they need to cover their scent, chances are they can be picky about what cat litter boxes they like and don’t like. The truth is there are many types of cat litter boxes available on the market and we will list the most important features you should look for below.

Important features to consider when buying a cat litter box

To find the best litter box on the market that fits your need, you have to look at this: what is the right size for your cat, should it be open or enclosed, should it be self-cleaning and what design would fit your home the best.

Choose the right size for your cat

If you get a cat litter box that is either too small or too big, your cat might lose interest and he may still end up doing the stuff somewhere around the house. So, before you buy a litter box, consider the size first and make sure it is a perfect size.

If your feline is overweight, you will also want to make sure that the door opening of the box is big enough for him to comfortably enter. Lastly, if you have more than one cat in the house, you may need to use a larger litter box so all of them can use the box in peace.

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Open or enclosed top?

When buying a litter box for your cat you should also consider whether you’d go for an enclosed or open-top one. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Enclosed boxes can offer your cat friend more privacy and are often good at keeping foul poop odors at bay. Aside from that, enclosed litter boxes are more aesthetically pleasing since it keeps the poop out of sight.

Open top litter box, on the other hand, is great for cats who are anxious to climb into covered or enclosed litter boxes. The benefit of using open-top litter boxes is that it’s much easier to clean and maintain, and you will be able to easily tell when they need cleaning without taking the cover off, as you would if you have an enclosed litter box.

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If you are tired of cleaning the litter box of your cat or you are not capable of cleaning it regularly for a reason, then a self-cleaning box is the best for you and your cat. Most different boxes use different self-cleaning methods, but usually, the result will be the same.

Design and colors

Believe it or not, colors and design may be the most important feature you should carefully decide when you purchase a cat litter box. A good box design won’t only make your cat feel comfortable but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that the box will complement the interior of your house. Also, if it helps, you can even pay more for a cat litter box that also doubles as furniture. The last thing you want is for your cat’s litter box to become an eyesore.


Common questions about the best litter box for your cat

What litter box should I get my cat?

The first thing you need to consider when buying a box is the size. Usually, a large box is a better option, even though smaller cats and kittens do just wine with small or medium-sized litter boxes. The classic, rectangular cat litter box is the most commonly bought litter box.

But if you have a senior cat, you might want to buy a box with lower sides so that they can easily access the box.

Where should I place my cat’s litter box?

Most cats are not too picky about their boxes’ location, though they always like to have privacy while doing their business. You can place your cat’s litter box in a place with low foot traffic and he’s comfortable visiting. These places include a basement or laundry room. But if you are in an apartment or condo, your feline friend will surely do just fine.

Why would I do if my cat refuses to use his litter box?

This question is actually not simple to follow and we recommend that you talk to a veterinarian about it. If your cat is not making it to a litter box, there would be a possible underlying medical problem, or he may be unhappy with his litter box. Try cleaning the box more often, use different litter types, or change the location of his litter box. If none of these helps, you should contact your vet for a reliable solution.


Aside from these things, finding the best cat litter box for your furry pal means studying product features, reading reviews, and diving into the ease of cleaning features and available styles on the market. With the right cat litter box, this odious chore can become an easy and quick task for cat owners.

What is the best cat litter box on the market

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