What is the best DNA test for cats?

What is the best dna test for cats

Deciding on which DNA test is the best for cats is not an easy thing. Different feline DNA testing companies have different strengths and weaknesses.

Cat DNA testing companies offer various testing options, including the cat’s health, lineage, coat colors, and other genetic traits. There are many DNA testing companies, but we have a list of five best feline DNA tests, based on cat owners’ and breeders’ reviews on the affordability and quality of the test.

The Best Cat DNA Test Company

Animals A2Z recommendsdna-test-basepawsBasePaws Pets DNA test
  • Thousands of cats tested monthly
  • Free shipping within the continental U.S.
  • Years of feline genetics research

We recommend getting a DNA test kit from BasePaws. Their genetic tests can help you figure out if your cat has any health risk or if you have a mixed breed cat and even better if your domestic cat really is more than that.

Below you can read a little about all of our top 5 best places to get its feline genetics checked out.

The five best DNA tests for cats

All cat DNA tests from various companies are drastically different, following particular aims, options, and advantages. However, if you’re looking for some of the best tests available, the following can provide you with sufficient details about your domestic feline friend. You just need to find the best one for them. 


MyCatDNA provides details about health and genetic ancestry, all through a quick cheek swab test. Their tests can detect more than 40 hereditary diseases and over 20 physical and personality traits.

Moreover, their DNA tests can provide a detailed insight on specific lineage within breeds, including overall breed population and related breed groups.

Tests from MyCatDNA are $100 per cat. The purchase also comes with one year of access to their breeder matchmaking system, making it perfect for cat breeders. 

Orivet HomeDNA

DNA tests from Orivet are ideal for breeders and veterinarians, rather than the average pet owner. This is because their tests cover mostly technical information that professionals need to know about a feline to ensure their health long-term.

They offer specific tests covering cat breeds, genetic traits, common diseases for particular cat breeds, and a full breed profile. DNA tests from Orivet are $100 per cat. 

Optimal Selection DNA 

DNA tests from Wisdom Health can reveal important data about a feline’s health, ranging from the different genetic risks to their physical and personality traits. The test can detect more than 40 genetic diseases and over twenty traits, including their coat type and blood type, all from a single sample.

All you need to do for this is get a quick swab of your cat’s cheeks. One thing to note is that this DNA test works best with purebred cats and can’t help guarantee the breed. It mostly focuses on providing an immense health breakdown of the feline and only a glimpse of their ancestry. This DNA test from Wisdom Health costs around $100 per cat.

Basepaws: The 23andMe of Cat DNA Testing

This DNA test is from one of the largest companies focusing on studying cat genetics, Basepaws. It covers everything you need to know about your cat, including their health, specific breed, traits, and wild cat index. The wild cat index tells you which wild cats your feline is most similar to.

Basepaws does a special health screening, helping you determine if your furry companion has a genetic mutation responsible for common cat conditions diseases, including polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

The test results also provide an in-depth breed report, which is better than most companies’ offerings. You can get all these essential details from a single cheek swab test and for $100 only. 


One of the most affordable yet efficient DNA testing kits is from CatDNATest.org. It gives you a general overview of your cat’s genetic characteristics and health issues.

Their basic DNA test is relatively cheap and will only cost you $45. It will provide information about your cat’s physical traits (e.g., coat color and fur length), lineage, health, and sex determinant genetic markers.

Their tests require cheek swabs and blood samples. You can also add an extra $5 to cover your cat’s blood type, albinism, the risk for certain health conditions, and more. 

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Common questions about cat DNA tests

How do feline DNA tests affect your cat’s health?

Analyzing the DNA of your feline companion can help you ensure your cat has optimal health and wellness. Cat DNA tests can give you an overview of whether your cat is prone to a genetic disease or not.

Being prone to a disease doesn’t mean that your cat is actually sick now. It just gives you a hint on what to look for and avoid. So, in essence, a full genetic test will always be in your cat’s best interest.

How do cat DNA tests benefit breeders?

Nowadays, genetics and at-home cat DNA testing have enabled breeders to make better-informed decisions to prevent the inevitable adverse outcomes of in-breeding. DNA testing gives them an opportunity to maintain the cat breed’s quality.

Additionally, these advancements are now available to the public, allowing average pet owners to understand their furry cat’s origins and health.

What started feline DNA testing?

Compared to identifying dog breeds through DNA tests, there’s significantly less interest in determining your cat’s lineage. But since there are some diseases that felines can pass on to their owners, such as asthma or eye diseases, the drive for research on cat DNA to detect wellness and genetic conditions has risen.

Can DNA tests detect the cat’s temperament?

Though you can determine physical traits and genetic diseases through cat genetic testing, understanding temperament is rarer regarding cats. The DNA test can’t tell your cat’s behavior and temperament, but you can learn more about it based on their ancestry results. By knowing which breeds your cat is related to, you now have a clue about the behaviors your cat may show.

The bottom line

Whether you simply want to know your cat’s lineage or prepare for potential genetic conditions they may develop over time, you’re probably looking for the most detailed DNA cat test there is. Any of the tests mentioned can provide you with most of the information you need, but choosing which DNA test to go for will depend on your specific needs. 

For instance, if you’re looking to get a DNA test for a purebred cat, Optimal Selection DNA is ideal, or if you’re looking for basic yet specific information about your cat, the test from CatDNATest is the best choice. 

Getting a DNA test for your cat can help you address any potential genetic conditions your cat may develop as they age. Plus, it will give you a confirmation of your feline’s background and help you discover a new appreciation for your furry companion’s heritage.

What is the best dna test for cats

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