What is the friendliest cat breed?

What is the friendliest cat breed

Cats have been human companions for hundreds of years. In our time together throughout history, we’ve grown from a strictly working relationship where cats catch mice and other pests so we take care of them, to purely welcoming them into our homes as our furry children.  Through the generations, cats have evolved to become friendlier and friendlier towards humans.

Today, let’s have a closer look at three of the friendliest cat breeds (out of many others).  These cats are perfect for first time cat owners.

The puppy cat

If you’ve always been a “dog person”, but you’ve finally opened up your home to a cat, the Ragdoll could be the perfect feline for you.  These fluffy giant hairballs are some of the calmest and most loving cats around.  In fact, they’re called Ragdolls because they’ll actually go limp when you pick them up – just like a ragdoll!

They’re the fluffy big-boned cousins to pointed Siamese cats – which is why they have dark points on their face, legs, tails and ears as well.  Just like their Siamese cousins, ragdolls have big blue eyes.  Don’t worry about their fluffy coat though!  They’re some of the easiest long haired cats to care for.

The reason why they’re nicknamed as “puppy cats” is that they will follow you around from room to room, and greet you at the door when you come home – just like little puppies would.  These cats can’t get enough of their owners.  They’re affectionate towards humans, great with kids.  They love lounging on the couch and being carried around – just remember that these cats can get quite big and heavy.

The cat who lives in the moment

Abyssinians can look pretty wild with their exotic looks – and they are.  They enjoy playing around and living in the moment.  If you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing with your pets a lot, this cat will give you a run for your money.

They always want to be around their humans, so if you’re going to get an Aby, expect them to be somewhere within close reach 24/7.  They’ll be with you while you’re watching TV, cooking dinner, or working from home.  In this cat’s eyes, you are their best friend for life.

These sleek copper cats are smart, energetic and highly affectionate – it’s no wonder these cats are so popular!  They’re also one of the oldest cat breeds to have lived with humans.

The ultimate lap cat

If you ever think of the term “spoiled cat” a Persian Cat is what you’re thinking about.  After all, they are the favorites of Royals such as Queen Victoria.

These cats know they’re beautiful, and they love to flaunt it.  You’ll often see these cats lounging about on the couch gracefully.  These cats are so graceful, they don’t even like jumping around so much.   They also have the longest fur of all the cat breeds.  It will be near impossible to resist petting them.  Don’t resist.  They love being pet.

While these cats do require a bit of pampering, especially with their very long coats, they are some of the most loving cats in the world.  They can live peacefully with other pets and with kids.


Common questions about friendly cats

Is there such a thing as hypoallergenic cats?

You may have heard some people promote “hypoallergenic cats”, well, unfortunately, that’s not entirely true.  We have not yet found a cat that is truly hypoallergenic.  That being said, there may be a cat out there who will trigger your allergies less.

The best breeds to look at if you’re allergic to cats are Balinese, Russian Blues, Bengals and Devon Rexes. 

How to choose the right cat for you?

Here are things to consider when looking to bring a cat into your home:

  1. Evaluate your lifestyle and where your cat fits in. Would you rather have a calm cat, or a more energetic cat?  How many people live in your home?  Do you have children?  How much time can you commit to a cat?  From here, you can get an idea what breed would suit you.  If you want a chill cat, it’s also a good idea to consider having a senior cat as they are generally calmer and better with children.
  2. Get to know each other.  Just like humans, cats have their own personalities.  Take the time to really get to know your potential cat.  Figure out how they like to get pet, what their favorite game is and what their favorite treat is.
  3. Ask questions.  Ask the breeder or shelter staff about the cat you’re interested in.  If you are not yet sure which one to get, tell them what you have in mind.  They’ve been with the cats in the care for a while so they can give you a lot of information.

Can cats and dogs be friends?

Absolutely.  There are so many cases where cats and dogs can become best friends for life.  They secret key is actually how they are introduced to each other.  When done properly, they won’t see each other as a threat to their territories and will at the very least tolerate each other’s company, and at best, see each other as family.


Three of the friendliest breeds out there is the Ragdoll, Abyssinians, and the ever so popular Persians.  All three have different ways of showing how much they care, but one thing they all have in common is their love for human companionships.  These three aren’t the only friendly breeds out there, but they’re a great start!

What is the friendliest cat breed

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