Which is better for cats chicken or turkey?

Which is better for cats chicken or turkey

When shopping for cat food, cat parents come across various options when it comes to poultry and meat and feeding cats’ real food is better than giving them chicken by-products in a can which is the case for most cat food.

The best options of meat to feed cats include Beef, Duck, Chicken, and Turkey. But out of the types of meat, which do cats prefer? Chicken or turkey? In this article, we’ll discuss the difference chicken and turkey may make in a cat’s health.

Is chicken better than turkey

When you compare chicken and turkey to figure out what is better for your cat, two things you look at is cholesterol and protein. Turkey has more cholesterol and less protein than chicken. So if you have to choose chicken is better. We would choose to feed the cat both.

Different type of meats to feed cats

Cats are true carnivores; their diet relies on nutrients from meat. Years of evolution have shaped the cat into a carnivore and the ultimate predator that can’t survive without consuming meat. But what type of meats can owners feed their house cats that came from such majestic ancestry? Owners can feed their kitties cooked meat such as beef, chicken, turkey and deli meats! Never feed cats’ raw meat, this can make them sick.

Chicken Vs. Turkey

As carnivores’ cats of all breeds and sizes thrive on meat to live. It’s ideal to give cats a different variety of meat so that their appetites will continuously grow and not get tired of eating the same thing every day. The most common types of meat owners give their cats are chicken and turkey. Which is roughly in the same family, so owners may wonder, what’s the difference?

Turkey compared to chicken that’s loved by many, turkey meat is lower in protein and higher in cholesterol. But this doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy for cats, turkey meat can provide these nutrients: Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and clean protein to your cats. Turkey is also low in carbs and calories. Overall, turkey meat can be a great addition to a cat’s diet though. Owners can feed their cat’s turkey-based cat treats or with unseasoned cooked lean deli cuts, they can also feed their cats with cooked turkey.

Cats can consume chicken, but it needs to be cooked properly, cats are carnivores and animal protein is vital to ensure their overall health. Their diet should be predominantly made up of animal products. Chickenis loved by many, especially cats! Manufacturers use chicken-based products as their primary ingredients in their commercial cat food. Boiled chicken is a great option for healthy treats that owners can spoil their furry friends with. Boiled chicken can soothe a cat’s Gastrointestinal system if a cat has diarrhea give them a small bowl of boiled chicken with rice in replacement of their usual cat food. Continue this diet until their diarrhea subsides.

Turkey and Chicken are considered the best types of meat for cats, not only with their nutritional value, minerals, and vitamins that are easy for cats to digest but cats can prey these birds on the wild as well.

Which meat is better? It’s debatable as both birds are high in taurine, essential in a cat’s diet. The way the bird was raised also plays a vital role in their meat quality, free-range chickens have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients beneficial for cats.

Common questions about the type of meats cats consume

Is Chicken and Turkey heart good for cats?

Chicken and turkey hearts are very high in taurine which is essential in a cat’s diet and overall health, other organs can also be used such as lungs and the liver. Thoroughly cook these organs to avoid getting cats sick and add them to a cat’s food or give it to them as treats. Other cuts of meats can be used as an alternative for turkey and chicken heart, chicken necks, ground turkey necks, pheasants, ostrich, beef, etc. can be added to a cat’s diet.

How to prepare organ meat for cats?

Organ meats are a surprisingly great source of protein and taurine for cats, there are several types of meat organs that owners can feed their cats, from chicken to turkey organs, owners may wonder how does one prepare organ meats for their cats? Organs comprise 1/4 to 1/6 of an animal’s body, owners should try to use a similar proportion. Add these organs in each of the cat’s meals, or owners can feed their cats turkey or chicken liver once or twice a week, thoroughly cooked.

What’s the best type of meat to feed cats?

The best types of meats that owners should add in their cat’s diets are beef, chicken, and turkey. These help cats retain a strong heart and other health benefits that can ensure a cat’s long-term life. Deli meats can also be given to cats, but only if cooked and in moderation.


It’s no secret that cats are carnivores, owners may have a hard time choosing the meat that’s perfect for their feline friends. Chicken and turkey are the most common flavors that commercial cat food use and that’s enough of a reason owners should feed their cats organic chicken and turkey, just like people, a cat’s tastes vary and it depends on the cat if they’d turkey or chicken, just know that both types of meat serve beneficial to cats and help cats maintain their health.

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