Why are black cats weird?

Why are black cats weird

Most people believe that among all the domestic cat breeds, the black cat is the most unusual and mysterious, and maybe a little weird. They’re usually associated with witchcraft, Halloween, and as a symbol of fortune or misfortune.

Why humans think black cats are weird

We human beings fear the unknown, and because the black cat is black, they are immediately associated with bad omens, hexes, or evil, but none of this is actually true. Because of the color, we believe that black cats are very different and weirder than other cats.

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Weird black cats – Early Black Cat History

Way back in the Middle Ages everyone, and I mean everyone, used to love and worship cats. They were considered demigods and were thought to have had magical powers. The early civilized cultures domesticated cats and worshiped them, sailors brought them on board ships as a good luck charm, as well to predict the weather. Mythologies were built around cats, and the black cat specifically was the origin of the spotted fairy cat in Celtic lore, the Cat Sith.

Suddenly things took a 360 turn when these cats were associated with satanic rituals or witchcraft. People thought them to be cohorts of evil and were also thought to be witches in another form. This rumor resulted in a widespread panic that caused a horrific mass execution of black cats and sometimes their owners.

Black cats are different because of their genetic makeup that makes them generate a lot of melanin. This is what makes their black coat the color it is. Some migth find the eye color weird too. The same pigment is what makes it this amber shade.

Black cat’s used to be good luck charms

A pope once declared that they were the devil’s favorite animal and that they were the idols of witches. The fact that the church themselves had taken this stance on black cats only solidified their fate as a symbol of the occult and darkness. The previous belief that they were good luck charms was washed away and replaced with them being a symbol for the damned. During the time of the Pilgrims, things took a turn for the worse for the dark felines. Anyone caught taking in a black cat was either severely punished or executed, and even the pirates were afraid of what black cats signified.

Are black cat’s weird?

The fear and uneasiness of black cats still continue up to this day. To some, they represent all things weird or eerie. Animal shelters won’t even place them up for adoption during October and November in the fear of them being used in rituals as sacrifices. 

There is nothing weird about black cat’s. They are in many ways just like other cat’s.

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Negative and Positive Cultural Beliefs

The good news is that the negative superstitions surrounding black cats were only limited to old western society and were not present in most countries. For example, In Japan, people still believed that they were a positive omen and that women who were seen with black cats or saw black cats were blessed with fertility and suitors. In Norse cultures and France, they were still said to bring treasure, good harvest and good fortune to their homes.

Present Day

In the more recent years, black cats have been getting good PR after Sabrina the Teenage Witch screened on TV. Sabrina, the show’s protagonist, was a lovable teenage witch with a witty black cat named Salem, and the fans swooned. It doesn’t end there, the movie Black Panther hit the cinema in 2018 and Marvel featured a superhero named Black Cat. Things seem to be looking up, and people are slowly realizing that all the superstitions that revolve around the black cat are just myths not based on tangible evidence.

Unfortunately, black cats still have the lowest adoption rates and highest euthanasia rates in the United States. Survey says adopters opt not to get a black cat since they’re perceived as less friendly in comparison to their lighter coated cats. Don’t let the statistics fool you, black cats are actually one of the most friendly types of felines. We advise you to put the fables behind, as black cats also deserve some love.

Common questions about the weird black cats

Why are black cats unpopular in shelters?

In addition to superstitious reasons, some black cats were being shunned by potential owners because they did not “show well” in photographs and did not look good in selfies. There have been reports stating that they are difficult to photograph because of the color of their coats. They sometimes appear as black blobs in low light and uneven colored in well lit places because of the sheen on their coats.

Are black cats more aggressive?

Any cat, regardless of their color, can show signs of aggression depending on how they are treated and their past history. A recent study done by the University of California found that black cats are actually calmer and more approachable compared to cats of other colors.

This only proves that their fur color does not affect the amount of love they have to give.

What does a black cat symbolize?

The symbolism of the black cat varies depending on what culture you’re in. They are perceived as both evil and wonderful, both good and bad, both good harvest and drought, all depending on what kind of society you find yourself in. However, there is no evidence to support any of these beliefs and a black cat is sometimes just what it is, a black cat.

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Throughout history black cats have always been associated with a variety of things because of the dark pigmentation on their fur. This has resulted in a lot of misconceptions, from them being weird, scary or even unlovable. Although none of these are true, these myths still exist but are only a result of our unfortunate interpretation of their color.

Why are black cats weird

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