Why are Maine Coon cats so expensive?

Let me guess, you are wondering why Maine Coon cats are so expensive and can cost thousands of dollars? Seeing the price for such a breed might make you cry from the get-go.

The thing is, they are worth every penny! There is a reason they have become a favorite of cat lovers anywhere. 

But the question is, why are Maine Coons so expensive? 

Known to be the biggest domestic cat breed, it’s easy to see that their size matches their price. However, looking at it from a different perspective, you might realize that they’re not actually all that expensive. 

The reasons behind Maine Coon cats’ hefty price tag

Maine Coon cats are not high maintenance and require just about the same care we give our other pets. However, that does not necessarily mean they are raised with no costs at all.

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Maine Coon kittens should have annual check-ups and vaccinations at the vet, which breeders need to verify before selling. The vet doesn’t do it for free, right? That alone answers part of the reason why Maine Coons are so expensive. Breeders actually have to spend a lot of money before they make any.  

Keep in mind that Maine Coon cats are not your typical cats who can be found in local pet shops. To be 100 percent sure you’re getting a purebred Maine Coon kitten, you can check the list of registered breeders at the CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association) or at your local Maine Coon Clubs.

A few things to remember about Maine Coon cats and why they cost so much

  • Professional breeders raise ideal Maine Coon kittens. A respected breeder makes sure that the kitten meets all the requirements of an ideal Coon cat. This includes long and shaggy fur, strong teeth, ear tufts, and a strong body. 
  • Professional breeders take care of Maine Coon kittens’ health. Maine Coon cats are known for developing problems such as obesity, hip dysplasia, and heart disease. In order for the breeder to make sure the cats are healthy, they will have them fully checked out by a professional vet. They should have a document as a proof that the kitten is in good health. 
  • Cost for perfect stud males. Purebred Maine Coon cats are totally different and may require work for the breeder, compared to a mixed breed. Male Coons mark their territory if not neutered. This means all the walls and furniture of that breeder get marked. On the other hand, some breeders only have a female Coons and pay a lot of money for a perfect stud male from another official breeder.
  • Good breeders make sure that you get the best cat for your money. Professional breeders follow a checklist of questions to make sure that you get the best cat for your money:
    -Are kittens vaccinated? 
    -Do the kittens have the typical features of a purebred Maine Coon cat? 
    -Are there documents to prove that the cat is in good health? 
    -Does the breeder have an official family tree? 

If the breeder can answer all the questions, then yes! You just met an official breeder who has made sure that the kitten is happy and healthy.

Common questions about why Maine Coon cats are so expensive

What is the average price of a Maine Coon? 

You can usually get a Maine Coon for between $1000 and $1500, all the way up to $4000, depending on a few things:

  • Health. If the cat is healthy and has healthy, shiny hair, it could cost up to $1400.
  • Age. If the kitten is very young, you may be able to get one for as cheap as $400 to $800. 
  • Show pet. If you buy your Maine Coon as a show cat, you will also have to buy its breeding rights, which can cost an additional $2000 alone.

Are Maine Coon cats good pets? 

Yes, Maine Coons are good pets. They are an ideal pet for first-time cat owners, as they are friendly and not aggressive. Maine Coon cats are called “gentle giants” because they are naturally soft and tender. Often lovingly referred to as “dogs of the cat world”, they often behave like dogs and are great with kids. 

Are Maine Coons high maintenance? 

Though larger than the average cats, Maine Coon cats are by no means hard work. They are usually pretty healthy and they don’t demand a lot of attention. Their multi-layered shaggy fur might need some grooming from time to time, but it is easy enough to learn how to take care of it.

Although a Maine Coon may seem a bit expensive compared to the average domestic cat, it’s worth the price tag. Respected breeders take excellent care of our beloved Maine Coons, which contributes to the high price. Buying a Maine Coon won’t be a waste of your money, as they are a great addition to any family.

Why are Maine coon cats so expensive?