Why do cats like being scratched under the chin?

Why do cats like being scratched under the chin

Cats love being scratched under their chin, but it makes you wonder why? What is with this specific spot that makes it so satisfying to be touched or scratched? There are many reasons as to why, including the fact that their chin area is hard to reach when they groom themselves and they can’t reach it themselves.

The reason cats like to be scratched under the chin is that it is one of the few places on the cat’s body, that they can’t reach that well. Therefore the chin is difficult to clean. Cats like to be clean, and when you scratch them under the chin, you’re helping them clean a difficult place to reach.

Cats love being touched by their owner, but in their own terms. You may notice that they may run hot and cold depending on their mood. One of their most favorite places to be scratched is under their chin, and I have enumerated the reasons for that below:

Satisfying spot

It is just a really satisfying spot for your furry friend. Know that this specific spot is hard for them to reach on their own. Cats are flexible but they surely can’t defy the laws of physics, the only places they could reach is their face and their head. Being touched around this area may also remind them of their kitten days, when their mom used to groom those areas with her tongue making them happy and relaxed. Most cat massages usually include the scratching of the ears and the chin according to professionals.

Cat acne

Your kitty’s chin contains sebaceous glands that can become overactive. When this happens it causes breakouts similar to the acne on our faces. Cat acne looks like dry skin bumps on your kitty’s chin, and this can become itchy and irritating. Your cat may come to you looking for a way to alleviate the itchy feeling. Look out for greasy broken skin on your kitty’s chin, they may look like black heads or read bumps. To treat cat acne, avoid scratching the area and bring your furry friend to the vet

Creating a bond

Not only do they feel good when you touch their chin, it is also a way for both of you to bond and spend time. While most kitties enjoy being touched and rubbed notice for signs of irritation or annoyance from your feline friend like tail wagging, hissing, or growling.

Scent Glands

You may have noticed that your kitty rubs their chin in almost every surface. That’s because this specific area of your furry friend’s body contains scent glands. These glands release a pheromone; a natural scent your kitty’s body produces to mark their territory and other pets. While you might not notice this scent, your cat uses this as a way to identify members of their family, and this includes you. This scent gets on your hand and your cat smells this, they immediately know it’s you who’s spending time with them.


Why do cats like being scratched at the base of their tail?

The tail area comprises of a lot of sensitive nerves. The feeling of being touched in that area might feel like they’re being lightly tickled, which may make it enjoyable for them or even slightly painful. This said, petting the cat’s tail area is a very personal interaction. They don’t let just anyone pet them there and if they do that means they trust you a lot. When in doubt if you should continue petting your kitty in that area, all you need to do is to take note of how they’re reacting to your touch. When they’re uncomfortable they will pull away, and it’s important not to force your love on to them. Humans and cats communicate in different ways, you forcibly pulling them closer may let them think you’re being aggressive.

Why do cats not like their belly rubbed?

Professionals say that cats don’t like their bellies touched because the hair follicles located in this area is hypersensitive, same goes for their tail. These locations will aggregate your furry friend due to the fact that it is overstimulating. Another theory states that when a kitten is in a position where their belly is exposed, it could mean that they feel vulnerable. Cats are proud creatures and laying on their backs belly up could mean they’re showing submission, but in actuality it is a defensive position. In the wild they assume this position when they’re guarding themselves from predators.  

Do cats like to be petted or scratched?

If you do it correctly and on their own terms, yes. They are sweet animals and they love spending time with their human, but they are also independent, moody, and oversensitive. It’s highly advised you don’t pet or carry a cat that doesn’t trust you, unless they’re friendly it could end up really bad. Once you have the cat’s trust try gently stroking the most common areas that they enjoy and see which spot they like the most.


Cats enjoy being scratched under the chin because it’s a spot they don’t usually groom because they can’t reach it. Other than that the area under the chin is also oversensitive and should be touched with care.

Why do cats like being pet under the chin? Now you know 🙂

Why do cats like being scratched under the chin

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