Why do Maine coons not meow?

Why do Maine coons not meow?

Cats have been a part of people’s lives for ages No wonder they are among the most common house pets, along with dogs. They are a common sight on the street, in the neighborhood, and even it forests. You probably think you know the basics about cats, but did you know not all cats meow?

Maine Coons are a popular cat breed because of their amazing size, features and attitude. They originated in the state of Maine, hence the name. These cats are special not just in terms of size, but also in how they communicate. Many people think they don’t meow, when in fact, they do. It just sounds different than your typical cat meow. Their meowing sound is unique, so you would probably mistake it for a purr. However, if you notice them not making as much sound as usual, it’s best to observe for possible reasons why they’re being quiet.

Why do Maine Coons meow?

If a cat meows, it simply means they are trying to communicate with you. They are talking or asking for something, perhaps demanding something. 

In addition, this could also mean that they want to cuddle or they want to go play outside. It could also be a sign that your cat is about to catch a mouse or other prey. 

  • Your Maine coon is bored. Just like dogs and other pets, Maine Coon cats love playing and cuddling. Having a cat does not only mean that you have to feed them, you also need to pay attention to them and show affection. These cats are often different from other breeds in that they love to socialize a with their owners. They really want to watch you and be with you, more or less all the time. 
  • Your Maine Coon loves playing outside. Maine Coons are extremely playful and are so smart that they get bored quickly. Depending on your Maine Coon’s attitude, most of these cats just crave being outdoors and investigating the world. This doesn’t mean that you should let your cat run the streets, simply having a balcony at home where your cat can play is enough.
  • Maine Coons’ unique character. A Maine Coon sounds naturally sweet. They don’t meow all the time. Sometimes they produce a sound that sounds more like chirping. Some Maine Coons are also chatterboxes and talk non-stop. These cats are pretty fun to talk to.
  • Your Maine Coon wants a treat. If your Maine Coon is chirping constantly, it could be that she’s just asking for a treat and will calm down as soon as you hand one over. Even though some might be a bit demanding about treats, most Maine Coons are not greedy at all.
  • It wants to stop what you are doing. Maine Coons are known for admiring you while working, and may even look like they want to help you with your work. They might meow just to convince you that you have to center on him/her instead of doing something else. You will see that when you begin to ruffle your Maine Coon’s fur, it will immediately purr as powerful as a sound of a mower as soon as you touch it. 
  • It’s time for your Maine coon to sleep. As humans, we have this kind of attitude where we say good night before going to bed to sleep. Meowing may also be their own adorable way of saying goodnight. This might also be a sad howling if you are in bed and your Maine coon feels you’re asleep. 
  • Your Maine coon is in pain. Like all other animals and even humans, pain is a common reason why your Maine coon makes more sound than usual. If it’s a meow of pain, it will most likely be long and has sharper sound to it. If you really think this is the reason, it is best to check your Maine coon’s body to check lesions or wounds. If it continues to do the sound, see a vet to check even further. Never ignore your cat’s call for help.
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Common questions about why Maine coons do not meow

Are Maine coons aggressive?

No, they are not aggressive at all. They are even referred to as gentle giants because of their naturally warm and jolly personality.

What does a Maine coon’s meow sound like?

It sounds more like chirping or chattering. 

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Why do Maine coons meow so much?

Meowing is how your cat communicates. More often than not and still depending on the breed, if your cat does not meow as much as it used to, it might be a sign of worry.

Maine coons meow differently, which gives people a misconception that they do not meow at all. They sound more like chirping, thanks to their naturally jovial personality. They are also playful and cheerful. However, you should not take it for granted if you notice your Maine coon not making any sound at all. It may indicate an underlying problem.

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