Why does my cat growl at me?

Growling is a cat’s language. If it growls at you, it may mean something. This is your cat’s way of communicating with you. Besides growling, your cat uses a lot of body language to express its experience and to say something to you. As an owner of a cat, you must learn this cat’s language for you to quickly interpret what your cat is saying.

Why does a cat growl

By growling the cat is saying that it is mad or feels unsafe. It’s best to just leave the cat alone until it calms down. Aimed at you it could also mean that your cat wants you to follow it. Most likely out to its food bowl.

Different situations when your cat might growl

Why does my cat growl when playing

It is not unusual that a cat growls when it wrestles with its prey. Playing is practicing hunting and the growling is in many ways just following its predatory instinct. Hissing and growling when playing is normal.

If your cat is playing with another cat, and you hear a higher pitched scream, one of the cats might be in pain. In this case it is more than normal play.

Why is my cat growling at nothing

A lot of things can trigger growling from your cat. It can seem like your cat is growling for no reason at all. In this case, it is most likely the cat telling you to back off right away. When this happens it is a warning, and the cat won’t attack unless you don’t listen.

Cat growling when touched

When cats are touched and start to growl, it is in most cases a sign of fear and thereby defense. Look for other signs that the growling is because of fear. Other signs can be exhibit dilated pupils, ears bending back, or a twitching tail.

Different cat languages

Chattering, chittering, or twittering

If your cat loves to sit in the window, you usually hear this sound. Your cat imitates every sound it hears as it watches birds through the window. But this could also mean a plan your cat is in – it is planning to kill the bird.

Chirps and thrills

Searching for an excellent way to start a conversation, chirps, and thrills are used by your cat to talk and interact with other cats. Mother cats also use this to let their kittens follow them. For instance that your cat chirps and thrills at you, it means that your cat wants you to support it. This could be very important.

Growling, hissing, or spitting

When your cat is growling you probably want to leave your cat alone. This sound is an indication of an angry cat. Your cat also makes this sound because of annoyance, fright, or aggressiveness.


This sound is the cry of the cats. They use it for telling and conveying different messages. If your cat is in a happy mood, it greets you with a meow. If it asks for another food, it meows for more. If it does not want to be touched, it meows to indicate objection. If it wants to show you something, your cat will meow at you. Meow is used by cats for almost everything.


Have you ever seen a cat so happy that it purrs? If yes, you are probably aware now that cat purrs are used when they are happy. It signifies contentment and joyfulness. When your cat is sick or in pain, it purrs to comfort itself.

Yowl or howl

This is contrary to purring for this sound is used when your cat is in danger or pain. Yowl or howl sounds like a baby is crying, so when your cat does it, it is crying maybe because it is stuck somewhere else that it needs urgent help. Moreover, this could mean something else. Your cat yowls or howls during breeding or mating, so respect their privacy. Lastly, if your cat is senile, and it is suffering from a cognitive disorder.

Besides these sounds, your cat also uses body language to convey a message and interact with you and the other animals. The actions of its ears can mean something. If it moves forward, it means that it is alert, interested, or happy. If it constricts the pupils of its eyes, it is ready for an offense. If it wags its tail straight up, it means that it is happy. If its back is arched and fur flat, it means hug time. These are just examples of body language your cat uses.

Therefore, if your cat does something aimed at you, it has something to tell you. Do not ignore it and instead answer it with the right response. Communication develops your relationship with your cat for it to become stronger.

Some cat breeds are more aggressive and have more of a tendency to growling. Read more about the most aggressive cat breeds.

Common questions about cat’s growling and their language and body language

How do I get my cat to stop growling at me?

When your cat is growling at you, it may mean that it is angry at you. If this happens, give your cat a space to relax. Space is vital during this time. You can also give it a toy to redirect its anger from you towards the toy. This toy helps your cat play and forget its anger. However, your cat also growls sometimes because it is in pain, or it might be afraid of something scary. As the owner, you must be very sensitive and attentive to even a little change in your cat’s behavior. If growling at you continues, seek professional help from the nearest veterinarian.

Why does my cat growl at me when I pick her up?

Playing with your cat if you have one is one of the most satisfying things to do. You enjoy each other, and it is incredible. Generally, cats are fantastic, and being with them is excellent.

One of the nicest things to do with your cat is to pick it up and cuddle it like it is your baby. But sometimes, it growls at you when you pick it up. So, what does it mean? It means that it does not want to be picked up because it wants to be left alone. So, let it be until it wants to be picked up again. Maybe your cat just wants to rest because it feels terrible, so she does not want to play with you.

What does it mean when a cat lays on your arm?

If you show your cat affection, it will repay it by doing pure deeds. These simple deeds are cute and great. The easiest thing to take notice of among these simple deeds is when your cat lays on your arm or lap. This is your cat’s way of saying I love you to you. Isn’t it wonderful, right?

If your cat does this, do not shoo it away. Embrace it to show that you love it in return, and being beside your cat is one of the greatest things you can do. If your cat lays on your arm, it means that your cat trusts you. It also means that your cat finds comfort in you.

Answer your cats growling and other language the right way

Your cat interacts with you through the cat’s language and its body language. If it meows, this could mean something. If it dilates its eyes, it could also mean something. But whatever it uses to interact with you, remember that everything has a meaning. Answer your cat with the right response by knowing its behavior and characteristics.

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