Why does my Maine coon follow me everywhere?

Why does my Maine coon follow me everywhere?

When you spend so much time with a Maine Coon, you can observe their daily behavior patterns: when they eat, when they sleep, when they enjoy playtime, etc. 

It is only natural for owners to notice when their Maine coon’s personality and behavior changes. 

If all of sudden you notice your Maine Coon following you more than usual, pay particular attention to their behavior. Although there might not be anything wrong, these intelligent cats might also be trying to tell you something. 

Possible reasons why your Maine Coon follows you everywhere

They are hungry

More than frequently following, check if they have enough food intake every day. A Maine Coon’s cat food should be high in protein and low in carbs.

They are thirsty

Check if the Maine coon is fully hydrated. Dehydration may lead to bad health complications. Always make sure that their water bowl has not dried up. If you are a little worried they may tap and splash all the water outside of their bowl, make it a habit to ensure that their bowl is filled with water.

They crave attention

Maine coon cats are recognized as very sociable. They hunger for greater levels of awareness than other cat breeds. They like human companionship and basically might just need a little attention. Give them full attention by getting down to their level and giving them lots of affection and love.

They could be lonely

Maine coons naturally love being around humans. Cuddle with your coons often and make sure to make them feel your presence. Lonely Maine coons are at a higher risk of suffering mentally.

They could be sick

Cats cannot talk, which explains why they tend to follow the owner almost everywhere when they feel under the weather. Although they seem okay, there could be underlying health issues that they want you to know. Be attentive and take them to the vet if you feel there’s something wrong with their health.

They miss your company

Maine coon cats are known for being remarkably sociable animals. They might be following you around simply because they feel good in your company. Companionship is important to Maine Coon cats and is also vital for their health and wellbeing.

They are just curious

Maine coons are the classic example of a curious type of cat breed. They want to understand what their owners doing, at all times. You can always expect to see your Maine coon stalking you around the home since they are interested in what’s keeping you busy, and may even help you with it, too!

They missed you

There is not one thing that a Maine coon loves more than playing with you, or just spending as much time as possible with the human family. These very sociable cats love attention from people. If you’ve spent more time than usual away from home and notice your Maine coon starts following you everywhere, it might just mean that it missed you a lot.

They feel safe with you

Maine coon cats are recognized for being a remarkably strong cat breed, with very impressive hunting abilities. Even with these qualities, Main coons may still follow their owner around because they feel more protected and more content in their owner’s company.

The ways in which cats interact with humans are varied expressions of their feelings. While there are barriers to understanding these feelings, we have come a long way in understanding Maine coon communication. 

Do you have a Maine Coon or a Maine Coon Mix?

Common questions about why your Maine coon follows you everywhere

What does it mean when your Maine coon follows you everywhere?

Some Main coons may accompany us around, because they like our companionship, while others may be following us for more detectable reason — or even a mixture of the two. Most cat owners notice that their cats tend to be close in adjacency when it is near food time.  Be aware that in some cases there may be an underlying medical condition. 

Why does my Maine coon meow so much?     

Maine Coons meow loudly when they need attention. They are intelligent cats who know that we will respond to their talk and use it to let us know that they need something. Extreme meowing can happen if they are neglected for some time or if they become confined in a separate room from us.

Are Maine Coons clingy?

Because these cats are naturally affectionate and playful, many people could dismiss Maine coons as clingy cats. The truth is, they just love human attention. 

We may not speak the same language, but body language, facial expressions, and behaviors can reveal a lot about what a cat wants us to know. 

Since we love them so much, having a Maine coon that never leaves our side is something we might hope for. It means they love us and they understand our love for them. 

However, if your cat follows you everywhere, it may signal dependency. This is not healthy since it can mean they have problems when we are not around.

Why does my Maine coon follow me everywhere?

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