Best cat food for indoor cats

best cat food

Try a new cat food. Variation is great, also for your cat!

This is our list of the best cat foods for indoor cats.

Product Brand Our score  
Our Wet Food ChoiceRoyal Canin Adult Instinctive Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food
  • A precisely balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal cat wellness
  • Soft cat food for cats 1-7 years old
  • Promotes healthy digestion and ideal weight
Our #1 choiceRoyal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food
  • Proteins are easily digestible and decrease stool amounts (and odors)
  • Formulated for healthy cats 1-7 years old
  • Helps move hairballs formed while grooming through a cat’s digestive system with an optimal blend of fibers
  • A yummy treat for your cat
  • Whole food in a glas jar
  • An easy way to vary your cats food
Our Chicken choiceWholeHearted Grain Free Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food WholeHearted Grain Free Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food
  • Grain Free, All Life Stage Formula Dry Cat Food
  • Real Chicken # 1 Ingredient
  • Feline Probiotics Help Maintain Digestive Health
Natural ingrediens Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food
  • Made from U.S-farm raised chickens.
  • Rich on vitamin B
  • No ground corn, wheat or soy
Our Salmon choicePurina ONE Natural Tender Selects Blend With Real Salmon Dry Cat Food Purina ONE Natural Tender Selects Blend With Real Salmon Dry Cat Food
  • Omega-6 fatty acids help support healthy skin and coat
  • Omega-6 fatty acids help support healthy skin and coat
  • Real salmon is the #1 ingredient

Fresh cat food might be an even better choice

Indoor cats need lots of fluid as they do not have the opportunity to catch mice outside. Water is very important for the cat’s kidneys.

Here’s a trick to get more water in your cat: Put the wet food in a small bowl and add a cup of water.
When it comes to dry food pic a brand that is made for indoor cats. They are typically lower in calories and more protein to prevent an obese cat.

Our favorite choice is to get super fresh food from Nom Nom. Nom Nom crafts and delivers fresh, restaurant-grade, personalized home-cooked meals and supplements for dogs and cats that help them live happier and healthier lives.

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What is the best cat food for YOUR cat?

As a pet owner you can really benefit from acquiring more information about your cat’s gut health. That way, it will be a lot easier to figure out what kind of cat food is best for your cat.

Your cat’s gut microbiome is a unique, developing, and complex internal environment made up of trillions of microbes. It’s essential for digestion and can have a serious influence on your cat’s overall well-being and immune system. That is why a microbiome test often is a great idea.

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What is the Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats?

If you have an indoor feline friend, all you want is to make sure that you are giving him everything he needs to have a healthy and enjoyable life. Probably, your house is littered with cat toys most of the time, you designated a comfortable place for him to sleep, or keep the best treats on hand. It is no different when choosing the best food for your indoor cat. However, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re looking for the best food for your indoor cat, then you’ve come to the right place.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Indoor cat foods need to have some important features. These are the things you should consider when choosing the best cat food for your indoor furry pal:

Fiber Rich Cat Food

A food for an indoor cat should be fiber-rich, as this aids in digestion and helps both with weight and hairball control, which are two of the most common areas where cats who stay indoors often need help.

Protein-Rich Cat Food

To maintain a healthy and enjoyable life, cats need protein in their diets. Protein that comes from natural sources such as chicken or salmon is the best choice when it comes to buying cat food for indoor cats.

Provides Specific Health Requirement for Your Cat

If your kitty has needs to lose weight or has a constant problem with hairballs, then it’s best to look for a food that’s specially formulated to cater to those needs.

Top 5 Best Cat Foods for Indoor Cats

1. Nulo Grain Free Dry Food

  • Dry cat food with grain-free formula
  • Deboned duck, turkey meat, chicken meat, and deboned cod are the top 4 ingredients
  • Has a balanced amount of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids

2. Halo Grain Free Natural Dry Food

  • Made with whole, real chicken
  • Has Proprietary DreamCoat supplement
  • Special recipe is composed of ideal fiber and caloric content

3. Wellness CORE Natural Dry Food

  • With L-Carnitine that helps the body utilize fat
  • The #1 ingredient is real deboned chicken
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals

4. Wellness CORE Natural Wet Canned Food

  • Loaded with vitamins and antioxidant-rich cranberries
  • 100% grain-free recipe for adult cats
  • Smooth pate texture and delicious flavor

5. Nulo Chicken and Turkey Recipe Grain-Free Canned Food

  • Features chicken and turkey as top ingredients
  • Balanced and complete diet for kittens and adult cats
  • Made in the USA

What Ingredients to Look for in Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Cats are predators so they thrive on meat. Because of that, the ingredients you should look for in a cat food must have the following properties:

  • High Moisture
  • Low Carbohydrates
  • High Protein

Protein is the most important amino acid your cats needs for building tissues. This is even more important in kittens since they need plenty of animal proteins that are easy to digest and aid with building the tissues in their bodies. So you should always go with an animal-based protein for your young or adult cat.

Common Questions About the Best Food for Indoor Cats

Do Cats Who Stay Indoors Need Wet Food?

Even though there are varying opinions on whether cats who stay indoors need wet food, the general point is that, while cats can thrive and stay healthy eating dry food alone, there are also a lot of benefits that they get from a wet food diet, specifically the moisture content.

How Much Should You Feed Your Indoor Cat?

There’s no right answer to this since the answer depends on many factors, since every cat is unique. Some of these factors could include your cat’s age and size, as well as the amount of exercise or daily activity it gets. Also, cat foods do not have the same caloric totals. This means the amount of one cat food brand you give your cat can be different than the amount of another brand.

The best thing you can do is to check the cat food’s label. Most labels include a proper serving size guide. Even though it provides a range, it can still give you a starting point. We also recommend checking with your vet for the most reliable and accurate answer to this question.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Cat Food and Indoor Cat Food?

The major difference between regular and indoor cat food is that cat food for indoor cats is specially formulated to contain fewer calories compared to regular cat food. This is because indoors cats have a sedentary lifestyle, which is why they need fewer calories compared to cats who go outdoors regularly. Also, there are other indoor cat foods that are formulated to help with certain health issues like hairballs, which indoor cats usually encounter.


Cats need the right nutrients to grow happier and healthier. When it comes to choosing the best nutrition for your cat, it’s vital to focus on giving them high-quality proteins and as much as possible, stay away from cat foods that contain plenty of artificial ingredients and carbs. It’s also very important to look at the cat food manufacturer’s credibility since this can give you an idea of what quality of cat food they produce.

Best Cat Food For Indoor Cat