What toys do cats like the most?

What is the most popular cat toy

Most housecats, even though they are much safer inside from danger and disease, tend to be underactive and overweight. Just like people and dogs, cats also benefit from keeping active and fit, both physically and mentally. Exercise is very important for the physical and mental health of your cat since it improves circulation, relieves boredom and stress, reduces or prevent behavioral problems, and builds muscle tone. Thus, you need to get your cat up and moving, and there is no better way to persuade his natural instinct to chase and stalk prey than by engaging him with toys.

What are the best toys for your cat?

The most important things to consider when choosing cat toys is your cat’s cognitive health, size, safety, and dental health. Of course, you have to make sure that the toy you give him isn’t too small or big, outright dangerous, harmful to his teeth, or mentally frustrating. Here are some toys that cat’s like the most:

Treat dispenser toys

Treat dispensing toys accomplish two things at once – it can give your cat the workout he needs while utilizing his problem-solving skills. With a treat dispenser toy, your kitty has to push, rock, or roll this toy in order for it to dispense treats. It can also be a great solution if your feline friend under eats or overeats. The treat dispenser toy can either incentivize him to eat more or feed him in small portions.

Wand toys

Wand toys sound fancier but it can just be a stick with an attractive ribbon tied to it. Simply wave the stick to make it appear like prey and your kitty catches it. What’s good about this toy is that it keeps you in a safe distance from the teeth and claws of your cat. There’s no variation shortage of wand toys and they are always affordable – you can even make your own wand toy. If your furry pal eventually gets bored with the current wand toy, you can simply switch it out with a stick that has feathers, bells, or other fun things on it. 

Ball toys

Ball toys are not just for dogs because cats love them too. The movement of the ball in a game or along the floor mimics the prey’s movement, which will entice your cat to chase and catch. Different ball toy variations are available on the market that are perfectly suited for cats. If you have more than one cat in the household, an interactive ball activity is usually very engaging and the ball is the only toy you need to bring out. 

Catnip toys

The perennial herb catnip is aptly named because cats adore it so much. Catnip can be packed into balls or stuffed into toys, which makes your cat love his toy much more. It is also safe for your kitty to ingest catnip. But it is true that felines can become overly excited when any catnip-stuffed toys are around. Just be careful when you pet your cat and the catnip toy is out since they might excitedly bite you.


Common questions about the best toys for your cat

Can cats have a favorite toy?

There are lots of cat toys available on the market that can be interactive toys or solo play toys. Your cat might have a favorite toy or he may have a specific texture preference like a soft one that he can sink his teeth into over a plastic toy or any hard toy.

Why does my cat cry while carrying a toy?

Usually, mother cats teach their kittens to hunt by catching prey as well as bringing it alive to them, giving their offspring something to try hunting on. The moment your kitty cries while carrying her toy prey around, she is only calling your attention, just like any mother cat does.

What does it mean when a cat brings you a toy?

If your cat brings you things even if she is not in a good mood to play, it only means she wants to show you something and to prove that she’s good at toy gathering. In the wild, cats also do this with their offspring, bringing them stunned prey so that the younger cats can practice their hunting abilities.


When choosing toys for your cat, bear in mind that cats are little hunters. Thus, toys with feathers and toys help satisfy the predatory urges of cats. And the most important thing, as much as they would avoid admitting it, is that that your participation means a lot. So, remember that when you may just want to watch your favorite TV show after work, spending some quality time with your feline companions is probably better. 

What we have listed above are just some of the toys that cats love the most but you will have to experiment in order to see what specific toy your cat likes to play. If your feline friend is happy, everyone in the household is also happy.

What is the most popular cat toy

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