What is the biggest hybrid cat?

What is the biggest hybrid cat?

Hybrid cats result from mixing a wild cat with a domestic cat or mating two wild cats of different breeds. Due to this type of breeding, there are hybrid cats that can grow stunningly massive.

The Liger is the largest of the hybrid cat breeds with the highest documented weigh of 450kg (922lb). Liger is the offspring of a male lion and a tigress.

The Liger

The size of the Liger may vary depending on what type of subspecies their parents are in. But they typically grow larger than both their lion and tiger parent. Male ligers are slightly larger than female Ligers. Their average weight ranges from 705 – 1,200 pounds (320 – 550 kg) and can reach a length between 10-12 feet.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognized a Liger named Hercules, the largest non-obese Liger, as the largest living cat on the planet in 2013, weighing 418.2 kg (922 lb). Hercules stands 1.25 meters (49 inches) at the shoulder and measures 3.33 m (131 in) in length. 

Ligers seem impossible to occur naturally in the wild, where lions and tigers share the same territory. The Gir forest in India, for example, is a shared territory for the lions and tigers, but there are no records of a lion and tiger mating naturally. 

Ligers were created with human intervention in the breeding process. Cross-breeding of a lion and a tiger usually takes place in private menageries or public zoos.

 There is a Liger at the Sierra Safari Zoo, Nevada, USA, named Hobbs. He is an offspring of an African lion and a Bengal tigress. His appearance is more like his lion father with his leonine mane, but he inherited his tigress mother’s stripes. He weighs more than two times his parents’ weight, with approximately 450 kg (992 lb) of body mass.


Ligers typically have a dull or dark yellow fur with pale stripes. This coat color and pattern result from the lion’s coat color mixed with the tiger’s stripe patterns. However, their coat color can vary depending on what type of tiger or lion the Liger’s parent is.

Ligers’ general appearance is characterized by more dominant lion features, such as the lions’ coat color and manes.


When it comes to the Ligers’ behavior, it’s a mix of both the lion and the tiger’s personality. Ligers love swimming as their tiger parents do. They can growl, purr, grunt, or roar, just like lions and tigers do. They can both be social and solitary. Female ligers tend to enjoy the company of others, which is a trait of a typical lioness. On the other hand, Ligers can be independent or solitary, a distinct behavior of tigers.

 Why are Ligers massive?

Ligers are surprisingly massive because of the breeding process and behavior. The lion and tiger have a different breeding strategy. In terms of lions, a lioness can mate with multiple male lions. This type of mating process leads to competition inside the lioness womb. So, to outgrow other competitors, male lions transmit a growth-promoting gene compensated by the lioness’s growth-inhibiting gene.

On the contrary, a tigress will normally mate with only one tiger. This means no competition inside the tigress womb, so they don’t possess growth-inhibiting genes. This allows the male lion’s growth-promoting genes to take effect without any cancellation, resulting in the massive size of the Liger. 

Savannah: The largest domestic hybrid cat

The Savannah cat is known to be the biggest hybrid in the category of domestic cats. This breed is a mix of a domestic cat breed and a wild African Serval. This is a relatively new breed, with the first kitten born in 1986 and was named “Savannah.” The Savannah cats carry the tameness of a domestic cat and the appearance of a wild cat.


The Savannah cats’ most distinctive features are their gorgeous spotted coat that they got from their Serval parent, triangular head, tall wide ears with black stripes on the back, long and slender necks, and long and lean legs.

Their coat may come in black, brown, silver, and black smoke color.


Savannah cats are surprisingly affectionate and friendly. This kind of personality isn’t common in hybrid cats because of their wild nature. These cats are outgoing and highly intelligent. They love to be involved in interactive activities and can learn quickly. 

The Savannahs enjoy playing outside. You can take them on a walk with a leash or play in a safe, enclosed area.

These cats have an affinity with water. They’ll enjoy dipping their paws in the water, and they can learn how to open your faucet and play with the running water.

Size of a Savannah cat

The Savannah cats can grow up to two and a half times more massive than the typical domestic house cats. Their sizes may vary depending on the type and size of their domestic cat and Serval parents. Their average weight is between 15 to 20 pounds, but they can occasionally grow up to 25 pounds.

Common questions about the biggest hybrid cat

Can Ligers reproduce?

It is very unusual for animal hybrids to reproduce. However, unlike male ligers, which are sterile, female ligers are fertile and are able to carry offspring. Male ligers and female ligers can’t reproduce, so the breeders bred female ligers with lions and tigers that created new hybrids, the liligers, and tiligers.

Can Liger be a pet?

Some states have no restrictions for having a hybrid cat as a pet. However, zoo policy strictly prohibits acquiring Ligers as a pet because raising a hybrid cat like a Liger is no joke. Taking care of Ligers is very critical because of their size.

 Some owners keep baby Ligers, but they often turn the hybrids over to sanctuaries because they can’t handle the cats once they reach full size.

Are Savannah cats friendly?

The Savannah cats are unusually friendly compared to other hybrid cats. They are active and social, which is a good thing for the owners who want an interactive and social hybrid cat. They get along well with children and with dogs.


Hybrid cat breeds are created because of the human intervention to the natural breeding process of cats. There are domestic cats with a wildcat-like appearance and hybrid wild cats that outgrow their parents, such as the Savannah cat and the Liger.

What is the biggest hybrid cat?


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