What color eyes do Savannah cats have?

What color eyes do Savannah cats have?

The Savannah cat is a relatively new cat breed that originated from mating a domestic cat with a large wild-African cat, Serval. They have striking boomerang-shaped eyes that come with a hooded brow. Their eyes vary in color. Kittens generally have blue eyes, just like the other domestic cats. However, it changes to green, brown, or gold when they mature.

Savannah cat: a brief history

They are the largest of all the domestic cat breeds. This hybrid became popular among cat fanciers in the 1990s and has been accepted and registered by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001. 

In 1986 when the first Savannah was born in the house of Judee Frank, a reputable breeder of exotic cats. This pure man-made hybrid cat is a mix between a Serval, a large wild African cat, and a domestic cat, specifically a Siamese cat. Judee Frank used a Serval that belonged to her friend Suzi woods and mates it with a Siamese cat. She gave the name “Savannah” to the newfound cat breed to honor the Serval’s natural home. Kelley and Joyce Sroufe, also a breeder, wrote the authentic version of the Savannah breed standards, and they introduced it to the TICA in 1996. Through their hard work and persuasion, the Savannah cat breed has been recognized and accepted as a new cat breed by The International Cat Association in 2001.

The Savannah cat’s eyes

The features of their eyes are distinct from other domestic cats. The top of their eyes is boomerang in shape, while the bottom part is almond-shape, set at a precise angle where the edge of the eye slants down their nose line. The Savannah cat’s eyes are large and are set fairly deep from their forehead. 

Their eyes are set relatively deep on the forehead about an inch apart. They have hooded brows that protect them from the harsh glare of sunlight. Savannah cats have black tear-streak markings present from the corner of their eyes to the side of their nose that looks like those of Cheetah’s. Their eye color has no connection to the color of their coat. However, breeders prefer a more vivid and deep eye color. Savanna cat’s eyes can come in any color, but the most common variations are green, brown, gold, and hazel color (shades of brown and green).

The maturing difference for Savannah cats 

Just like the other cats, all Savanna kittens are born with blue eyes. A lot of people are wondering if the kitten’s eyes will remain blue up to their maturity. The answer is, they will, but this rarely happens. The eyes of Savanna kittens most often transform from blue to green, brown, a blended shade when they reach maturity.

Savannah kittens develop their eye’s vision quality first before their eye color changes. They do take time to transform their eyes color. Usually, it takes around 3-6 months of their age before noticing the changes in the color of their eyes.

The Savannah cat’s nose color may change as the cat matures. Kittens with pink noses can turn out with dark outer rims and sometimes become mostly black. Some cats, such as Siamese cats, change colors depending on the mood, temperature, or blood pressure. This is possible for Savannah because they have Siamese cats in their lineage.

General characteristics of a Savannah cat 

The Savannah cat’s distinct physical features include a small wedge-shaped head with tall ears sitting on top. They have a long neck and short and thick tail.

  • The Savannah cats are large-sized cats with long legs proportional to their long body.
  • They have a dog-like personality. Savannah cats are protective and loyal. They enjoy being around their owners and will follow you around the house for no reason.
  • Savannah cats may come in various coat colors and patterns. They may be black, silver spotted tabby, brown spotted tabby, silver smoke, or black smoke color.
  • These cats love water so much, they like dipping their paws into the water and will greatly enjoy swimming if given a chance.
  • Savannah cats are good jumpers. They like to be on high spots in your house, such as cabinets and refrigerators. That’s why they need more vertical spaces. These large cats jumping around your home can be destructive if not trained well.
  • They are highly intelligent cats. Just like dogs, they can learn how to play fetch. They love interactive games, and they can learn how to open doors and even faucets. With their high level of curiosity, they may get into unexpected things. 


Common questions about Savannah cats 

How do I identify a Savannah cat?

You can start by identifying the Savannah cat’s distinct coat colors. These include brown, silver, gold, and tan with dark spots. But the best way to identify them is by looking at their unique spots. These can either be round, oval, or elongated. Finally, you can determine if a feline is a Savannah cat by looking at its fur’s length as they’re all short-haired. 

Are Savannah Cats dangerous?

Savannah cats, in spite of its wild ancestor, are not dangerous to humans. However, we should note that having its hunting skills means that it could kill and take advantage of small prey. If you’re an adult without children or other smaller pets, like a hamster or a guinea pig, you can raise a Savannah cat with no problem. However, remember that they are active animals, so if you’re not too keen on spending lots of time with them outdoors or can’t provide outlets for their natural behaviors, settle for other cat breeds. 

Are Savannah cats hard to take care of?

Savannah cats are relatively low maintenance and are very easy to take care of because of their short fur. It’s wise to brush them every week to prevent them from coughing up hairballs. Like any other cat breed, you need to trim their nails often, brush their teeth regularly, and visit the vet at least a couple of months a year. 

Wrapping up 

The Savannah cats are naturally born with blue eyes. But the color of their eyes changes as they reach their adult stage. These blue-colored eyes can stay blue on rare occasions. The Savannah cat’s eye can come in any color, just like other cats. But their most common eye color is green, brown/gold, and hazel (blended shade).

What color eyes do Savannah cats have?


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