Are automatic cat feeders a good idea?

As cat parents, it’s our responsibility to feed them the right amount of food during their feeding time. But some unexpected instances can take place and sometimes, we cannot be able to feed our cats on time.

This is where automatic cat feeders enter the picture. These feeders are actually costly but most cat owners buy them to make sure that their cats won’t starve when they’re away. The question is, are automatic cat feeders worth the investment?

Automatic cat feeders are a great idea if you give your cat dry cat food

If you’re one of the cat owners that stick to mostly serving dry cat food to your cat, an automatic cat feeder is a good idea. Some vets say it is a bad idea with cat feeders. Their reason is that they believe you should give your cat wet cat food.

Find the best food for an indoor cat.

Things you should know about automatic cat feeders

Before you buy an automatic cat feeder for your furry feline, there are some things you should put into consideration. We have listed some of the important things you should know before you make the switch so make sure you have read the entire article.

Would your cat like an automatic feeder?

Automatic cat feeders are gadgets designed to feed cats when their hoomans aren’t at home. There are actually many kinds of automatic cat feeder but their main purpose is to work on a timer to release cat food at different times. On the other hand, these types of cat feeders are not meant to be used for an extended period of time like when you need to go on vacation. To sum it all up, they’re just designed for convenience but not advisable that you leave an automatic cat feeder to feed your cat while you’re away for days. If you need to be away from home for days, then it’s highly advised that you ask someone to come and visit your house from time to time to feed your cat.

Can the food release time of automatic cat feeders programmable?

Most of the time, automatic cat feeders have programmable features that are very basic and simple to use. Sometimes, it can be programmed to dispense one meal or several meals a day. Some automatic cat feeders can release your cat’s meal into his bowl while other automatic feeders have numerous covered bowl that is giving to your cat one by one throughout the day, depending on when you program each bowl to reveal.

The convenience of using automatic cat feeders

The main benefit of automatic cat feeders is to give cat owners the convenience they need most especially if they’re working outside for a long time. For a lot of cat parents, automatic feeders give them the peace of mind knowing that their furry felines will be fed in a timely manner even if no one is at home to monitor their dish bowl.

 Aside from the fact that automatic cat feeders are very convenient to use, they are also far more hygienic compared to a conventional feeding routine. This is because of the food of your feline friend is covered in a clean container and also out of sight, which means they’re not out in the open and not exposed to any dirt or bacteria.

Automatic cat feeders won’t attract rodents or bugs as well so this keeps your cat’s food fresh. Having said that, this is a healthier feeding option for your beloved cat.

Common questions about automatic cat feeders

Can automatic cat feeders help with weight management?

One of the major uses of automatic cat feeders is food portion control. If your cat has unlimited access to his large food bowl, then the chances are huge that he will overeat and can lead him to putting on excess weight. But since you can be able to control the amount of food dispersed when you use an automatic cat feeder, it’s ideal if you’re putting your cat on a strict diet due to some underlying health conditions.

Can automatic cat feeders be used with wet food?

Even though automatic feeders are bests suited to dry cat food and this is widely used by most cat owners for kibbles, there are still some fine automatic feeder brands that you can use with wet food.

But it is still advisable that you stick with dry food if you’re using an automatic cat feeder to make sure that the portion control is accurate. Still, you must feed your cat wet food regularly and you can do that if you’re at home and not away for a longer period of time.

What are the things to remember when using automatic cat feeders?

To make sure your feline friend gets the most out of automatic feeders, you must always monitor the feeder to make sure that it serves its purpose. You need to be aware of the malfunctions of the automatic cat feeder so you need to test it before using it. Also, when using an automatic cat feeder, make sure that you leave enough supply of water for your cat as well.


Lastly, remember that automatic cat feeders may time some time to get used to. While other cats may be totally fine with their feeder transition and welcome the new automatic feeder wholeheartedly, there are still cats that won’t get fully used to it at first. If this is the case, do not lose your patience since cats are known to be very finicky. If your cat will smell his lunch, he will surely return to it a little later.

Is Automatic cat feeders a good idea?

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