Are black cats immune to disease?

Are black cats immune to disease

Black cats, if not the famous, are the most talked-about cat for they are considered peculiar, for they are associated with many things – some are bad, and others are just good enough to define them cute only as any other cats.

In the Philippines, it is considered to be a piece of bad luck when a cat crosses your path. It is also a North American belief that black cats are associated with witches and witchcraft. In some parts of the world, black cats are considered to be dangerous during Halloween. However, these superstitions do not deny the cuteness of these cats.

Black cats are immune to diseases

Despite all these negative comments about black cats, these cats are immune to most diseases. Research says that black cats are resilient to illness and resistant against diseases like Feline HIV. The reason for this resiliency is that their genes are different from other cats.

For it to have a black color, their parents must be both in black colors. This combination of pure genes makes the genes of these cats more resilient to illnesses and diseases that may affect cats.

Breeds with perfect black color

As mysterious as their color, black cats are peculiar too. Certain kinds are capable of reproducing a perfect black color.

1. Bombay

With black eyes and glossy fur, this cat is a descendant of the famous black panther. Their kittens are dedicated to being black. If you are looking for a black cat, Bombay cat is an option to consider.

2. Chantilly-Tiffany

Cuddle the baby as they call this cat, for it loves to be embraced. With long hair, it is not far from having an animated teddy bear.

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3. Exotic

This cat has a perfect short hair that gives it an image of fluffy black cotton.

4. Oriental

This cat loves to be the center of attention by its fave person. It always welcomes you with so much enthusiasm at the front door whenever you go home. Being a cat that can go both long and short hairstyles, this cat is just perfect for some good looks with a whole lot black on it.

5. Persian

This cat requires higher maintenance, which costs its owner a lot. Considering the most famous black cat, this cat is playful and extremely gentle. 

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6. Ragamuffin

If you are looking for a family cat that loves to play with kids, this gentle cat is perfect for you. This cat loves the attention that they will just limp their body whenever you touch them.

7. Sphynx

If you want to have a cat that is familiar with acrobatics and being a diva, this cat is just perfect for you.

With the opinions and superstitions about black cats revolving around, I hope that people who plan to own cats will reconsider this mysterious cat that is resilient against illnesses and diseases that may affect cats. Having black cats in the house might be peculiar, but it is worth a try. If you find black cats intriguing, then bet on that feeling you have, and you’ll discover the greatness and cuteness of this cat. At the end of the day, black cats are immune to most illnesses and diseases, so it’s an excellent pet to have one.


Common Asked Questions

Are black cats linked to witches?

History shows that people have their weird associations with cats that link it to everything, especially if it has an odd color or eyes. This is not new to black cats being associated with sorcery and witchcraft. This is a superstition in some parts of America, Europe, and Asia. Sometimes they call black cats as messengers of the witches in which they carry messages and orders from their masters. But this is not true for black cats just like healthy cats do. Stereotyping them would do no good for black cats who are gentle, brave, and sweet pets in the house.

Are black cats unlucky?

Black cats are not unlucky. If you have a black cat as a pet, you are lucky because they are as peculiar and cute as they are. Just because they are black means that they are unlucky because the blackness in their coat is due to the effect of genes on their body and not because of some sorcery or magic. Though their color is magic for science because to have pure black color, the cat should have parents that bear this color. Honestly, black cats are not unlucky, and if you have one that makes you happy, consider yourself lucky.

What are the common diseases for cats?

Despite their resistance to diseases, cats are also prone to illnesses that may worsen their health or kill them. These diseases are essential to be studied, so the owner of the cats will know the signs and prepare for possibilities that might happen in the future.

Cancer is on top of the list in which bad cells grow uncontrollably, invading the tissues in your cat’s body. Second, diabetes also exists in your cat, which is the lack of insulin. Third, the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is an infection that may cause secondary infections in your cat. Other diseases are Feline Leukemia (FeIV), Heartworm, High-Rise Syndrome, Rabies, Ringworm, Upper Respiratory Infections, and Worms.


Black cats are amazing and incredible. They are resilient to most diseases and illnesses that make them great pets. Despite their weird associations from witchcraft and cultural superstitions, they are gentle, playful, and sweet pets to have in the house. In particular, black cats are more than just their fur and coat.

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