Are Norwegian Forest Cats Friendly?

Are Norwegian Forest Cats friendly?

Norwegian Forest cats are some of the fluffiest cats around. In fact, their thick coats are what they are known for. But are they as wild as their Nordic roots make them appear? The truth is that they are very friendly cats and are even shy around new people until they get to know them.

How friendly are Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats is seen as having a wild history, even being rumored to have traveled with the Vikings on longboats to keep the rats away! However, they are often gentle and kind with sweet natures that allow them to make good companions to humans.

Read on to find out more about their personalities, what they’re like around other animals, and how they can fit into your family if you have children.

What is their personality like?

Like with most cats, the Norwegian Forest cat will be friendly and sociable after their trust is earned. They are seen as a sweet and gentle breed that is often shy at first around new places and people.

They’re also smart and quite independent so they learn new things quickly. You might even be able to teach your Norwegian Forest cat a trick or two.

While they don’t demand constant attention, they will like being with humans and often do well in a comfortable, family environment. This makes the Norwegian Forest cat a great addition to a family that already has kids or other pets. Although you might notice the Norwegian Forest cat is more reserved with visitors and strange animals.

A fun fact about this breed of cat is that they mature slowly and will take five years before reaching adulthood. This means that they often act like a kitten beyond the first couple of years and they love playing with toys.

If the Norwegian Forest cat is kept outside, you will notice their natural hunting skills when they eventually bring home the occasional gift. They are more than happy to spend their time climbing trees and enjoying the outdoors. They will even go for a swim if there are any fish to hunt, as they have a waterproof coat.

Can they be around children and other pets?

The Norwegian Forest cat is generally a laidback breed, which makes them a good choice for families or people with other pets. However, children should always treat the cat with respect, so it won’t run and hide.

As this breed of cat is playful, they will enjoy playing with any toys they are gifted with and will provide hours of entertainment for the kids.

When it comes to living with other pets, the Norwegian Forest cat can live with other cats and dogs who are cat friendly. It’s important to introduce animals to each other in a controlled environment. That way they can learn to be friends without rushing, which could cause accidents to happen.

How to care for a Norwegian Forest cat

One of the best ways to bond with a cat is to pamper them with affection. This includes grooming them. For a Norwegian Forest cat, this needs to happen once or twice a week as they have a long coat that can get knotted easily.

The best brush to use is a stainless-steel comb, bristle brush or a wire slicker brush. If you brush them softly, then you can easily work through knots, so it doesn’t hurt your cat. It won’t be long before your Norwegian Forest cat learns to enjoy the grooming session and it will help to build the bond between you.

Another great way to care for your Norwegian Forest cat is to keep them indoors. While they are designed to survive cold climates, it is safer for them to be inside. This will help to protect your cat from diseases that could be spread by other local or wild cats, and any attacks that could come from other animals.

There are also other dangers in the outside world, such as the cat being stolen. The Norwegian Forest cat is a unique breed that often costs a lot of money. Some people might see one outside and want to take it for themselves. Keeping them inside and creating an outdoor enclosure will allow your cat to explore the outdoors in a safe way.

Frequently asked questions about Norwegian Forest cats

How long do NFCs live for?

Norwegian Forests cats can be expected to live for 14 to 16 years if they are properly cared for. This includes feeding them a good diet that meets all of their traditional needs and providing them with exceptional care such as regular check-ups at the vet.

How big are Norwegian Forest cats?

This breed of cat is one of the larger domestic breeds. The Norwegian Forest cat has a muscular build that is made for the outdoors. Male cats can weigh between 4.5 kg and 7.5 kg, while female cats weigh between 3.5 kg and 5.5 kg.

Do they have health problems?

Some cats that are bred through human-led breeding programs can have health problems. However, this isn’t as likely with the Norwegian Forest cat as they have evolved over time, making them a more natural breed.

In general, they are often healthy cats and don’t face as many hereditary problems that others might, such as the Persian cat. However, you will need to keep an eye on their weight. They are bigger than most cats, which means it can be easy for them to put on weight.

Make sure to feed them the right amount of food for their age and allow them to exercise outdoors. Taking your cat to the vet for a bi-annual check-up will mean that vet can pick up on any potential issues quickly.

Norwegian Forest cats are some of the friendliest around

While the Norwegian Forest cat might seem wild like their name suggests, they are one of the friendliest cat breeds. They are fun and playful, but they also have a calm side to them that makes them suitable for a wide variety of families.

Are Norwegian Forest Cats friendly?

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