Are Norwegian Forest cats rare?

Are Norwegian Forest Cats lap cats?

Originating from the land of Norway, the Norwegian Forest cat is one of the rare breeds of cats seen in the world today. What makes it different from others is that it wasn’t bred by humans and it has evolved naturally over time, making it one of the rarer ‘natural’ breeds.

How rare is the wild cat from Norway?

Often described as being similar to the United States’ native Maine Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat used to roam wild in Norway. Nowadays, they are more likely to be a companion to families. However, they are not a common breed of cat and often cost a lot of money to buy from pedigree breeders.

Read on to find out why the Norwegian Forest cat is rare and what a pedigree one should look like if bred properly.

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Why are Norwegian Forest cats rare?

This breed of cat used to be native to Norway before it traveled overseas. Some say that they ventured on boats belonging to the Vikings. However, in modern day they began to receive attention after a group of breeders first entered one into a show before World War 2.

After the breed was entered into the show, breeders fought to keep NFCs in the show halls. A dedicated team of breeders created an official breeding program so they wouldn’t go extinct. Nowadays, in the US, there is a devoted following to the Norwegian Forest Cat, and they are extremely popular.

Compared to other breeds, there aren’t as many people breeding Norwegian Forest cats. This is the reason why they are so rare and often cost a lot of money to buy. It is even rarer to find this breed to adopt from a facility. Most of the time they will be an older cat which someone gave up.

How to find a Norwegian Forest cat

Due to the Norwegian Forest cat being a rare breed, there aren’t many breeders to choose from and most breeders are still in Norway. It will take a lot of research to find a reputable breeder nearby who has been breeding the cats for many years.

A reputable breeder will be able to provide you with health certificates to show that the kittens are screened for any genetic issues. You will also be able to check that the litter of kittens are raised at home and aren’t isolated from their mother.

If a breeder is legit, they will have pedigree papers for the parents of the kittens. These will prove that the Norwegian Forest cats are purebred. There are a number of websites dedicated to displaying the breeders of NFCs. With their help you can be sure that you are buying the true breed.

What should a Norwegian Forest cat look like?

One of the characteristics that make the Norwegian Forest cat noticeable is the long, thick coat. They also have the benefit of having a double coat that protects them in the colder months. Other ways to notice them are by the following:

  • Thick tufts of hair around their ears
  • Hair between their toes
  • Long fluffy tails

The Norwegian Forest cat also has large eyes which are almond shaped. The color can change, but usually they are green, copper or gold. If the cat happens to be white, then they could also have blue eyes, although this is rarer.

Some people confuse this breed of cat with the Maine Coon, but the eye shape is the feature that separates them. While the Norwegian Forest cat has almond-shaped eyes, the Maine Coon has round eyes.

The final feature that makes this breed noticeable, is the triangular-shaped head. While their nose is straight, they have flat foreheads which create the shape. This is a feature that also separates them from the Maine Coon.

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Frequently asked questions about Norwegian Forest cats

How much does a Norwegian Forest cat cost?

When you buy a Norwegian Forest cat from a registered breeder in the US, you can expect to pay anything between $800 to $1500. If you manage to find one to adopt, it will be much cheaper with an average cost of $75 to $100. However, you won’t know details about the breeder or how the cat was bred.

If you see a breeder offering a purebred Norwegian Forest cat for less than the average price, make sure you research them. The likelihood is that they aren’t a registered breeder and you could end up buying a cat that has health problems later on.

What is their behavior like?

One of the things that people love about Norwegian Forest cats are their personalities. They are known as affectionate cats and enjoy companionship with humans. While they are independent, they love being near humans and might even sit on your lap. Due to their kind and gentle natures, they are good around other pets and children.

As they have a hunting background, they love to play with toys, especially ones like laser pointers which they can chase. This will provide hours of entertainment as they pounce on toys and climb up cat trees. It is also a good idea to have an enclosed space outside where they can enjoy themselves.

Can they be around other cats?

Due to the Norwegian Forest cat being social, they should never be kept alone. They will get along with most cats and have even been known to have great friendships with dogs as well. When left home alone, they can keep each other company until you return.

If you already have a cat and want to introduce a Norwegian Forest cat to your family, make sure you do so slowly. They will get to know each other, as well as recognize their scents, until they are comfortable enough to be left alone together.

Norwegian Forest cats are a rare and beautiful breed

That fact that the Norwegian Forest cat is rare is what makes them so beautiful when you see them in person. Their long coat and unique features make them such an interesting breed to look at. Anyone who brings one into the family will soon realize how loving and gentle they are.

Are Norwegian Forest cats rare?

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