Can Maine coons be left alone?

Can Maine coons be left alone?

With such extremely sociable characters, it’s not surprising that a lot of cat enthusiasts ask if Maine Coons can be left alone. Known as the ‘dog of the cat world’ because they have a big desire for fellowship and love of human company, this ever-popular cat race will not be happy to be left alone for a longer period of time. 

Do Maine Coons prefer to be alone?

A Maine coon can be left alone for a short period of time. Maine coons do not prefer to be alone, since they are a very social type of cat breed. It is a good idea to have more than one cat so that they can keep each other company when you need to be away.

Their sociable nature makes them better in a family.

So long as they might physically seem like a cat in any way, their social and mental requirements are a lot more unique & often thought to be more related to those of a dog. 

In fact, the comparisons drawn between Maine Coon cats and dogs are so abundant, that this type of cat has even been labeled the ‘dog of the cat world’.

Maine Coon cats can be left alone, but only for a short period of time. These highly sociable felines prefer company and do not enjoy spending time on their own. 

Owners must take extra steps to ensure they are able to board this breed’s more demanding social, mental, and emotional needs.

Securing your home from danger, loss, or harm before you ever leave your Maine coon alone is the first step. When regularly left alone, Maine coons can develop stress and depression.

While it may seem unexpected to hear that Maine coons shouldn’t be left on their own, they possess many characteristics that make it understandable.

What to do if you’ll need to leave your Maine coon alone

Maine coons have a compelling need for hearty amounts of daily interaction, attention, and affection to ensure their best well being.

At some point in time, situations come up that you may really need to leave your MaineCoon on its own. The best way to keep your cat from experiencing high levels of stress or falling into depression is to limit the amount of time they spend completely alone.

To really honor your Maine coon’s nature and needs, it is best to get a second cat. Maine Coons need companions to feel comfortable, happy, and loved all the time. 

Having two cats together will ensure that both have company even when you have to be away from home for a while. 

Their reputation as gentle giants will sometimes be confused with comfort no matter the conditions. Maine Coons have a very calm temperament and have the ability to adapt effortlessly. However, their lack of outright protest, if left alone, shouldn’t be used for contentment.

They are most comfortable in the surroundings they recognize. They are likely to have favorite toys and places, usually the ones they have grown used to. Coons who are usually staying inside may not like being forced to leave the home and stay someplace else. 


Common questions about leaving Maine coons alone

What are the disadvantages of leaving your Maine coon alone?

Maine coons are really smart cats and need more stimulation than you might think. They crave human contact. Leaving them abandoned for long stretches of time risks them becoming bored, which may result in them acting out. You may come home to a wild mess! If you have many cats, they are more likely to stimulate each other through play.

Maine coons love attention and are very needy. The impact of leaving them alone is greater compared to other breeds. Each cat will react differently, but coons will feel afraid and sad if left alone for longer periode. 

A general rule for Maine Coon cats is to never leave them alone for more than 12 hours.

Can cats be left alone?

In comparison, other cat breeds can be left alone for up to 24 hours, provided they have fresh patchwork quilt, and their food and water requirements have been met. In general, though, 8 – 12 hours is considered more desirable for a regular cat.

What sets Maine coons apart from other felines?

As a breed, Maine Coons stand out from other cats due to their love of spending time with people. They will almost always choose to be in your company than on their own. They showcase their friendly and loyal character by following you from one room to the next and surely enjoy being your company as much as possible.

So long as this might not instantly seem like a huge issue, owners should be aware that Maine Coons are socially reliant on their families. It is only natural for them to feel sad, anxious, and stressed if left on their own for a long time. 

In fact, many claim a Maine Coons mental health welfare is at risk if they do not have enough interaction with their owner. If you think you’ll be away for long hours every day, leave your cat with toys and enough food.

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