Can you train a cat to pee in the toilet?

Can you train a cat to pee in the toilet

Have you been wondering if it’s best to train your cat in using the toilet bowl? Have you seen those cute toilet training videos and feel like it’s time for you to join the trend? Don’t worry, you are not hopelessly old school if you’re still using the litter box – and it looks impressive. Of course, toilet training your cat sounds appealing and cats are very clever. However, do not be overly fooled or swayed by those videos. Toilet training a cat can take time, is a messy process, and does not work with all felines.

Is it possible to train a cat to use the toilet

It is possible to train a cat to pee in the toilet by gradually introducing your cat to the toilet. The question is more if it is bad to train your cat to use the toilet. It might sound like a beneficial idea to train your cat to use the toilet, but there are many cons.

Reasons to let your kitty pee how a cat should

The biggest reason why you shouldn’t feel bad that you’re still using a litter box is that it is the best for your cat. Here are some more reasons why it’s better to let your cat use the litter box instead of toilet training him: 

Cats have a natural instinct

Forcing your cat to poop or pee in the toilet goes against his inherent wild nature and natural instinct. A cat digs, eliminate, as well as covers his feces instinctually. This is the reason it’s much easier to teach them how to use a litter box. A litter box that’s filled with an appealing litter closely resembles how he would choose to do his business outdoors.

Covering their waste is how the cats prevent predators from tracking them – it does not matter that your kitty stays indoors since that natural instinct of felines does not go away. In cat toilet training videos, you will certainly notice that poor cats are still pawing the toilet lid, which means they’re trying to cover it with something. It’s sometimes the reason why some cats fall into the toilet.

Toilet training can be stressful for cats

Straddling the toilet may be difficult for cats and this can eventually cause them stress, most especially for very old and young ones. Those toilet seats can be very slippery for them, which makes it difficult for cats to do their business especially if they’re suffering from sickness. If they fall in, chances are they won’t be able to get out on their own and can cause them to panic. 

Remember, it only takes one traumatic experience for your cat to form an aversion to something. If you’re a cat owner, bear in mind that the process of eliminating shouldn’t be a stressful event for your cat.

You can’t monitor your cat’s elimination habits

If your furry pal is sick or having some health problems, your veterinarian may instruct you to monitor the urine your kitty is producing, such as the amount and frequency. You can be able to see this well when you scoop your cat’s litter. On the other hand, you definitely can’t tell if there’s a decrease or increase in your cat’s urine if he’s using the toilet bowl. You should always remember that significant changes in the frequency and amount of your kitty’s pee can be a sign of potential medical issues.

Also, if your feline companion ever needs to be boarded or hospitalized, he will be placed in a cage and he should do his business in a traditional litter box. Thus, you might have to re-train him to use the toilet again when he comes home. 


Common questions about toilet training a cat

Why is it bad to toilet train your cat?

Toilet training isn’t the best for your cat because when he does his business in the toilet, you cannot accurately see whether there are changes in his feces or urine volume. Aside from that, you won’t be able to detect if there are changes in his elimination habits. Having said that, toilet training goes against the natural instinct of your cat to dig, poop or pee, and cover.

Is my cat too old to toilet train?

If your feline friend is less than 6 months old or if he already has issues in using the litter box, then toilet training him is not a good choice. If your cat is skittish, it’s also not good to toilet train him since skittish felines feel more comfortable when they bury their waste because they have the instinct that it protects themselves. 

Why is my cat peeing and pooping on the floor?

There are lots of medical problems and illnesses that can cause felines to have accidents outside their litter boxes. Some common possibilities include feline idiopathic cystitis or FIC, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes. Aside from that, if you’re forcing to toilet train your cat and it causes him trauma or stress, he may choose to poop or pee on the floor or anywhere else that will make him feel safe.


While there are many reasons why you shouldn’t toilet train your kitty, we do hope that you will take these into account when deciding whether or not this method is good for you and your furry pal. If you want to know more about the pros and cons of toilet training your cat, read more of our related posts on this site.

Can you train a cat to pee in the toilet

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