Do cats need fresh water every day?

Just like humans, cats also need water to preserve overall health. If you don’t give your cat fresh water daily, he can develop dehydration even if he’s healthy. As a matter of fact, the severity of feline dehydration with other underlying health conditions is much greater. Having said that, water can help a lot in maintaining your cat’s body temperature, aside from the fact that it has very important functions as it aids in circulation and digestion, as well as transports nutrients.

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So do cats need fresh water daily? Yes they do, as well as all other pets. Keep reading to find out why.

How can cats benefit from fresh water daily?

Another reason why fresh water is a very important element of your cat’s diet is due to the fact that cats could be prone to idiopathic cystitis or bladder infections and most of the time, the cause is unknown. When your cat takes in an adequate amount of water, they will urinate more often, thus, avoiding this disease to take place. This also helps to prevent bacteria from thriving, and it helps in reducing the formation of stones and crystals as well. 

Making sure that your feline friend drinks enough water every day also aids in reducing hairballs. The truth is that felines who drink more amount of water daily have better motility in their intestines that allow ingested hair during their grooming to normally pass through their GI tract.

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to how much your cat drinks as it can give you clues about his health. For example, if you start to notice that your cat suddenly drinks large loads of water regularly, this could possibly indicate that he has an underlying medical issue like kidney failure or diabetes. It’s therefore important to note that any change in the thirst level of your furry feline should be taken into consideration and as much as possible, talk to your vet about it. 

On the other hand, if you are not putting enough amount of fresh water in your cat’s bowl daily, you may not be able to realize that your cat’s level of thirst has increased or decreased. So, it’s very important to refill or replace your cat’s fresh water supply in a daily manner.

Why your cat needs an adequate amount of water

Your cat benefits from a fresh daily supply of water as it sustains proper organ function, food digestion, and joint lubrication. It is the water that carries the most important nutrients to every cell of your cat’s body. Water also helps your cat digest food and absorb all the nutrients he can get from the food you give him. 

Without adequate intake of water, your cat won’t be able to move easier and comfortably as there’s a big possibility that his joins are not lubricated – in short, not healthy and function. In addition to that, the spinal cord as well as internal tissues of your feline friend are protected by moisture, thus enough water intake in a daily manner should be done. Also, without enough amount of water, your pet will not be able to eliminate his wastes through bowel movements and urination, and it can lead to severe health complications later on.

Common questions about why cats need fresh water daily

How often should you give your cat fresh water?

Your cat needs constant to fresh and clean water. Thus, his water bowl or fountain should be changed or refilled at least once a day. You also need to keep the bowl of your cat full every day for you to know if his level of thirst has changed or not since sudden increase and decrease in his water intake can be a sign of a health problem. It’s also important to make sure that your cat’s bowl is clean at all times. 

Do cats need water all day?

Felines, just like humans and other animals, need a fresh and clean supply of drinking water daily for good health. Water is a very important component that helps your cat’s kidneys flush out toxins. Aside from that, water also helps a lot in keeping other organ tissues healthy and well-hydrated. Bear in mind that feline dehydration is very dangerous. It can even lead to sudden death if left unattended. 

Can I give my cat too much water?

If your furry feline is drinking too much water and showing signs of illness at the same time, they must be taken to your vet right away for a diagnosis. This is because excessive thirst in felines could be a symptom of diabetes or kidney disease. Aside from that, if your cat is not drinking too much water, he should also see a vet as it can be related to dehydration that could eventually lead to heatstroke and other severe diseases.


Every important function of your cat’s body needs water. Therefore, without enough level of water, your cat can become very dehydrated and severely ill in just a matter of days. Some most common warning signs of feline dehydration include dry and pale gums, dry skin, and sunken eyes. There’s also a possibility that your furry friend may experience depression, lethargy, and have no appetite at all if he is not getting the right amount of water he needs daily. This is the reason why you should make sure that you provide him the right amount of water that his body needs every single day.

Cat drinking water

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