Do Maine coons like to cuddle?

Do Maine coons like to cuddle?

They say that when you have a cat, your relationship with them is like lovers in the early stages of dating. The affection is there, it’s just difficult to read. They may not wag their tails or give you love in a loud or boisterous way but they whisper their affections.

But what about Maine coon cats? Are they cuddly? 

Do Maine coons like to be picked up and to cuddle

Maine coons really like to be cuddled with! They want to cuddle with you all the time. Maine coons like to be picked up, held, and cuddled. Gentle giants, indeed. A Maine coon is almost always snuggly and very affectionate in nature.

There are several reasons why your Maine coons like to cuddle. If you want a cuddly cat, a Maine coon is a good choice and here’s why, 

Maine coons are naturally affectionate.

It is not a popular belief, but Maine coons are really affectionate. A few studies may show that they are not attention-seekers, but they really do love attention. 

Maine coons earned the nicknames, “gentle giants of the world” and “dog of the cat world” because they are a very friendly breed. Not just friendly, but also loyal. They are always ready to greet you when you come home or when you’re ready to go to your errands. 

You wouldn’t feel alone if you have a Maine coon and it is their very common trait. 

Maine coons like to be held.

Kittens at heart, Maine coon don’t mind to picked up and held. In reality, other breeds are not as sociable and may even feel uncomfortable being held. A Maine coon is not one of them. 

They will not put your sharp claws in your face when you try to pick them up. They will never even try to put your hands away or try to fight it when you want to hold them. 

Maine coons like to be picked up. 

Unless they have reason to think that they cannot trust you, a Maine coon doesn’t mind being picked up. Same as being held, they would love to be wrapped around your arms as long as they know they are safe. 

Maine coons like to be warm with you.

As humans, we generate our own heat much like cats. They say that kittens learn to cuddle to get warm the moment they were born since they cannot control their own heat until they are a month old. 

According to behavioral scientists, a cat doesn’t mind cuddling next to you. This is simply because as kittens, they are normalized to interactions with people at an early age. They are happy to see humans as member of the family. What’s funny is to your Maine coon, you are basically one giant radiator. 

Maine coons like the safety you provide for them.

Looking for security is a natural act for cats. As you can see, they pick high up places because they feel safe and free from danger when elevated. 

For your Maine coon, you as a human is the “gentle giant”. It makes you a perfect security blanket for them, which explains why they are glad to snuggle with you. They view you to hold them protected and safe. They are able to relax in a sight that will protect them. 

Maine coons will always love to bond with you. 

A Maine coon is extremely affectionate by nature. They may be shy at first, but by the time that they get to understand and trust you, a Maine coon will gladly come up to you to play and bond .

You can also give them treats, they will love it! Maine coon cats are good with kids and love to bond with family members. 

Cats may have different personalities but a Maine coon cat is one to love to bond with you as long as they feel that you are not a threat to them. 


Most common questions if Maine coons like to cuddle

Are Maine coons clingy?

When they want to be noticed, they will pull out all the stops to get your attention. Although, they may seem needly, they are by no means clingy. They are actually quite independent and are not known to be “lap cats”. 

Do Maine coons act like dogs? 

With their monicker “dogs of the cat world”, you bet they do. In fact, the way they behave like dogs is not typical for cats. Maine coons are known to bond with their owners the same as dogs do. We do know that dogs love to play fetch but here’s a fun fact for you–Maine coons love that, too! 

How do Maine coons show affection?

These adorable Maine coons can express their moods through their voices, facial expressions, and body language. They can also show you affection in many ways. A Maine coon cat rubs against you, makes eye contact with you, cuddles, and plays. 

Maine coons may not have good experiences in the past and you have to respect their choices if they don’t feel like being cuddled. One thing’s for sure, though. They are naturally independent and will definitely love your company! 

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