Do Maine Coons need haircuts?

Do Maine Coons need haircuts?

If you’ve always loved cats, you’re definitely an ailurophile. Cats are charming by nature. Their fluffy fur and deep eyes make a great sight at homes and even in the streets.

For instance, a Maine Coon’s charm comes from its long, shaggy fur. It is quite thick, that you may just wonder if they need a haircut.

Grooming is essential in keeping your coons healthy. However, Maine Coons do not really need that much maintenance. Ensuring that their fur is just right and does not fall off a lot can be enough hair care for your coon cat. 

There could also be times when a condition would require a haircut for your Maine Coon. Matting fur and excessive shedding may call for haircuts. Nonetheless, it is best to leave it up to your vet.

The Maine Coon coat

One of the most interesting things about Maine Coon cats is its semi-water resistant coat. Dressed for the winter, its shaggy fur is enough to keep it warm during colder months. Their large paws are also hairy, which also gives them extra protection as they walk on snow. Hence, they can land on their feet swiftly after a jump, whatever the season may be.

Maine Coon cats’ beautiful coats make them more distinguishable. They even have two undercoats. Their fur gets longer around the neck and they also have a thick bushy tail. 

These cats have an uneven coat that is smooth and delicate to the touch and lends them a nice fluffy look. Brushing them daily will make sure their fur stays in great condition. Given their friendly, easy-going natures and affection to their owners, they will likely find these grooming sessions pleasant. 

What to consider about your Maine Coon’s fur

There is no doubt that heir long coat and fur helps Maine Coon cats keep warm during the winter season. But what if you live in a tropical country with a Maine Coon? Should you then consider a haircut?

The answer is yes. It is necessary for the Maine Coon cats who are in tropical countries to give a haircut. This is because this breed naturally lives in colder countries. A tropical climate without winter is such a big adjustment for these cats.

All the same, before you give your Maine Coon a haircut, you should know that these cats are not used to haircuts. They may love it when you brush their fur and give them a shower, but a haircut is a different story. It is better to consult with your veterinarian. 

When does your Maine Coon need a hair cut?

  • The most common reason for giving your Maine Coon a haircut is because of the matting fur. If your Maine Coon’s hair starts to get tangled, it cannot be brushed easily. This is where you need to use scissors. Your Maine Coon can naturally feel uncomfortable, which could lead them to aggression and irritation. 
  • A hair cut could relieve them from warm months or in tropical countries that actually did not have a winter season. It will also help your Maine Coon to stay fit and healthy. 
  • If you or another person at home is allergic towards the cat’s hair, it is a good idea to give your Maine Coon a haircut. This may reduce the tendency for you to have allergies. 
  • If your Maine Coon’s hair shedding bothers you,  take him for a hair cut. This will lessen the probability of shedding your cat’s hair around. 

However, there are also repercussions when you cut their hair too much, which is why it is best to leave this matter to your vet. For Maine Coons, like other animals, their fur is an extra layer of protection against weather conditions and even parasites. 

Too much hair damage due to a haircut might cause more harm than good to your Maine Coon. They could easily get scratched by bushes or attack by some flies that may give them disease. 


Common questions about Maine Coons needing hair cuts

How often should I groom my Maine Coon?

Brushing them once or twice a week is enough to make your cat look nice, clean, and healthy. They do not need too much hard work. Cats are also great at cleaning themselves.

Could Maine Coons get short hair?

A short-haired Maine Coon does not exist as of today’s generation. A short-haired Maine Coon is one that had just gotten a hair cut.

Why does my cat stare at me?

Studies show that when a cat stares at you, he’s trying to convince you of something. Quite often, though, this should not be cause for worry. They usually stare when they’re hungry.

Eventually, Maine Coons would need a haircut for valid health reasons. As an owner, it is a responsibility to look after your Maine Coon and what’s best for them. Hair cuts should only be decided by professionals, and be done by them as well.

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