Do Ragdoll Cats Need a Companion?

Do Ragdoll cats need a companion?

Cats are known for being aloof and independent creatures, so you may wonder if you should adopt a companion for your cat. The truth is that whether your cat needs a companion depends on the breed.

Should You Get A Companion For Your Ragdoll Cat?

More often than not, ragdoll cats will thrive with a companion by their side. They will not necessarily die from loneliness if you do not purchase another cat to go with the ragdoll, but the cat’s quality of life will suffer both mentally and physically without another cat by its side.

When someone you are purchasing ragdoll cats from begins the sales pitch of asking you if you have considered adopting more than one cat at a time, the truth is that this isn’t always a way for the breeder to get more money. It is actually in the best interest of your ragdoll cat to have a companion, as these cats are particularly social creatures. There has been quite a bit of research that proves that when a ragdoll cat has another ragdoll companion, both of the cats’ health will improve both mentally and physically.

Why Should You Adopt an Additional Ragdoll?

Having an additional ragdoll cat will ensure that your cat will not get lonely when you are not able to play with the cat, such as when you are at work or when you are asleep. This can allow both you and your cats to enjoy life to the fullest a little bit more, since neither of you will feel burdened by the other needing or not giving attention as needed.

If you are someone who has the fortune of being able to stay home all day, then it may not be as imperative that you consider adopting a second ragdoll cat, but it should still be something to consider. Even if you are available to dote on your ragdoll cat throughout the day and night, you are still a completely different species from the cat, and this can leave your cat feeling as if it is missing something in terms of companionship.

How Do You Know If Your Ragdoll Is Lonely?

If you currently have a ragdoll cat and you are unsure about whether your cat is lonely enough to warrant a companion, there are some behavioral signs that you can look for to reaffirm what you know. Ragdoll cats, being as social as they are, require a fair amount of socialization. If they do not have their social needs met, then they are going to end up acting out.

When ragdoll cat acts out, or is depressed due to loneliness, it will be apparent in one of a few forms. Your cat may become more destructive, even after learning what kinds of furniture are okay to scratch and which aren’t. Your ragdoll cat may become even more clingy whenever it sees you, or it may become lethargic and depressed. These are all signs that your ragdoll cat is suffering, and if it is otherwise healthy, then there is a good chance it may be suffering from loneliness.

Whenever you are planning to adopt an animal, you will need to consider the possibility that you will need to adopt more than one animal. This should be factored into the cost of purchasing the pet in the first place, as nobody wants to adopt a pet into the home only to make it suffer and live an uncomfortable life.

The good news about realizing that ragdoll cats need companions is the fact that bringing a new ragdoll cat into the house is going to be considerably easy. In fact, the hardest part about this kind of job is usually going to be the price of the cat itself. These cats are quick to adjust to a new environment, and they are often not aggressive or territorial cats, so it is unlikely that there would be feuds between the new cat and any established cats in the house, especially if the other cat is a cat that is as patient as the ragdoll cat.

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Is it Better to Adopt a Companion at the Same Time as the Other Cat?

If you are planning to adopt more than one ragdoll cat from the start, it is always going to be better for your cats for you to try and adopt cats that come from the same litter. Cats from the same litter are already acquainted with each other, so there is no introductory phase necessary, though ragdoll cats are fairly welcoming as it is.

What Will a Companion Ragdoll Cat Need?

A companion cat to a ragdoll cat will need everything that a ragdoll cat would need. This includes toys, treats, space for the cat to hang out independently if it wants, litter boxes, and so on. Even if you are adopting another cat to be a companion for your current cat, it should still be treated the same way as welcoming and preparing for any other pet.

When Should You Introduce the Companion Cat?

It is going to be optimal if you adopt cats that are from the same litter so that there is no introductory period, but if you cannot do this, then you should begin introducing the cats to each other as soon as possible. This will allow the cats to get used to each other and to understand each other, which will help improve the relationship between the two cats.

Is it better to have one or two Ragdoll cats?

It is better to have two Ragdoll cats, instead of just having one cat. They will not die from loneliness, but you don’t want your Ragdoll cat to be bored I’m guessing. Two cats have a much more fun life than just one Ragdoll will have alone.

Do Ragdoll cats need a companion?

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