How do I get a pet passport for my cat?

First step is to read about the rules that applys depending on how and how long you want to travel. Make sure your pet has the needed vaccinations – your vet can help you with this. Then you’re ready to get your pets travel certificate and/or passport.

Pet passports carry all the pet vaccination records of your pet in order to ensure that they are vaccinated against diseases like rabies and to make sure that your cat is okay to travel. If your cat does not have a pet passport, chances are you will be refused to enter a country. In addition to that, you will also be responsible for paying any charges or fees if your cat doesn’t have a pet passport.

Things you should know about pet passport

A pet passport is a legal document that contains your pet’s important details. Your pet’s passport contains its information about the owner, microchip number, date of birth, as well as your pet’s description, in order for your pet to be identified during your travel.

Prior to taking your cat abroad, he needs to have several vaccinations and medical tests in order to get a passport. These tests and vaccinations will be listed in his passport. These include a rabies blood test result and vaccination, as well as evidence of certain treatments. The pet passport will also contain information about the specific treatments that your cat has received.

How your cat’s pet passport work 

You can be able to take your cat in and out of your country as long as you have a pet passport. When you arrive at the airport at your destination, the passport of your cat will be signed and checked and usually stamped by an airport official.

For example, if your cat is refused entry to a certain country, he will be quarantined first until the necessary treatment has been given to him. Sometimes, there’s a possibility that a pet will be deported or worst-case scenario, put to sleep. Furthermore, if you need to bring multiple pets abroad, each pet also needs to have a separate pet passport.

Where to get a pet passport

Most veterinarians can issue a pet passport for your cat, but you have to check with your local surgery first. In case they don’t issue passports for pets, they can definitely recommend someone who does. You will need to take your cat along with his medical records and vaccination. Your cat should be microchipped and have an up to date rabies vaccination to get a passport and some animals may need to undergo some treatments. 

Usually, your cat needs to be fifteen weeks old before he can travel or better ask your airline of choice before you travel with your pet.

Things you should know before traveling with a cat

Think twice if taking your cat with you is the best option. This is because most cats can become extremely stressed during the trip and they find it hard to adapt to a new environment. Consider if it’s better to leave your cat at home in the care of someone else before you decide to take him to your destination. 

However, if you’ve finally decided to bring your cat with you, make sure that your destination has the important facilities you will need for your cat. You should also double-check if you are able to get the regular food for your cat while in your destination and you can also come up with a plan like to take plenty of cat food with you.

Common questions about getting a pet passport for your cat

What are the documents you need for your cat’s plane travel?

Check the airline company you are traveling with that accepts cats and other pets for travel and make sure to contact them beforehand. Make sure to find out what certain documentation you need to bring in order to prove that your cat is fit to travel. Some documents can take longer to get so make sure you contact your airline company ahead of time to meet the deadlines.

Is it a good decision to take your cat with you for a holiday trip?

If you are in doubt about how your cat will cope with your holiday vacation, then consider consulting your veterinarian first. Your trusted vet will be able to give you pieces of advice on the most ideal options for you and your cat most especially if your feline friend is not used to frequent trips by ferry or plane.

Do I need to get my cat vaccinated against rabies before traveling? 

Yes, your cat needs to be vaccinated against rabies before he can travel. After rabies vaccination, you will need to wait 21 days before you can go abroad. You should also remember that your cat should be at least twelve weeks old before he can get a rabies jab. Aside from that, bear in mind that your cat should also be microchipped on the day of the rabies vaccination or before that. If not, your cat will have to be vaccinated again.


Pets are also like humans in many ways than you may think and they too need their own passports when they travel abroad. To take your cat abroad, you have to follow some airline rules and make sure you carry all the needed documentation upon your travel. To know what are the documents you need for your cat’s travel, make sure to contact your airline company prior to your trip.

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