How do I organize my pet food?

How do I organize my pet food

You love your cat like one of your family members. After all, they can be your best companion. And your best companion seems to have his stuff scattered around the house. Organizing your cat’s supplies is just as easy and important as organizing the human supplies in your home. The steps below will help you tackle cat food organization so you will have a decent spot for your furry pal’s necessities.

Ways to store cat food

When you look for a house, the pantry space is definitely something you consider the most. Some people would never settle for anything less than a huge space for groceries and kitchen stuff but when it comes to their pets, colossal bugs or lidden bins tucked away in one corner are somehow sufficient. There has to be a much better way than this.

We are not suggesting that you visit an expensive pet store supplier and buy a whole new cabinet for your cat’s food. That’s excessive and surely not ideal if you have a tight budget. However, these projects are definitely eye-catching alternatives:

Creative ways to store cat food

Personalized metal wastebasket

If you want the feeding area of your cat to have a more industrial look, then personalized metal wastebasket is ideal. You can simply buy a metal trash can at your local hardware store and add some pretty stencils to complete the overall look. You can even customize it to complement the design of your kitchen.

Plastic storage drawers with personalized name stencils

Let us start simple. Have you seen those plastic storage drawers that you usually put your children’s toys in? They actually work great for storing cat food. Storing cat food in lower drawers is much better than your dog having to reach for the heater at mealtime. Aside from that, you can easily add some very easy yet attractive personalized name stencils for an extra wow factor.

Homemade cat food dispenser

If you are feeling extra handy, then you can also make a homemade cat food dispenser that can fit on the wall of your garage. It can be made of wood and you can put acrylic so that you’ll see how much cat food is left before your refill. And since it is a food dispenser, you do not have to scoop your cat’s food anymore into his bowl. All you need to do is flick a switch.

Utilize large popcorn tins

This idea is almost the same with the personalized metal wastebasket and plastic storage drawers but it is better suited for multi-pet households or larger cats. You can simply take popcorn tins (like the ones you often get during Christmas) and then add printable stencils and craft paper. The end result is definitely an elegant pet food storage solution as well as a stylish idea to keep things more organized, one for cat food and one for dog food.


Common questions about how to organize pet food

How do you organize pet food?

All those bowls, toys, treats, leashes, and other items related to your pet seem to take over your entire house. These tips will help you have a more organized household:

  • Make things much easier to access
  • Designate one spot of your house as the official pet stuff central
  • Use baskets to separate supplies
  • Use plastic containers or bins for storing pet food
  • Keep clutter at bay through storing pet toys in a basket
  • Keep items you often used in a place where you usually use them

What’s the best way to store cat food?

Store dry cat food in a dry, cool place, out of the light, and in an airtight container. Most cat owners find that opening a big bag of dry cat food and pouring the entire bag into an airtight food storage container helps a lot in preserving the freshness of cat food and helps in keeping it safe from insects and rodents.

How do you keep a big bag of pet food fresh?

In order to keep dry pet food fresh, you can simply leave it in its bag and fold the bag opening closed to make sure the air is kept out. Alternatively, it’s best to store the pet food in a metal bin or plastic container that has an air-tight lid. Regardless of what your method is for storing cat food, it’s very important that you keep it stored in a cool and dry place in order to prevent mold and bacteria from growing.


Your feline companion may not be able to clean up and organize his own things, however, with the right organization in place, it will not be too much of a chore and you will always know where the supplies of your cat are placed. A few baskets and containers are all it takes in order to get your pet’s food and supplies under control.

How do I organize my pet food

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