How long do cat water fountains last?

If you buy a fountain of good quality it should last at least 4 years.

Do you feel that your cat doesn’t like to drink from his water bowl or makes a big mess every time he drinks from it? Has your vet said that your sick or older feline friend has to increase his water intake to avoid any more serious health complications? Then giving your cat a water fountain may be the best solution. The question is, how long do water fountains last? Is it worth your money? Find out more about it in this article.

Why you should consider giving your cat a water fountain

There are actually many reasons why it’s best to give your cat a water fountain and here are some of it:

1. Cats are very picky about their water and food

You may not see it always, but your household’s tap water can potentially contain taste or odor that your cat will not like and can potentially affect his drinking habits. If this is the case, you may consider buying a cat fountain as it has a filter inside that can clean the water and cats will think that it’s the best water source for them since it’s running. 

2. Cats have a much lower thirst drive compared to other animals

Most of the time, wild cats get their needed moisture from their food, most especially from meat. Therefore, they naturally do not experience a high level of thirst. Having said that, this can lead to a lot of health problems for domesticated or indoor cats and that can potentially include kidney disease, urinary tract infection, or other severe diseases. Thus, it’s really best to encourage your cat to drink more water, and giving him a cat fountain is a really good idea.

3. Cats prefer running water than stagnant and still water sources

Most cats like to drink from water sources that have fresh running water, which is why they sometimes do not touch the water in their bowl. If you start to notice that your cat is only playing with his water bowl using his paws, then it’s the time to consider giving him a cat water fountain. Remember that feline dehydration is dangerous and the most ideal way to avoid causing any dehydration-related health problems is to encourage your cat to drink.

As what we have mentioned above, buying a water fountain for your cat is the best solution to do most especially if he’s not drinking enough. If you use a water fountain, the water will look like the cat’s natural source of water in the wild, and most of the time, the water will taste cool and way better since it releases oxygen and other harmful bacteria while it’s left running.

How long can a cat water fountain last?

If a cat fountain is well-maintained, most brands and designs can last up to 3 to 4 years. That said, the filter and pump should be checked regularly and replaced right away whenever necessary. It’s also important to check the level of water from time to time as the pump should be submerged in water at all times so it shouldn’t be empty. To be entirely knowledgeable about your cat’s water fountain like how to clean and maintain it correctly, refer to your manufacturer’s manual.

Common questions about cat water fountain maintenance to make it last long

How do you keep a cat’s water fountain clean?

If you have a cat water fountain at home, you need to have a regular maintenance schedule in order to make cleaning a less draining chore. You can be able to do this by sticking to a routine so that hard water deposits will not build up. Some cat owners prefer to clean their cat’s fountain at least once every week and most of the time, filters should be changed every 2 weeks to ensure the freshness of your cat’s daily water supply. 

Do cat water fountains need filters?

Most cat fountains, if not all, need to have a small filter component located in the motor to remove any impurities that can come from the tap water. Usually, the filter of a cat water fountain is made of carbon. It keeps the water much cleaner and fresher and could improve the smell and taste as well. These filters, in short, could encourage your cat to drink more water daily. 

How often should you clean a pet fountain?

Experts suggest that you clean your cat’s fountain every few days using hot soapy water solution. It’s also very important that you regularly check the filters of your cat’s fountain as it can affect the quality of the water if it’s left unchecked or not replaced for a long period of time. The bacteria and dirt present in it can also cause harm to your kitties so aside from cleaning the fountain itself in a regular manner, make sure to have the filters changed too.


Cat water fountains are really worthy of your money since it can last for a long time if it’s well-maintained. Due to the fact that cat water fountains can help in encouraging your cat to drink more, it can benefit you and your cat a lot since it will keep him healthy and you’ll become less worried about his health. 

Cat drinking of water fountain

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