Is it okay for a cat to eat only wet food?

Is it OK for a cat to eat only wet food?

Cat food doesn’t have to be wet to be considered healthy. There are many healthy varieties of food that we can offer to our cats. Nevertheless, because cats are naturally carnivores and eat prey that is high protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, they can definitely thrive with only wet foods in their feeding bowls.

Choosing the right pet food

There are many struggles that every new pet parent experiences regarding their furry children, including what to name them, how to make them comfortable in their home, and how to give them the proper care they need, especially when deciding what to feed them.

Selecting what to feed your cat usually includes two options: wet food or dry food. When choosing what to feed our cats, there are also plenty of things to consider. The most important thing to think about above all else is the ingredients list. What is your cat food made of?  Look for natural, high-quality ingredients.

About wet cat food

Wet foods or canned foods are pre-measured foods that may include processed frozen meat and vegetables to give a cat the nutrients it needs in one serving. Canned wet foods contain at least 70 to 80 percent water, whereas dry foods are only 6 to 10 percent water.

Although a cat can thrive with either wet or dry food, the high water content in wet food helps in cats stay hydrated, which improves their general health.

The positive effects of feeding wet foods

Wet cat food has many benefits, including:

  • Wet foods may help combat urinary tract infections such as FIC/FLUTD due to their abundance of water.
  • Cats are naturally carnivores. Wet foods contain more meat-based protein, which they need in their diet.
  • Wet foods help reduce obesity in cats because of the high water content. Water has no calories, so cats will consume fewer calories when eating wet food.
  • Wet foods also contain fewer carbohydrates, which help control your cat’s weight. 
  • Some studies have shown that wet food consumption and the thyroid gland health have a positive correlation. This may be due to the high moisture content of wet foods.

How to store wet foods properly

Like human foods, storage practices for cat food are very important since improper storage may mean contamination from harmful bacteria in their food. Storing wet foods is simple since they often come in portioned and one-meal sized servings. However, if your cat cannot eat a whole can of cat food at once, you will need to store it. Follow these tips.

  • It’s best to store the cat food in its original pouch or can.
  • If you put it in another container, make sure that it is appropriately cleaned and has a sealable lid.
  • Make sure to keep the cat food refrigerated at all times. Heat it before being served if your cat doesn’t like cold food.
  • Wash the container properly with warm soap and water to remove any residue before you use it again.

The drawbacks of wet cat food

Just like anything else, choosing to feed your cat a wet food diet may also have certain drawbacks.

Wet foods are rather pricey and is a bit more complicated than dry food is. It’s messier to prepare and eat. It has a stronger odor that dry food, which can be a turnoff for some people.

 You’ll need to find a storage container for opened wet food like sealed plastic Tupperware and something to serve it on, so it makes more dishes. It also takes more effort to serve than dry food since you’ll often have to reheat the food in the microwave

Wet cat foods are meat-based, but are not as fresh as raw meats. Wet food doesn’t necessarily mean “healthy food,” so you should always check its ingredients and nutritional value before feeding it to your cats.

Despite the disadvantages mentioned, the pros outweigh the cons. Wet food is nutritious and keeps your cat well-hydrated. It might be a less convenient choice for the owner, but a small sacrifice of our own comfort won’t hurt if it is best for our furry friends.

Common questions regarding wet foods

Can only feeding wet foods help to reduce the chance of obesity in cats?

It is not the type of food that cats eat that causes obesity, but rather overfeeding or overeating. However, giving wet foods is an easier way to help combat the risk of cat obesity since wet foods contain a higher amount of moisture, which may also help in the digestive function of cats.

Water intake through wet foods may also help make the cat feel full whenever it eats, so it helps avoid overeating. Nevertheless, feeding healthy foods to your cats, whether they are wet or dry, is still the best way to avoid obesity in your feline friends.

Do cats need dry food for their dental health?

The best way to keep you cats teeth healthy is by brushing their teeth, whether they have a wet or dry food diet. Some dry food companies claim that their food will keep cats’ teeth healthy, but the only way to ensure good oral health is through tooth brushing.

Do wet foods mean more water consumption for cats?

Almost all veterinarians agree that wet food consumption means more water consumption for the cats. Since wet foods contain more water, it helps maintain a feline’s general health since not all of them are fond of drinking water by themselves. In addition to giving your cat wet foods, you should encourage them to drink more water. A drinking fountain for your cats at home is good for your cat’s hydration.

Is wet food better than dry food?

If we are talking about the moisture content and other health benefits of wet foods, yes, it is much better than dry food. There are numerous advantages compared to some drawbacks of wet foods. 

Final thoughts

If you still feel unsure whether to feed your cat with wet food only or not, you should seek help from a professional, like a veterinary nutritionist. Our feline friends’ health is as important as ours, so we always have to be smart and careful when choosing what we put in their delicate bodies. It’s fine to feed wet food to your cat, just make sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs and you brush his teeth regularly.

Is it OK for a cat to eat only wet food?

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