Is there an automatic feeder for wet cat food?

Yes you can find an automatic feeder suitable for wet food but you should know it needs cleaning often.

It’s not always possible or convenient to feed your furry feline at the right time using conventional bowl feeders that you have to manually refill. If you’re looking to have a more convenient cat feeder, then it’s best that you try automatic cat feeders. Fortunately, there are automatic cat feeders for dry food and even wet cat food available in the market nowadays. 

Tips on how to feed your cat wet food while you’re away

When you use an automatic wet cat food dispenser, you’ll have the freedom to schedule your cat’s feeding time for a few meals during the day that you’re not at home, with food portion control in mind. Furthermore, there are some automatic feeders for cats that the programmable or customizable features where you can schedule a few meals the entire day for the next few days, but it’s not always advisable. It’s still best that you don’t leave your cats for days without someone checking them from time to time as the automatic cat feeder can still malfunction. They are convenient, yes, but experts said they shouldn’t be left feeding your cat for many days. Most automatic cat feeders have two power options. They can operate using batteries or by plugging them directly into a wall.

How to keep the freshness of wet cat food while you’re away

There are automatic wet cat food dispensers that also keep the food fresh as much as possible since they come with ice packs. Those ice packs can be found under the bowl, keeping the wet cat food cool up to 2 days in advance. If you are not sure if your cat needs wet food daily or if wet food is not good for your cat, then relax because wet cat food is very important for your cat’s overall health and he can safely eat it all day. The confusion between dry food or wet food for felines should not exist since what’s more important is the nutrients of the food and not how it’s packed.

Features to look for when buying an automatic wet cat food feeder

When shopping for an automatic cat feeder for wet food, you need to consider the most important features for your furry friend’s sake and this is the quality of the automatic feeder.

A high-quality automatic wet cat food feeder should be tamper-proof and sturdy. As most fur parents know, cats are very curious and creative animals, and they can break into the compartments easily especially if it’s poorly sealed and secured, or not built well. This can potentially lead to overeating and weight gain. This also makes the main purpose of your automatic cat feeder inefficient and ineffective in terms of planning the portion meals and mealtime of your cat. This is why you should look for quality automatic cat feeder, whether it’s for wet or dry cat food.

Aside from that, a high-quality wet cat food feeder must be able to keep your cat’s food safe and fresh for a long period of time. This means it needs to have an ice pace or should be sealed properly in order to prevent the wet cat food from going bad fast. This is the major difference between automatic cat feeders for dry food and wet food since dry food can last longer compared to wet cat food.

Common questions about automatic wet cat food feeders

Why do cats need wet food?

Since felines are carnivores, they don’t need to take in too much carbs. Dry cat food contains more carbs compared to good quality wet cat food. In addition to that, cats are also not very fond of drinking enough water, which is why they should be fed with wet cat food to keep them well hydrated. Wet cat food contains moisture to keep them stay well and healthy. 

How much wet cat food is best for your cat?

The amount of wet cat food you should give to your kitty depends on its size, weight, age, activity level, as well as overall health. A senior feline or indoor feline would require much fewer calories in order to be fit and healthy compared to cats that most spend their time outdoors hunting, playing and roaming, or a more active and younger cat.

Can I feed my cat wet food every day?

Yes, you can feed your furry feline wet cat food daily. You can also consult with your vet for the right wet cat food feeding recommendations. But generally, you can feed adult cat daily with one can of wet cat food per three to three and a half pounds of his weight. Bear in mind that you should also adjust this serving if you’re also feeding him dry cat food.


Automatic wet cat food feeders can surely help you save time and worry about having to rush home to feed your cat on time or to give him medication. Aside from that, if you have a reliable automatic wet cat food feeder, you can be able to prevent getting woken up by your hungry cat in the middle of the night to give him some snacks or meals.

cat eating from automatic feeder.

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