What shows do cats like to watch?

Cats are amazingly curious creatures. They can stare at you the whole day, you won’t even know what is going on inside their heads, maybe thinking about what’s for lunch or how to dominate the world for unlimited supplies of cat food and treats, normal stuff.

Do cats like to watch videos and tv?

Cats, unlike dogs who are rowdy and loud, can quietly observe everything. They like window perches, high places, and just about anywhere to see something new. Cats like to watch videos and tv. Especially videos that include other cats or birds.

One of the things that cats like to do is to watch television.

So what is fun for your cat to watch? Here’s some ideas:

  • Something with big cats like lions
  • Birds flying around
  • A fly or something – but the cat may attack your TV

What cats like to watch depends on both sounds and motion

Cats are mostly fascinated by the sounds they hear from the television and the movements inside the screen. Cats are true blue hunters, meaning they trust their senses when they are hunting. They use their sight and hearing to track the movement of their prey. The same can be said when they are watching television.

Although cats process images in their brain faster, they only see flickers of color and light on the screen and hear the faintest sound loud and clear. When they hear something that is new to their ears, they will try to locate it and observe it which happens often when their owners are watching television.

Since technology is evolving, cat sitters and cat daycares are also using this to their advantage. They use television for cats to behave and cause less trouble with other cats. Cat sitters like to flash different videos specifically made for cats to entertain their feline customers.

Top 5 best videos and shows to watch on tv for a cat

1# Shirping bird videos

It’s a well known fact that cats like to hunt birds. These feathery friends will keep your cats’ attention to the screen because it will wake their predatory drive. There are one hour long videos on YouTube that specifically make videos to fit their target market, the bird-loving felines. These kinds of videos will also entertain your cat because the chirping will arouse their curiosity. The downside of this is that these kinds of videos may frustrate your cat and take it out on the television which may hurt them in the process.

2# Rodents’ seed eating contest

Believe it or nor, there are YouTube videos of rats and squirrels eating sunflower seeds and it is the cutest thing ever! It’s an ASMR rodent edition and will surely keep your cat up and attentive. Aside from birds, cats love observing rodents like cats and squirrels. Usually, this is caused by their predatory drive but believe it or not, sometimes they just enjoy watching them run around looking for food.

3# Cat Documentaries

Well, cats certainly are enamoured with their  own species. Cats love watching their own kind on screen, be it the big cats or the smaller cats. There are documentaries on popular streaming sites and cable channels that feature lions, meerkats and tigers. For example, one of the most popular cat documentaries is The Wonderful World of Cats, this is a documentary about domesticated cats and their big felines cousins like lions and tigers. This is a documentary showing how cats transitioned from being one of the most efficient hunters to becoming human’s lovable companions.

4# Cat game videos

There are videos on popular streaming sites with just roaches, rodents or fishes going back and forth the screen. You might have seen videos of cats trying to capture cockroaches on the screen, it is adorable! However, it is better to do this on a much smaller screen since this is more interactive. Cat game videos will absolutely make your cat’s day enjoyable!

5# Dory’s Friends: just keep swimming!

If not birds, rodents or insects, then you may let your cat watch swimming fishes! The movement of the fishes is slow enough for their minds to figure what it is rather than flickering lights and movements only. Who said that fishes can’t be entertaining?

Common Questions about cats watching tv

Are there specially made videos for cats online?

Yes, there are videos made specially for cats. What your cat sees on screen will actually depend on what they are watching. Cats definitely can make up images if the video is slow enough for them. That is why videos specifically made for cats are set in slow motion since that is how cats see things moving in real life compared to humans. If it is a normal video made for humans, all they can see are flicker of colors and movements although they can hear the audio very well.

Do cats enjoy watching TV?

Some cats enjoy watching TV while some are just curious and do not really like it. But for cats who do not have access to windows enjoy watching TV especially when they are bored. They like to follow the motion, movement and the sound that the television is emitting.

Is it safe for cats to watch TV all day?

Cats are not like humans. They do not get addicted to watching the television, they have better things to observe and watch. They usually watch for an hour at most and they will shift their attention to other things right after. Although this concern is not yet  proven or debunked, it is advisable to give cats other kinds of toys like plush toys for them to play with after watching the television.

Is it OK to let my cat watch bird videos?

It is ok that you let your cat watch bird videos. it is important that this is not too big of a part of your cats life though. Just like humans cats needs to be active through out the day.

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